Villa Bocelli Flooring Reviews: A Complete Guide

There’s a great saying: “The floor beneath your feet is the foundation of your home”. 

This is a profound truth for homeowners, and when it comes to this foundation, many trust Villa Bocelli Flooring.

The Origin Story

Picture this. It’s a crisp morning in Italy, and you’re walking across the vibrant, textured surface of an old, beloved villa. It’s beautiful, sturdy, and instills a sense of tranquility. That’s the dream Villa Bocelli Flooring aims to encapsulate in your home.

Villa Bocelli Flooring
Villa Bocelli Flooring

The Pros of Villa Bocelli Flooring

  • Versatility and Aesthetic

Villa Bocelli Flooring offers a wide range of designs and colors, providing a perfect fit for every home, from the urban penthouse to the rustic farmhouse. 

Their designs echo the elegant styles seen in Joanna Gaines’ chic home renovations. Gaines, famous for her creative designs in the hit show “Fixer Upper,” loves a modern farmhouse aesthetic, and often uses a variation of hardwood and vinyl, similar to the options available in the Villa Bocelli lineup.

  • Durability

It’s not just about looks; Villa Bocelli Flooring is known for durability. Their products withstand the rigorous tests of daily life, making them a contender for the most durable flooring to put in your house. 

Their vinyl options, in particular, are among the hardest vinyl flooring available in the market. This durability, coupled with the brand’s stunning designs, creates floors that are as strong as they are beautiful.

  • Luxurious Appeal

Though not the most expensive floor covering on the market, Villa Bocelli Flooring offers a touch of luxury, elevating the aesthetic of any space. It’s a popular choice among high-end renovation shows, similar to those of the Property Brothers. 

These identical twins are known for transforming fixer-uppers into dream homes, often using high-quality, visually striking flooring just like Villa Bocelli offers.

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Villa Bocelli Flooring
Villa Bocelli Flooring

The Cons of Villa Bocelli Flooring

  • Pricing

Quality comes at a price. While Villa Bocelli Flooring isn’t the most expensive, it sits on the higher end of the spectrum compared to other brands. For budget-conscious homeowners, this could be a deterrent.

  • Installation

While many homeowners prefer DIY installation to save costs, Villa Bocelli Flooring can be a bit challenging to install for beginners. We recommend professional installation for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What flooring does Joanna Gaines use? 

Joanna Gaines often opts for hardwoods and luxury vinyl tiles in a light, neutral palette to achieve her signature modern farmhouse style. Villa Bocelli Flooring offers similar options, making it an excellent choice for fans of Gaines’ style.

What is the most durable flooring put in the house? 

Durability depends on the material. Hardwoods, ceramics, and luxury vinyl tiles are among the most durable. Villa Bocelli Flooring offers high-quality, durable options in these categories.

What is the hardest vinyl flooring? 

Luxury vinyl flooring is the hardest and most durable. Villa Bocelli Flooring’s luxury vinyl lineup is specifically designed for durability, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

What is the most expensive floor covering? 

Exotic hardwoods and high-end natural stones like marble are typically the most expensive floor coverings. Villa Bocelli Flooring, while not the most expensive, offers high-quality and luxurious flooring options.

What flooring do the Property Brothers use? 

The Property Brothers use a range of flooring options depending on the home, including hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks. Villa Bocelli Flooring offers similar variations, aligning with the high-end finishes often seen in their renovations.

What color floor is farmhouse?

Farmhouse style typically features natural, lighter shades of flooring. Light oak, grey, and cream are popular for this aesthetic. Villa Bocelli Flooring offers a range of colors fitting this style.

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Competition: Villa Bocelli Flooring vs. Other Brands

There’s no shortage of flooring options in the market, and Villa Bocelli faces stiff competition. Here’s how they stack up against some notable competitors:

Villa Bocelli vs. Pergo Flooring

Pergo Flooring is a household name in laminate flooring. While Pergo is renowned for its high-quality laminate, Villa Bocelli excels in providing a wider variety of options, including hardwood and vinyl. However, Pergo often wins on the price point, making it a favorite among budget-conscious homeowners.

Villa Bocelli vs. Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Flooring is another significant player in the market. Known for their innovative designs and durable products, they give Villa Bocelli a run for their money. While both offer high-quality, durable flooring options, Villa Bocelli’s unique designs inspired by Italian architecture give it an edge in the aesthetic department.

Villa Bocelli vs. Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring has a legacy of over 150 years in the flooring industry. Their range of options is vast, catering to both residential and commercial spaces. However, Villa Bocelli’s focus on residential flooring allows them to excel in home design trends, offering styles that Armstrong may not.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, the perfect flooring depends on personal preference and budget. Villa Bocelli Flooring stands strong in the market due to its high-quality, stylish, and durable offerings. If you value luxurious designs and durability over budget, it is an excellent option for your home. 

If you’re more cost-conscious, brands like Pergo might be a better fit. Regardless of the brand you choose, the right flooring can truly make your house feel like home.

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