Why Are Agape Diamonds So Cheap? – A Closer Look!

In the diamond world, Agape Diamonds stand out for their stunning gems at shockingly affordable prices. But how can they sell high-quality diamonds at just a fraction of standard jewelry store prices?

There are several key reasons Agape Lab Diamonds can be so inexpensive compared to natural diamonds.

Reasons For Agape Diamonds Being So Cheap

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • Agape Sells Lab Grown Diamonds
  • Direct To Consumer Approach
  • Low Overhead & Smart Systems
  • Conflict-Free Ethical Sourcing
  • Custom Design At No Added Cost
  • Agape’s Premium Lab Diamond Quality
  • Superior Lab Technology
  • Automated Quality Control
  • Strategic Partnerships

Let’s talk about those reasons in detail.

  • Agape Sells Lab Grown Diamonds
Agape Diamonds

The main factor in Agape’s low pricing is that they sell lab created diamonds rather than mined diamonds. Mined diamonds form in the earth under extreme heat and pressure over billions of years.

Extracting them requires huge mining operations and intensive labor. This makes the supply of natural diamonds limited.

Agape’s diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art facilities that replicate the conditions that form diamonds underground. With technological precision, they can grow real diamonds above ground in just weeks and with minimal environmental impact.

These lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in their optical, chemical, and physical properties. They test as real diamonds, flawlessly mimicking attributes like cut, clarity and color. But without rarity driving up the value, lab diamonds avoid the inflated costs of mined diamonds.

Selling an abundant man-made product allows Agape to keep prices extremely competitive. Customers get spectacular, chemically identical diamonds for just a fraction of what they would pay at standard retailers.

  • Direct To Consumer Approach

Another factor behind the savings is that Agape Diamonds sells directly to customers online. Typical diamond supply chains have multiple layers of businesses that handle stones between mining and retail:

  • Miners extract rough diamonds
  • Dealers aggregate and sell batches of rough stones
  • Cutters and polishers shape them for jewelry
  • Distributors sort and market cut diamonds
  • Retail jewelers finally sell to end consumers

At each step, markups get added to cover costs and profits. By the time diamonds reach jewelry stores, cumulative markups inflate the price significantly.

Agape controls their entire supply chain. Their efficient direct sales model passes more savings directly to the customer. Without any middlemen, Agape can sell finished diamonds and fine jewelry at prices aligned with production costs rather than industry bloat.

  • Low Overhead & Smart Systems
Agape Diamonds

Selling primarily through their website also minimizes Agape’s overhead.

They avoid all the expense associated with operating a traditional jewelry store.

Inventory management, purchasing, marketing, and sales are handled electronically.

This optimizes the ordering, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes.

Their lean operations and smart use of technology let Agape price competitively while still enjoying healthy profit margins on their vertically integrated production. Systems automation and low overhead translate directly into diamond savings for shoppers.

  • Conflict-Free Ethical Sourcing

Lab grown diamonds appeal to consumers who want ethically sourced gems. The traditional diamond trade has faced ongoing turmoil over mining practices and trafficking issues that help fund regional conflicts. Agape provides diamond lovers with a guilt-free alternative.

Their lab-made diamonds come certified 100% conflict free. Shoppers can feel good knowing their purchases don’t contribute to unethical labor exploitation or other diamond-related issues. This clean conscience can be considered a form of extra value.

  • Custom Design At No Added Cost

Jewelry retailers normally charge hefty fees for custom engagement rings and other designs. Agape leverages their in-house manufacturing capabilities to offer custom pieces at no extra charge.

Their online custom design studio gives shoppers free control over every detail. Whether selecting a preset or designing from scratch, you get the exact ring you want with zero added premiums. This perk enhances the sense of value.

  • Agape’s Premium Lab Diamond Quality

To understand Agape’s pricing, it helps to look closer at their diamond creation and grading processes…

The remainder of this comprehensive article dives into more specifics around Agape’s capabilities. It explores their unique CVD tech, cutting expertise, quality inspection, diamond grading methods, warranties and other facets that enable their competitive pricing.

It also compares Agape diamonds directly against natural diamonds, dispelling myths around lab diamonds. The article outlines all the factors proving that Agape provides a true bargain without sacrificing beauty or quality compared to traditional diamond retailers.

  • Superior Lab Technology

Agape utilizes state-of-the-art CVD equipment and processes to grow their diamonds. CVD (chemical vapor deposition) creates the necessary carbon-rich environment for diamond formation using highly controlled vacuum chambers.

This precision technology enables faster, higher-yield diamond production compared to older hydrothermal or HPHT growth methods. The enhanced efficiency and throughput lower costs. It also allows for better consistency in diamond quality from growth run to growth run.

Continual advancement of their custom CVD systems and growth recipes helps drive down pricing. Optimized manufacturing through superior technology translates directly into diamond savings.

  • Automated Quality Control
Agape Lab grown Diamonds

Agape leverages automation like AI imaging analytics for diamond inspection.

Sophisticated systems can review diamonds for quality characteristics like clarity, color, and cut precision.

Automated grading and analysis minimizes the need for manual human inspection.

This boosts throughput while keeping tight control over standards. The time and labor savings mean less overhead, and savings get passed to the customer.

Maintaining stringent quality control without slow manual checking processes also speeds up overall production. Greater efficiency enables competitive diamond pricing.

  • Strategic Partnerships

Agape maximizes value through partnerships with trusted vendors. For settings and bands, they source high-quality metals and finishes from selected reputable suppliers.

These strategic relationships give them purchasing power and preferential pricing. The savings get extended directly to customers.

Partners even allow Agape to offer unique designs and proprietary custom settings unavailable elsewhere. Sourcing through aligned partners provides cost benefits that enhance the overall value proposition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about Agape Diamonds:

Are diamonds from Agape Diamonds real?

Absolutely. Agape produces real diamonds using advanced CVD technology under meticulously controlled conditions. Their diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as naturally formed diamonds. They are not fake, imitation or simulated – they are real diamonds.

Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab created?

With today’s lab diamond quality, most jewelers cannot distinguish them from mined diamonds without specialized detection equipment. Well-made lab diamonds are genuine diamonds at the molecular level. They are so optically and chemically identical that only advanced gem labs can identify their origin conclusively. Unless disclosed, even jewelry experts generally can’t separate lab diamonds from natural.

What is the best fake diamond name?

Lab diamonds are not actually “fake” diamonds. Since they have essentially the same qualities as diamonds formed by nature, terms like “lab grown diamond” or “lab created diamond” are more accurate. The best term depends on context, but “fake” is incorrect since they are real diamonds.

What is Agape diamond?

Agape Diamonds design and produce high-quality lab diamonds using advanced and proprietary CVD technology. They sell these diamonds and custom designed jewelry directly to consumers online at prices far lower than traditional retailers. As a vertically integrated company, Agape controls the full process from lab diamond growth to end product manufacturing. This enables excellent pricing on real diamonds.

Wrapping Up

While traditional mined diamonds carry higher prices and perceived prestige, lab diamonds have reached a point where they genuinely compete in terms of quality and beauty – at just 15-30% of the cost.

For savvy shoppers, Agape’s combination of fair pricing, conflict-free ethical sourcing, and custom design makes their lab diamonds a smart choice for everything from engagement rings to fashion jewelry.

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