Zegna Vs. Armani: A Tailored Battle of Italian Fashionistas

When it comes to impeccably tailored Italian suits for men, two heavyweight names stand above the rest – Ermenegildo Zegna and Giorgio Armani. These iconic fashion houses have been dressing discerning gentlemen for decades with their premium fabrics, elegant designs, and emphasis on fit and construction.

But which brand comes out on top when comparing Zegna and Armani suits? Let’s explore the key differences in quality, style, price points, and more.

A Brief Comparison Table

FabricSuper 120s-130s wool, cashmere, luxury blendsSuper 130s wool, fine wools, speciality blends
ConstructionFully canvassed or floating canvassedHalf canvassed or fused
Jacket FitSofter shoulders, minimal paddingStrong roped shoulders, padding
Jacket Style3/2 roll, high armholesLean 2-button or 3-button
TrousersMedium to high rise, tapered legMedium rise, lean tapered leg
PatternsUnderstated solids and pinstripesBold solids, interesting jacquards
ColorsNavy, gray, brown, tan, blackNavy, gray, black, olive, bold hues
Overall StyleRefined, elegant, discreetModern, fashion-forward, edgy

Ermenegildo Zegna – Understated Luxury and Fine Fabrics

Founded in 1910 and now led by the 4th generation of the Zegna family, Ermenegildo Zegna has long been the pinnacle of fine men’s suiting. Their suits are crafted from exclusive fabrics milled and woven at the Zegna wool mills in Italy.

Some key qualities of Zegna suits include:

Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Fabrics – Super 120s and 130s wool from ultra-fine merino sheep, silky cashmere, lightweight tropical wools, and luxury blends. Known for softness and drape.
  • Construction – Full canvassed or floating canvassed. Handwork includes fusing collar, lapels, and waistband. Minimal shoulder padding.
  • Fit – Tailored with clean lines yet comfortable. Softer shoulders and higher armholes. Trousers have medium to high rise.
  • Patterns & Colors – Understated and versatile solids, pinstripes, and jacquards in navy, gray, brown, tan, and black.
  • Style – Classic and refined aesthetic for business or formalwear. Jackets have signature high gorge and 3/2 roll.

The overall look of a Zegna suit is one of quiet, sophisticated luxury. They are ideal for businessmen, lawyers, bankers, and other white collar professionals seeking discretion and pedigree in their wardrobe.

Armani – Structured Silhouettes and Italian Flair

If Zegna is a Savile Row tailored suit, then Armani offers more modern Italian flair. Founded in 1975 by legendary designer Giorgio Armani, the house of Armani offers distinctive suits with these characteristics:

  • Fabrics – Fine wools like Super 130s and cashmere wool blends. Known for interesting textures like matte finish wool.
  • Construction – Half canvassed or fused. Distinctive padded and roped shoulders. Vented jackets.
  • Fit – Strong shoulders and defined silhouette. Lean and tapered trousers.
  • Patterns & Colors – Bolder solids and jacquards. More casual fabrics like linen and cotton. Gray, navy, black, brown, olive.
  • Style – Structured with Italian sensibility. Some jackets have standard 2-button front. Trousers are flat front.

Armani suits have a sharper, more contemporary look compared to the softer tailoring of Zegna. The Armani man is confident and stylish. Their suits work well for business and going out.

Key Differences Between Zegna And Armani Suits

Now let’s directly compare some of the key distinguishing factors between Zegna and Armani:

Armani Suits
  • Price – Zegna is more expensive, with suits starting around $3000. Armani starts around $2000.
  • Quality & Construction – Zegna uses more handwork and finer fabrics. But both are well-made.
  • Silhouette & Fit – Armani has more structure. Zegna drapes more softly.
  • Versatility – Zegna offers more business focused suits. Armani has greater range including business, going out, and casual.
  • Brand Image – Zegna is the pinnacle of fine European suiting. Armani has a modern, fashion-forward aesthetic.

Neither brand is necessarily “better” overall. Zegna excels at refined luxury while Armani has more fashion-driven style. It comes down to personal taste and fit.

Comparing Specific Suits Side by Side

To really demonstrate the stylistic differences between the two powerhouse brands, let’s compare two specific suits side by side:

Ermenegildo Zegna Tropical Wool Suit

This Zegna suit is crafted from lightweight 8.5 micron tropical wool woven at the Zegna mill. Key features include:

  • Super 120s wool fabric with a soft handfeel
  • Fully canvassed jacket construction
  • Minimal shoulder padding for a natural silhouette
  • Trousers have medium rise and tapered leg
  • Versatile solid navy color
  • Retail price around $3500

The resulting suit has Zegna’s signature tailored look. Perfect for year-round wear, it’s understated yet luxurious.

Armani Collezioni Virgin Wool Suit

This Armani suit uses cool virgin wool with a matte texture. Details include:

  • Half canvassed construction with roped shoulders
  • Lean tapered jacket with defined chest and shoulders
  • Flat front trousers with belt loops and medium rise
  • Textured gray fabric with a modern look
  • Retail price around $2400

The Armani suit has a sharper, contemporary Italian style. The unique fabric keeps it interesting while the fit flatters athletic body types.

While both suits utilize fine wool and premium construction, the differing silhouettes, fit, and brand personalities set them apart.

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Which Brand Is Right For You?

When deciding between luxury brands like Zegna and Armani, it helps to consider your individual style and wardrobe needs:

Armani Suits
  • For business – Zegna’s refined tailoring excels here. The quality ensures longevity and the understated look works well in corporate settings.
  • For fashion-forward style – Armani has more modern patterns, textures and silhouettes. Great for confident men with swagger.
  • For versatile wardrobe – Armani has greater range from business to casual. Zegna excels at businesswear but provides less variety.
  • For quality and luxury – Zegna uses more handwork and premium fabrics if that’s your top priority. But Armani quality is also excellent.
  • For fit – Choose the brand that best fits your body type. Zegna drapes well on slender frames. Armani suits athletic physiques.

You can’t go wrong with either brand. Try on both at fine men’s clothiers to see which style and fit you prefer.

Buying Your Zegna or Armani Suit

Zegna and Armani suits are sold globally at the brand boutiques as well as fine independent menswear retailers. Prices are full retail at the brand stores. For value, check independent clothiers during end of season sales. When buying, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always try it on – Fit trumps everything with fine suits. Make sure the silhouette and measurements flatter you.
  • Inspect details – Examine the stitching, buttonholes, lapels, and fabric patterns up close. This is the mark of quality.
  • Consider custom – Armani offers made-to-measure. Zegna offers full bespoke. Get the perfect fit.
  • Buy the right size – Don’t size down too much if you plan to layer and move around. Buy the size that fits you best.
  • Pair with expertise – Work with a knowledgeable salesperson to get the full wardrobe experience. Investing in a Zegna or Armani suit deserves proper service.

The right well-fitting Italian suit can serve you for decades as a wise wardrobe investment. Take your time and try on options to find the perfect match.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Canali better than Armani?

This depends on personal taste, but Canali is comparable to Armani in terms of quality and construction. Both brands use fine Italian fabrics and premium suiting techniques. Armani has a more fashion-forward, contemporary aesthetic while Canali skews more classic and business-focused. For quality suits with Italian style, you can’t go wrong with either brand. Try both on to see which fits your body type and preferred look.

Is Ermenegildo Zegna good quality?

Yes, Ermenegildo Zegna is renowned globally for outstanding quality and construction. Their suits are made from exclusive fine fabrics like Super 120s and 130s wool woven at the Zegna mill. They use meticulous tailoring techniques like full canvas construction and handwork on the lapels, collar, and waistband. Zegna quality rivals the finest bespoke tailoring. Their suits deliver refinement, comfort, and longevity.

What is the difference between Zegna and Ermenegildo Zegna?

Ermenegildo Zegna is the full name of the fashion house, named after the founder Ermenegildo Zegna who started the company in 1910. Often the brand is referred to simply as “Zegna.” All Zegna suits, clothing and accessories come from Ermenegildo Zegna. So Ermenegildo Zegna and Zegna refer to the same Italian luxury fashion brand.

What makes Armani suits special?

There are several key things that make Armani suits stand apart:
1. Fine Italian wool fabrics – Armani uses super 130s wool, lightweight fine wools, and luxury blends, many woven exclusively for them in Italy. This ensures softness and comfort.
2. Signature silhouettes – Armani suits have a distinct aesthetic with clean, lean lines and roped, padded shoulders that create a flattering, athletic shape.
3. Handwork details – The jackets feature intricate hand-stitched finishing for lapels, collars, and waistlines. This artisanal detail ensures quality.
4. Range of styles – Armani offers many styles from business to casual including interesting patterns, textures, and colors not always found with other luxury suit brands.
5. Modern sensibility – Armani suits have an element of contemporary Italian flair and fashion-forward styling compared to more conservative luxury brands.
When you add it all up, Armani suits offer a blend of fine craftsmanship, innovative style, and Italian sophistication that makes them special in the world of men’s suiting. An Armani suit makes a statement.

Final Thoughts

Ermenegildo Zegna and Giorgio Armani represent the pinnacle of luxury Italian suiting, each with their own distinct sensibilities. Zegna prizes refined, understated quality while Armani infuses more modern flair.

There’s no wrong choice between these iconic fashion houses. The right suit depends on your individual style, wardrobe needs and taste. By understanding the key contrasts between the brands, you can make an informed decision when investing in a Zegna or Armani suit that becomes a staple of your elegant wardrobe.

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