Thirdlove Vs. Honeylove: Battle of The Comfort Bra Brands

When it comes to finding the perfect bra, comfort is key. Two brands leading the pack in comfy bras are ThirdLove and Honeylove, which both offer quality bras designed for all-day wear. But with different styles and features to choose from, which comfort bra brand is right for you?

ThirdLove made waves as the first brand offering half-cup sizes and continues to innovate bra fit and feel with high-tech fabrics and adjustable components. Honeylove entered the market focused specifically on shapewear with smoothing bras touting patented slimming fabrics.

While Honeylove branched out into comfy bras, their shapewear underpinnings and smoothing fabrics remain a key differentiator.

To help you decide, here’s an in-depth look at the pros, cons, features, fits, fabrics, and styles of ThirdLove and Honeylove bras:

Core FocusInnovative bra fit and soft, breathable everyday brasShapewear smoothing bras with comfort
Bra SizesCups: A–I; Bands: 30–48 (including half cups)Cups: B–I; Bands: 32-46
Bra Styles24/7TM Classic T-shirt, Plunge, Push-up, Strapless, moreUltimate Smoothing, Plunge Push-Up, Lace Contour, more
Bra FabricsMemory foam, modal, nylon/spandex blendsProprietary slimming slinky nylon Tactel® nylon/spandex
AdjustabilityFully adjustable straps and hook positionsFixed straps, 3 hook positions
Price Range$68–$98 per bra$64–$84 per bra

With the basics covered, let’s dive deeper into how ThirdLove and Honeylove bras compare across key factors when choosing the best comfort bra.

  • Bra Fit and Sizing
Thirdlove Comfort Bra
Thirdlove Comfort Bra

Finding your perfect bra fit makes all the difference for comfort. Both brands aim to provide an extended range of band and cup sizes to accommodate more body types. However, ThirdLove goes the extra mile on fit personalization.

They offer half-cup sizes (like 32C/D or 34B/C) in many of their bras. This helps you hone in on a more precise fit for your body since cup volumes can vary quite a bit between sizes. Their online Fit Finder quiz also collects key measurements to recommend your best bra size in each style.

While Honeylove provides the typical matrix of band/cup size combinations from 32B to 46I, they don’t offer half sizes. Their website currently lacks any kind of fit guidance or recommendations. So you’ll need to rely on their general size chart to choose a bra.

For adjustability, ThirdLove also wins hands down with both straps and hook positions that are fully customizable. Honeylove bras have fixed straps and only 3 hook positions in the band compared to ThirdLove’s 6 positions. So getting your perfect fit may require more trial and error with Honeylove.

Winner: ThirdLove offers more personalized fit with half cup sizes and adjustable components. Their Fit Finder helps match you to the right bra.

  • Everyday Comfort in Basics Like T-Shirt Bras

The foundation of any good bra wardrobe are the versatile basics you can wear daily, like T-shirt and contour bras. ThirdLove stakes its reputation on comfort with its 24/7TM line of bras designed specifically for wearing all day, every day.

The 24/7TM Classic T-Shirt Bra lives up to its name with ultra-soft foam cups providing lightweight, breathable comfort. The smooth shape disappears under clothes while still providing good lift.

With half-cup sizing, light memory foam cups, and fully adjustable straps, it aims to be the most comfortable T-shirt bra you’ll ever own.

Honeylove Bra
Honeylove Bra

Many of Honeylove’s core bra collections like their Ultimate Smoothing and Plunge Push-up focus more on shapewear-style slimming and support over comfort.

However, their Lace Contour bra provides decent everyday wearability with light padding and brushed microfiber lining the cups for added softness.

Wide lace sides and straps lay smoothly under clothes. But unlined lace cups may show through thinner tops.

For all-day comfort, ThirdLove’s 24/7TM T-shirt bra is the clear winner. Honeylove’s lace contour provides a decent everyday option, but it lacks adjustability for personalized fit.

Winner: ThirdLove excels at everyday comfort with their 24/7TM T-shirt bra.

  • Smoothing Shapewear Effect

If your goal is slimming smoothing in addition to comfort, this is Honeylove’s wheelhouse. The brand cut its teeth with patented Tactel® fabric for their shapewear foundations and bras. The lightweight, ultra-stretchy Tactel® nylon/spandex blend molds to your body, providing compression and support where you want it.

Many of Honeylove’s bras like the Ultimate Smoothing Plunge still leverage Tactel® fabric to create a smooth, slimming silhouette. The Smooth Boost Push-up also uses Tactel® for light control and cleavage boosting lift.

Most styles focus coverage on the bottom band to eliminate back bulge. The Plunge Push-Up adds removable pads for versatile shaping and coverage.

While ThirdLove excels at comfort, smoothing shapewear compression takes a back seat. None of their bras offer significant slimming support or lift apart from optional push-up padding in select plunges and multi-way bras. The lightweight fabrics and thin foam lining provide a smooth natural shape under clothes without control.

If shaping smoothing is your goal, Honeylove’s Tactel® bras deliver on slimming effects and support with the added perk of comfort features like thick straps and smoothing linings.

Winner: Honeylove leverages their Tactel® fabric for smoothing, slimming bras perfect as lightweight shapewear.

  • Strapless Bra Performance

Strapless bras provide an essential option for wearing a wider variety of tops and dresses. But they’re notoriously tricky to get right with many styles quickly slipping down or lacking support.

Both brands offer strapless bras tackling slipping and sagging issues in different ways. ThirdLove’s strapless uses their proprietary lightweight memory foam for lift.

A silicone lining inside the cups and underband grips to skin to prevent slipping without bulky pads or materials. Adjustable detachable straps convert it from strapless to classic shaping.

Honeylove Crossover Wire Free Bra
Honeylove Crossover Wire Free Bra

Honeylove approaches their strapless bra as more of a shaping bandeau bodysuit hybrid.

Their Ultimate Bodysuit Strapless Bra provides slimming high-waisted control with a seamless bandeau top and silicone neckline to prevent sliding.

But as a bodysuit shapewear layer, it may feel constricting for all-day wear relative to a regular bra.

And lack of detachable straps limits styling options.

For versatility and comfort, ThirdLove’s convertible strapless bra takes the prize. The no-slip silicone and foam lift provide support and shaping without restrictivewear downsides.

Winner: ThirdLove balances comfort and support in their convertible strapless bra.

Bra Features Comparison Table

Here’s a quick overview comparing stand-out bra features across ThirdLove and Honeylove product lines:

Bra FeatureThirdLoveHoneylove
Half-cup sizingYesNo
Personalized online fit finderYesNo
Fully adjustable straps & bandsYesNo, fixed straps
Everyday lightweight comfortYesSelect styles only
Smooth shapewear slimmingNoYes with Tactel® fabric
Convertible/multi-way stylesYesSelect styles only
Full range cup sizesA–I cupsB–I cups
Full range band sizes30–48 bands32–46 bands
Average price range$68–$98$64–$84

Both brands aim for comfort and quality materials with extended sizing. But ThirdLove pulls ahead on personalized fit while Honeylove focuses more on smoothing and shapewear-style slimming. So weigh your priorities and needs to pick the brand offering your perfect balance of features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Honeylove a good bra?

Yes, Honeylove offers quality smoothing bras focusing more on shapewear-like slimming and support using their patented Tactel® nylon/spandex fabric. The lightweight compression fits like a glove to mold to your body. If you want smoothing without severely restrictive shapewear, Honeylove bras deliver light control and lift in total comfort. Just don’t expect the same degree of softness and breathability as everyday comfort brands like ThirdLove.

What bra company is like ThirdLove?

ThirdLove innovated personalized fit guidance online and continues leading the way on bra comfort. Some similar direct-to-consumer brands focusing on everyday wearability and comfort include CUUP, Lively, and Harper Wilde. But none offer the same combination of half-cup sizes, fit quiz technology, and ultra-soft lightweight memory foam like ThirdLove. They set the bar on customizable support minimizing compromises between shape and comfort.

Which brand of bra is best?

There is no universal “best bra brand” with different brands excelling in certain areas like everyday wearability, smoothing lift, or size availability. When choosing the best bra for your needs:
1. Define your priorities: comfort, shaping, smooth lines, etc.
2. Compare quality of materials and construction up close through free trials.
3. Look for brands accommodating your shape and fit issues with sizing or adjustability features.
4. Seek brands investing in fit guidance tech (like ThirdLove) to estimate your ideal size/style match in their product line.
With those factors considered, ThirdLove and Cuup rate well for everyday comfort while Honeylove excels at light shaping and smoothing. French brands like Simone Perele and Empriente offer luxury support and larger cup sizes. It depends on finding the best match for your body and preferences.

What bras do nurses wear?

Nurses often opt for comfortable sports bras or wire-free styles they can easily layer under scrubs. Popular nursing bra brands include:
Kindred Bravely: Soft, wireless maternity/nursing bras in a huge range of sizes. Racerback and pull-down cup options.
Brooks: High-impact sports bras with moisture-wicking technology ideal for long shifts on your feet. Restrict bounce and chafing.
Leading Lady: Affordable, cotton-lined wireless nursing bras for sleep, leisure, and everyday wear. Designed specifically for lactation and pumping access.
Cake: Seamless nursing bras with one-handed clasps and drop-down cups for easy public nursing. Focus on soft support and discretion.
Nurses tend to value comfort, ease of access, and the ability to layer discretely under workwear. Sports bra features also help withstand long hours on the move.

The Clear Winner: ThirdLove For Personalized Comfort

While both brands offer quality craftsmanship aiming for the best balance of comfort and support, ThirdLove pulls ahead as the superior everyday comfort bra. Their innovations in fit guidance and fabric technology allow you to truly customize both feel and function.

Half cup sizing and adjustable elements like straps and bands ensure you dial in your perfect fit. While styles like the 24/7TM T-shirt bra prioritize unbelievable softness and breathability you can genuinely wear around the clock in total ease.

However, if you highly value shapewear-like smoothing and lift, Honeylove deserves a spot in your lingerie wardrobe. Light, slimming compression makes their bras work wonders assmoothing foundations layering seamlessly under clothes.

The Tactel® fabric leggings also mean you can comfortably wear their bras as lighter alternatives to restrictive controlwear.

No matter your priorities – uncompromising comfort, a personalized fit, or slimming shapewear support – both brands aim to provide quality craftsmanship using innovative fabrics and technologies. So give them each a try to see which comfort bra philosophy best matches your needs.

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