Wheelman® Flex: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re in the market for advanced auto-steer technology for your farm, you’ve probably come across the name Wheelman® Flex. With high expectations around this product, it’s vital to delve into what makes it unique, what it does well, and where it falls short.

This comprehensive review will answer all your questions and shed light on the capabilities of this impressive device.

Features of Wheelman® Flex

Wheelman Flex

The Wheelman® Flex is a complete, easy-to-install auto-steer system designed to fit any farming machine.

Equipped with Whirl™, AgJunction’s sophisticated universal auto-steer software, the Wheelman® Flex helps farmers improve accuracy and reduce fatigue, boosting productivity in the process.

One of the unique features of Wheelman® Flex is its portability.

Unlike traditional, machine-specific auto-steer systems, Wheelman® Flex can be moved from one machine to another, bringing precision ag benefits to the entire farm operation.

The Pros of Wheelman® Flex

The Wheelman® Flex has multiple advantages that make it a worthwhile investment for farmers. Here are some of its key strengths:

  • Affordability

The Wheelman® Flex’s price point makes advanced auto-steer technology accessible to smaller farming operations, breaking down the cost barriers that typically limit the adoption of precision ag technology.

  • Easy Installation

The DIY installation process is straightforward, taking approximately one hour to complete. There’s no need for professional assistance, which reduces the overall setup cost.

  • Broad Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with more than 850 machine makes and models, the Wheelman® Flex allows farmers to bring the benefits of auto-steering to their entire fleet, not just a single vehicle.

  • Superior Portability

The Wheelman® Flex can be easily transferred from one machine to another, making it a versatile solution for varied farming tasks.

The Cons of Wheelman® Flex

Wheelman Flex

While the Wheelman® Flex offers numerous benefits, it also has some drawbacks that need to be acknowledged:

  • Limited Customizability

Despite its many advantages, the Wheelman® Flex doesn’t offer the same level of customizability as some higher-end models.

It provides a standard solution that may not suit all specific farming requirements.

  • Requires Smartphone or Tablet

The Wheelman® Flex system requires a smartphone or tablet for operation. For farmers who don’t own such devices or prefer not to use them in the field, this requirement can be inconvenient.

Competitors of Wheelman® Flex

While the Wheelman® Flex is a popular option in the auto-steering technology market, it’s not without competition. Two of its closest competitors are the Trimble Autopilot™ System and the John Deere AutoTrac™ System.

Let’s compare these competitors with the Wheelman® Flex to help you make an informed decision.

  • Trimble Autopilot™ System

Trimble, a reputable name in precision agriculture technology, offers the Autopilot™ system that provides advanced auto-steering capabilities. The Autopilot™ system boasts sub-inch accuracy, considerably higher than the 4-6 inches accuracy provided by the Wheelman® Flex.

However, the Trimble Autopilot™ system is significantly more expensive, which may make it less accessible for smaller farming operations.

Unlike the Wheelman® Flex, Trimble’s Autopilot™ isn’t designed for quick portability. It’s intended for a permanent installation, making it less versatile if you’re planning to use auto-steering across multiple vehicles.

  • John Deere AutoTrac™ System

John Deere’s AutoTrac™ system is another prominent competitor. Known for its high-quality agricultural equipment, John Deere brings its expertise to precision ag technology with the AutoTrac™ system.

Like the Trimble Autopilot™, the AutoTrac™ system provides a high level of accuracy but is considerably more expensive than the Wheelman® Flex.

The AutoTrac™ system also requires professional installation and calibration, increasing the setup cost and complexity. Conversely, the Wheelman® Flex’s user-friendly design allows for DIY installation, saving time and money.

In terms of compatibility, the AutoTrac™ system works best with John Deere machinery, while the Wheelman® Flex offers compatibility with over 850 machine makes and models, making it a more versatile choice for diverse farming fleets.

Comparing Wheelman® Flex with Its Competitors

In comparison with the Trimble Autopilot™ and John Deere AutoTrac™ systems, the Wheelman® Flex is a cost-effective and versatile solution for auto-steering.

It may not offer the same sub-inch accuracy, but its affordability, ease of installation, and compatibility with a wide range of machinery make it a competitive option in the market.

For farms operating on a tighter budget or those with diverse fleets of machinery, the Wheelman® Flex could prove to be a more practical choice.

However, for operations that prioritize ultra-high accuracy and have the budget for a higher-end solution, the Trimble Autopilot™ or John Deere AutoTrac™ systems may be more suitable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How accurate is the Wheelman Flex?

The Wheelman® Flex provides accuracy within 4-6 inches, which is more than enough for most farming tasks. This accuracy makes it suitable for activities like seeding, tilling, and spraying.

What is the difference between Wheelman Flex and Pro?

The key difference is portability. While the Wheelman Pro is designed for a permanent installation, the Wheelman® Flex can be moved from one machine to another, making it more versatile.

How accurate is Wheelman Pro?

Like the Wheelman® Flex, the Wheelman Pro also delivers accuracy within 4-6 inches.

Who makes Wheelman?

The Wheelman series, including both the Wheelman® Flex and Wheelman Pro, is produced by AgJunction, a leading provider of innovative ag-tech solutions.


The Wheelman® Flex stands out in the market with its portability, affordability, and broad compatibility. It’s an excellent choice for farmers looking to improve efficiency and productivity, although the requirement for a smartphone or tablet and lack of customizability might pose challenges for some.

Nonetheless, the Wheelman® Flex, as with all AgJunction products, promises to continue driving precision agriculture forward.

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