BAKFlip MX4 Vs. Diamondback: A Comprehensive Comparison 

Tonneau covers are essential for truck owners who require a secure and stylish solution for protecting their cargo. Among the many brands and models available, two standout options are the BAKFlip MX4 and the Diamondback. 

This in-depth comparison will provide you with a clear understanding of the pros and cons of both models, enabling you to make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectBAKFlip MX4Diamondback
MaterialAll-aluminumDiamond plate aluminum
Weight CapacityUp to 400 pounds evenly distributedUp to 1600 pounds on top
SecurityGood (Integrated buckle system)Excellent (Robust lock system)
Water ResistanceWater-resistant (with drainage tubes)Not specified
AccessFull access to truck bed when foldedTri-fold design for partial or full access
InstallationCan be challenging for someHeavier construction, potentially more challenging
PriceMore affordableHigher-end, more expensive

Understanding the BAKFlip MX4


The BAKFlip MX4 is a reputable hard folding truck bed cover, praised for its robustness and versatility. Designed with an all-aluminum construction, it guarantees durability, making it an attractive option for many truck owners. Its sleek matte finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides UV and scratch resistance.

Pros of BAKFlip MX4

The BAKFlip MX4 offers several advantages. Its lightweight design facilitates easy installation and use. Moreover, it provides complete access to your truck bed when folded, a feature that’s advantageous when you need to transport large items.

The MX4’s durability is another key selling point. The all-aluminum construction ensures longevity, and the cover’s capacity to bear up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight makes it resistant to heavy snowfall.

Its security features are impressive, with the integrated buckle system and prop rods adding extra protection. The MX4 is also water-resistant, with integrated drainage tubes to direct water away from the truck bed.

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Cons of BAKFlip MX4

Despite its many advantages, the MX4 has a few drawbacks. Some users have reported difficulty with the installation process, finding the instructions unclear. The water-resistant design, though generally effective, is not entirely waterproof. Under extreme conditions, some water may seep into the truck bed.

Deciphering the Diamondback


The Diamondback is another formidable player in the tonneau cover landscape. Its rugged design and unique aesthetic appeal to those seeking a blend of function and style. Constructed from diamond plate aluminum, this cover offers unmatched durability.

Pros of Diamondback

The Diamondback tonneau cover excels in security. Its robust construction and lock system make it nearly impenetrable, protecting your cargo against theft.

Durability is another compelling feature. The diamond plate aluminum construction promises a long lifespan, and the cover’s ability to bear up to 1600 pounds of weight on top makes it an excellent choice for those living in snowy regions.

The Diamondback also scores high on versatility, with its unique tri-fold design allowing partial or full access to the truck bed.

Cons of Diamondback

Despite its strengths, the Diamondback has some limitations. Its heavy construction makes the installation process challenging for some users. Furthermore, its higher price point might be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which bak tonneau cover is best?

The best BAK tonneau cover will depend on your specific needs. However, the BAKFlip MX4 consistently ranks high due to its durability, versatility, and security features.

Is BAKFlip MX4 easy to break into?

While no tonneau cover is entirely theft-proof, the BAKFlip MX4 is designed with security in mind. Its all-aluminum construction and integrated buckle system provide a significant deterrent to potential thieves.

Is BAKFlip MX4 waterproof?

The BAKFlip MX4 is water-resistant, with built-in drainage tubes to prevent water from entering the truck bed. However, in extreme weather conditions, some water may seep through.

How secure are DiamondBack covers?

DiamondBack covers are known for their high security. The diamond plate aluminum construction and robust lock system make them very secure against potential theft.

What is the difference between bak MX4 and G2?

Both the MX4 and G2 belong to the BAKFlip series and share several features. The main differences lie in their construction materials and finishes. The MX4 boasts a matte-finish, all-aluminum construction, while the G2 has a glossy finish and combines aluminum with other materials.
The MX4 also offers enhanced tailgate operation, allowing you to close the tailgate with the cover up or down.

Where is BAKFlip MX4 made?

BAKFlip MX4 tonneau covers are proudly made in the USA. This ensures high-quality construction and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards.

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Final Thoughts

When comparing the BAKFlip MX4 and the Diamondback, both tonneau covers have unique strengths. The MX4 shines in terms of versatility, lightweight design, and water resistance, making it a great all-rounder. On the other hand, the Diamondback stands out with its superior security, extreme durability, and weight-bearing capacity.

Your final decision will depend on your specific needs and budget. Whether you prioritize versatility, security, durability, or style, both the BAKFlip MX4 and Diamondback offer compelling options in the realm of tonneau covers.

Remember, a tonneau cover is an investment in the protection and functionality of your truck. Make sure to consider your requirements carefully before making your choice. Happy trucking!

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