Why Is Final Net Hairspray So Expensive? A Closer Look

Final Net hairspray has been around since the 1960s and remains a popular hair styling product to this day. With its strong hold and long-lasting finish, Final Net provides reliable performance that keeps hair locked in place from morning until night.

However, one downside of this iconic hairspray is its high price tag, especially compared to cheaper aerosol brands.

So what makes Final Net so expensive? As we’ll explore in this article, several key factors contribute to its premium pricing, from high-quality ingredients to brand reputation and marketing costs.

Understanding these reasons can help explain why salon brands like Final Net command steeper prices than their drugstore counterparts.

Reasons For Final Net Hairspray Being So Expensive

Here is a list of those 3 reasons:

  • Key Ingredients And Formulations
  • Final Net’s Brand Reputation and Marketing
  • Final Net’s Positioning in the Salon Channel

Let’s talk about these reasons in detail.

  • Key Ingredients And Formulations
Final Net Extra Hold Unscented Hairspray

One major reason behind Final Net’s higher cost is its specialized formulation using high-end ingredients not found in regular hairsprays.

Most inexpensive, mass-market hairsprays use cheap alcohol like ethanol to provide quick-drying hold. The high alcohol content can dry out hair, causing brittleness and breakage over time. It also contributes to that crispy, sticky feel many cheap sprays impart.

In contrast, Final Net relies on premium ingredients like hydrocarbon propellants and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymers to deliver soft, brushable hold that lasts. Instead of alcohols, Final Net uses dimethicone and other silicones to condition hair and combat flyaways.

These superior ingredients provide Final Net’s lasting hold and natural, non-sticky finish while caring for hair’s health. However, these ingredients cost substantially more than alcohol propellants, driving up Final Net’s retail pricing.

Final Net also offers specialized formulas targeted to different hair types and styles. For example, Final Net Extra Hold for more control, Final Net Satin Sheen for conditioning shine, Final Net Firm Hold Flexible for movable hold – all come at higher price points than regular Final Net.

Developing these proprietary formulations requires significant investment, passed onto the consumer through premium pricing.

  • Final Net’s Brand Reputation and Marketing

Beyond its ingredients, Final Net’s brand reputation and marketing contribute to its high price tag. Since 1957, Final Net has built trust and recognition as a salon-quality brand. Today it’s instantly recognizable by its iconic white can with vintage lettering.

This strong branding allows Final Net to command a price premium, similar to boutique designer brands. Consumers readily pay more for the Final Net name knowing its reputation for performance and quality.

L’Oreal, Final Net’s parent company, invests heavily in advertising and promotions to maintain this top brand image. Commercials, celebrity endorsements, and prime shelf space at beauty retailers all cost a significant amount, increasing Final Net’s overhead. These expenses ultimately drive up the retail price shoppers pay.

  • Final Net’s Positioning in the Salon Channel

Another factor making Final Net expensive is its strategic positioning as a salon-grade product. It’s priced to compete with other professional brands sold through higher-end beauty supply stores, not mass-retailers like Walmart or Target.

This premium pricing builds Final Net’s reputation as a top-of-the-line hairspray brand used by stylists backstage at fashion shows and photo shoots. Consumers see the extra few dollars they’re spending as paying for a superior, professional-use product – even if they’re just using it at home.

Final Net further leverages this positioning through partnerships within the beauty industry. It sponsors makeup artist teams, hair shows, and other events to reinforce its identity as a staple brand used by hair professionals.

This makes home users feel like they’re buying into an exclusive, high-end beauty experience.

How The Market Supports Final Net’s Pricing?

Final Net Non Aerosol Hairspray

Beyond these internal factors, external market forces support Final Net’s ability to charge higher prices.

As a well-established brand, Final Net faces less pressure to compete on price with drugstore knockoffs.

Consumers already perceive its value as higher than generic brands.

This brand stickiness lets Final Net maintain relatively stable pricing year after year.

Meanwhile, newer brands must discount heavily or minimize margins to attract bargain hunters.

Final Net’s premium pricing derives in part from its market dominance over 60+ years.

Final Net also benefits from category-wide price inflation within the salon market. As prestige brands steadily raise prices on professional hair, skin, and body care products, Final Net has kept apace.

Consumers have shown willingness to pay higher prices across the wider beauty category, providing Final Net leverage to inch up prices over time.

In short, Final Net can better resist market pressures to lower prices, preserving its premium price point. Competitors lacking the same brand equity and industry clout cannot leverage their pricing power to the same degree.

Is The Extra Cost Worth It For Final Net?

Now that we understand why Final Net commands such a high retail price, the big question becomes – is it worth paying extra?

For many shoppers, the answer is yes. Final Net’s salon-grade formulation and trusted reputation make the extra few dollars an acceptable splurge. Users swear by its reliable hold and longevity, making it the gold standard against cheaper sprays.

However, professional results don’t require professional prices. Some shoppers can get satisfactory performance from budget hairsprays priced under $5.00. Users not reliant on all-day hold may find Final Net’s premium pricing hard to justify.

Ultimately, it depends on each shopper’s hair type, styling needs, and budget considerations. While Final Net offers proven results, more cost-conscious shoppers can experiment with affordable alternatives to find good enough options.

For shoppers curious to try Final Net but wary of paying full price, looking for sales, rebates and coupons can help cut costs. Many retailers run periodic promotions on beauty items, bringing prestige brands like Final Net more in line with mass-market prices.

So while Final Net sits at a higher price point than most drugstore offerings, its reputation, performance, and brand equity explain why many shoppers eagerly pay a premium. Its enduring popularity proves this iconic hairspray still holds strong, even after over 60 years in the beauty business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Final Net Hairspray

What hairsprays to avoid?

Avoid hairsprays with high alcohol content, as this can dry out hair and cause damage over time. Also be wary of aerosol sprays with CFC propellants, which are banned for environmental reasons. Watch out for sprays that use resins like PVAs, which can leave hair feeling sticky or crispy.

Is it bad to leave hairspray in your hair for 2 days?

Leaving hairspray in for multiple days is not recommended. It allows product buildup that can dull hair’s natural shine. Over time, it prevents moisture from properly penetrating the hair shaft leading to dry, brittle hair.Aim to shampoo out each application of hairspray every 1-2 days.

When was Aqua Net hairspray popular?

Aqua Net hairspray reached peak popularity in the 1960s, when the iconic beehive and other heavily-styled looks were in fashion. It maintained popularity through the big hair trends of the 1980s before facing a sales decline in the 1990s and early 2000s as more natural styles emerged.

Is it bad to use hair spray every day?

Using hairspray daily is generally fine as long as you properly wash it out with shampoo every 1-2 days. Letting it build up can lead to dryness and breakage over time. When possible, try to use hairspray only when you need hold for a particular style, rather than as an everyday routine product. Moderation is key to preventing damage.

Wrapping Up

Final Net’s premium pricing stems from its high-quality ingredients, salon-grade reputation, and strong branding power. While more affordable options exist, Final Net remains a gold standard hairspray for its reliable performance.

Though costing a few dollars extra, many users find Final Net worth the investment for pro-level hold that lasts. With proper washing, it can be used daily without damage. For budget-conscious buyers, sales and coupons can ease the impact of Final Net’s high price point.

Ultimately, this iconic brand still outperforms most drugstore offerings, justifying its expense for fans.

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