Bearbottom Vs. Chubbies Shorts: Which Brand Is Best For You?

When it comes to men’s shorts, two brands stand out as leaders in the comfort and style categories – Bearbottom and Chubbies. Both offer high-quality, lightweight shorts perfect for summer adventures, weekends at the lake, or just casual wear.

But with different fits, fabrics, and price points, deciding between Bearbottom and Chubbies shorts ultimately comes down to personal preference. This comprehensive guide will compare the key features of each brand to help you decide which is best for your needs and budget.

Key Differences At-A-Glance

FitAthletic, slimClassic, roomy
Length5″-7″ inseams5.5″-7″ inseams
FabricsMostly polyester and spandex blendsMostly cotton and spandex blends
Made inChina, Vietnam, IndonesiaUSA, Portugal, Malaysia
Return policyFree returns within 30 daysFree returns within 60 days

The Bearbottom Shorts Experience

Bearbottom Shorts
Bearbottom Shorts

Founded in 2014 by two college buddies, Bearbottom makes ultra-comfortable shorts designed for athletic builds.

Their shorts have a slim, tapered fit with shorter inseams, ranging from 5 to 7 inches.

The athletic fit and stretchy fabrics make them ideal for activities and movement.

Most Bearbottom shorts feature polyester and spandex blends that are lightweight, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking.

You’ll also find shorts made of nylon, rayon, and even organic cotton and hemp blends.

While predominately solid colors and minimal patterns, they offer some bright colors and florals for the more adventurous.

Bearbottom shorts are affordably priced between $24.99-$39.99 and frequently go on sale. Their business model focuses on quality direct-to-consumer pricing, cutting out the middleman markups of traditional retailers.

Bearbottom has a streamlined approach, selling shorts, swim trunks, and a few shirts on their website. But their simplicity and focus on shorts have helped them perfect the men’s shorts category.

Bearbottom Pros

  • Athletic, slim fit ideal for active lifestyles
  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics
  • Quick-drying material good for swimming and water sports
  • Affordable pricing, frequent sales & deals
  • Streamlined shopping experience

Bearbottom Cons

  • Limited style selection and color options
  • Sizing can run small, minimal room in shorts
  • No stores for in-person try on
  • Less flexibility with sizing or fit issues

The Chubbies Shorts Experience

Chubbies Shorts
Chubbies Shorts

Founded in 2011, Chubbies aims to bring back the classic, carefree shorts style of the 80s and 90s.

Their shorts have a roomy, boxier fit with 5.5 to 7 inches inseams – long enough to cover thighs, but short enough to show some leg.

Chubbies uses primarily cotton and spandex blended fabrics sourced from around the world for a relaxed, casual feel.

You’ll also find some polyester and nylon blended shorts.

Their shorts come in hundreds of bold, colorful, and irreverent patterns and prints, from pineapples to America themes.

Priced between $49.50-$69.50, Chubbies shorts cost nearly double what Bearbottoms do.

But you’re paying for the entertaining brand experience, extensive style selection, and high-quality materials.

Beyond just shorts, Chubbies sells shirts, swim trunks, outerwear, underwear, and other accessories on their website and in branded stores. The expanded product range and immersive shopping experience make Chubbies a lifestyle brand compared to Bearbottom’s straightforward apparel company.

Chubbies Pros:

  • Classic, roomy fit with longer inseams than Bearbottom
  • Expansive selection of colors, patterns, and fabric choices
  • Entertaining branding creates a fun shopping experience
  • Stores provide opportunity to try on in-person
  • Wide product range includes shirts, swimwear, and more

Chubbies Cons:

  • More expensive price point
  • Boxier fit isn’t ideal for all body types
  • Limited athletic or performance fabrics
  • Sizing runs large in some styles
  • Shorter return period than Bearbottom

Comparing Key Features And Fabrics of Bearbottom And Chubbies Shorts

Beyond overall brand experiences, there are some significant differences when it comes to fit, fabric selection, and sizing between Bearbottom and Chubbies. Let’s look at how the two brands stack up in a few key categories.

  • Fit
BearBottom Clothing
BearBottom Clothing

Bearbottom shorts have an athletic, slim fit that tapers through the leg for a trim silhouette.

This makes them perfect for guys with athletic builds looking for shorts that move with them.

However, the slim fit also means sizing down is recommended and there is less room overall in Bearbottom shorts.

In contrast, Chubbies shorts have a classic, loose fit through the hips and thighs before tapering slightly below the knee.

This gives them a boxier, roomier feel that some guys prefer.

Chubbies’ fit provides more wiggle room, but the looser silhouette isn’t ideal for all body types. Going up a size is often recommended for an optimal Chubbies fit.

  • Fabric

Most Bearbottom shorts incorporate polyester or nylon, making the fabric lightweight, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Ideal for sports and activities. Some of their shorts also blended in spandex for stretch, and a few styles use cotton blends for a soft feel.

Overall, the fabric selection is geared towards performance and versatility.

Chubbies opts for cotton, polyester, and spandex fabric blends, focusing more on comfort and breaking in than quick-drying properties. The result is a relaxed casual short that gets softer over time.

They do offer a handful of shorts in nylon or poly blends for swimmers and golfers. The fabrics have some stretch but prioritize natural fibers and a classic lived-in look.

  • Length

For guys who like to show some leg, Bearbottom’s 5-7 inch inseams can’t be beat. They leave several inches of thigh exposed while still maintaining coverage and mobility.

Chubbies meets in the middle with slightly longer 5.5-7 inch inseams. While nothing like 9-inch cargo shorts, the extra half inch provides a bit more coverage than Bearbottoms do.

  • Price

Price is one of the biggest differentiators between these two popular men’s short brands. Bearbottom shorts cost $24.99 to $39.99, an affordable price for the quality. Chubbies retail for $49.50 to $69.50 per pair, nearly double Bearbottom’s prices.

For the premium you pay more bold patterns and prints, intricate detailing, branded experiences, and domestic manufacturing with Chubbies. But if budget is a concern, Bearbottom can’t be beaten on pure value.

Finding The Best Shorts For Your Needs

With the key differences covered, determining which brand’s shorts are the best choice comes down to personal preferences and needs. Here are a few considerations as you decide between Bearbottom and Chubbies shorts this summer:

  • Active lifestyles

Guys who live active lifestyles, play sports, hit the gym, or just like comfort will appreciate Bearbottom’s lightweight athletic fit. The polyester and nylon fabrics wick moisture to keep you cool and allow a full range of motion.

Prioritize Bearbottom if you want shorts for recreation, hiking, or water activities.

  • Roomier fit
Chubbies Shorts
Chubbies Shorts

Some men prefer a bit more room and coverage in their shorts’ fit.

Chubbies’ classic loose silhouette with 5.5-7 inch inseams provides more space and looks great on most body types.

The cotton fabrics also conform to your shape over time.

Opt for Chubbies if you like a relaxed, vintage short style.

  • Making a statement

With their expansive selection of eye-catching patterns and prints, Chubbies shorts are perfect for guys looking to make a statement. The fun tropical themes and irreverent sayings on Chubbies will get you noticed. If you want shorts that express your personality, Chubbies unique styling can’t be matched.

  • Budget buy

If price is the deciding factor in your shorts purchase, Bearbottom can’t be beaten on value. At nearly half the cost of Chubbies, you can stock up on Bearbottom shorts in multiple colors for the price of one printed Chubbies pair.

Prioritize value over branding with Bearbottom’s affordable pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Bearbottom and Chubbies shorts:

Is Bear Bottom clothing ethical?

Bearbottom does not specifically market itself as an ethical clothing brand. However, they state their products are sweatshop free. Bearbottom’s shorts are manufactured in factories located in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The company says it visits each factory annually to inspect working conditions and ensure fair wages are paid.

Who owns Bear Bottom?

Bearbottom was founded in 2014 by two college friends, Mark Schacht and Jeff Haskell in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It remains an independently owned company headquartered in Idaho. Mark and Jeff came up with the idea for Bearbottom to provide affordable, stylish shorts direct-to-consumer after being frustrated by the limited options for guys.

Where is bear bottom clothing located?

Bearbottom is headquartered in Boise, Idaho and operates their online stores from the United States. However, their products are manufactured in factories located in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This global production allows Bearbottom to offer lower prices by reducing manufacturing costs.

Does Bearbottom have free returns?

Yes, Bearbottom offers free returns within 30 days of receiving your order. If you are not completely satisfied with the shorts for any reason, you can return them at no cost. Bearbottom will provide a full refund when they receive the returned items. This allows customers to try out Bearbottom shorts risk-free.

The Bottom Line

When comparing Bearbottom vs. Chubbies, it largely comes down to fit preference and budget. Guys wanting an athletic silhouette from quick-drying technical fabrics can’t go wrong with Bearbottom’s stellar value.

But those seeking a vintage vibe in relaxed cotton shorts with standout patterns will appreciate the Chubbies experience.

Try a pair of shorts from each brand to see which you reach for most. Mix in some Bearbottoms for outdoor adventures and Chubbies for backyard barbecues. With summer on the horizon, having a solid shorts game is essential.

Both Bearbottom and Chubbies deliver quality and comfort so you can focus on fun in the sun.

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