Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Vs. Thinx Period Underwear

Menstruation is a natural bodily function that most people with uteruses experience regularly. Finding comfortable, leak-proof, sustainable, and affordable menstrual products can be challenging.

Recently, period panties have risen in popularity as an alternative and supplement to pads, tampons, cups, and other common period products.

Two major brands offering period panties are Victoria’s Secret and Thinx. Both brands claim to provide leak protection, comfort, breathability, and versatility. However, Victoria’s Secret and Thinx period panties differ in their designs and features.

Below is a comparison table summarizing some of the key differences between Victoria’s Secret and Thinx period panties:

FeatureVictoria’s SecretThinx
Absorbency LevelsRegular, SuperRegular, Super, Thinx Heavy, Speax Sleep Shorts
Size RangeXS-XLXXS-4X
Style VarietyBikini, Thong, Cheeky, boyshortThong, Bikini, Boyshort, Boybrief, Hi-Waist Brief, Sleep Short, Speax Sleep Short
Price Per Pair$11.50-$14.50$24-$48

As the table shows, while both Victoria’s Secret and Thinx offer multiple absorbency levels and styles, Thinx provides more size inclusivity and a greater variety of underwear silhouettes. Thinx period panties also tend to cost significantly more per pair compared to Victoria’s Secret.

Below is an in-depth exploration of the pros and cons of both Victoria’s Secret and Thinx period panties.

Victoria’s Secret Period Panties

Victoria’s Secret released a line of period panties in August 2019. Their selection includes four styles (bikini, thong, cheeky, and boyshort) in black or beige fabric.

  • Pros
Victoria's Secret Period Panties


At $11.50-$14.50 per pair depending on style, Victoria’s Secret period panties are very affordable compared to competing brands.

The low price makes it more feasible to buy multiple pairs.

Soft fabric

Victoria’s Secret customers praise the stretch fabric used in the period panties for its soft, lightweight feel against skin.

The nylon and spandex material is designed to lie smooth under clothes.


The fabric used allows decent airflow, providing more breathability than traditional pads while still containing leaks, according to reviews.

Familiar sizing

Victoria’s Secret carries the period panties in the brand’s familiar underwear sizing (XS-XL). For those who already purchase Victoria’s Secret underwear, customers can buy their normal Victoria’s Secret underwear size.

Simple purchasing

Victoria’s Secret period panties can be purchased along with regular underwear choices in stores or online. No need to venture to another specialty retailer.

  • Cons

Limited size range

While Victoria’s Secret offers sizes from XS-XL (roughly 0-14 in standard US clothing sizes), people on both the smaller and larger ends of the size spectrum have expressed disappointment at the restricted range.

Limited style options

With only bikini, thong, cheeky and boyshort styles currently available, customers desiring more variety in period underwear cuts like thongs, hi-rise briefs, or sleep shorts cannot yet find it from Victoria’s Secret.

Questions around longevity

A few reviews complain of Victoria’s Secret period panties showing wear, damage, leaks or losing absorbency after several cycles in the wash. Long-term durability compared to more expensive specialty period underwear brands remains uncertain.

Cannot replace other protection

Victoria’s Secret markets their period panties as light backup protection, not intended to fully replace pads or tampons on heavy flow days. Those with heavier periods may still require additional products used alongside the panties.

Potential sensitivities

A few reviewers mention skin irritation, family unfriendlines depending on by styling, and concerns wearing lighter thong or cheeky period panty styles during sensitive times of the month.

Thinx Period Underwear

Founded in 2011, Thinx offers a wider selection of specialized period underwear serving light, medium and heavy flows. Their collection accommodates an expansive size range in various hipster, bikini, thong, boyshort and brief cuts.

  • Pros
Thinx Period Underwear

Extensive sizing

Ranging from XXS-4XL, Thinx period panties boast far more size inclusivity than Victoria’s Secret.

Bigger and smaller people alike can more easily find well-fitting period-proof underwear options from Thinx.

Greater style & absorbency options

With regular, super, and heavy absorbencies available across boyshorts, thongs, cheekies, bikinis, hi-rise briefs and sleep shorts, Thinx accommodates differing flows, style preferences and activity levels.

Holds up well to washing

The proprietary absorbent tech and quality materials in Thinx period underwear allows them to withstand many cycles in the washing machine without leaks or deterioration over time, based on customer reports.

Can fully replace disposables

Thinx Heavy absorbency underwear, containing 4 tampons worth, suits those with heavier flows enough to fully replace pads or tampons if desired on some days of the cycle. Lighter Thinx can supplement disposables.

Sustainability focus

Thinx pledges sustainability in its manufacturing process and materials used. The reusable nature of period panties also reduces waste compared to single-use disposable menstrual products.

  • Cons

Cost per pair

With prices ranging $24-$42 per individual pair at full price, Thinx period underwear comes at a steep cost upfront, especially if wanting enough pairs to use throughout one’s monthly cycle.

Long dry times

Depending on selected style and absorbency level, Thinx period panties can take 6-12 hours to fully dry after washing. Having backup pairs helps maintain a sufficient supply.

Sensitivities & wearability

A minority of reviewers complain about issues like chafing around the legs from Thinx on heavier flow days or irritation from lace trim features on specific styles. Individual comfort varies.

Uncertainty buying online

Not sold widely in mainstream stores, sizing Thinx period panties correctly typically requires measuring and buying through the Thinx website untried. Returns and exchanges add cost and time if the size does not fit as desired.

Environmental issues

While Thinx claims sustainability efforts, they have faced controversies around PFAS “forever chemicals” found in some menstrual products with waterproofing. Full environmental safety remains under study.

FAQ About Period Panties

What is the best brand of period panties?

There is no definitive “best” brand for everyone. Victoria’s Secret and Thinx both offer quality options with respective pros and cons to weigh. Those wanting the most wallet-friendly choice may prefer Victoria’s Secret, while customers requiring extended sizes, heavy absorbencies, or specialty cuts might better suit their needs through Thinx. It ultimately comes down to personal fit, budget, flow level and style preferences in determining your ideal period panty brand.

Are Victoria’s Secret period pants good?

For the inexpensive price, most Victoria’s Secret customers describe satisfaction wearing their period panties as light backup on lighter flow days. Reviews praise the soft fabrics and breathability. drawbacks like limited sizing, average absorbency, panty deterioration over time, and potential wearing sensitivities are reported as well. Overall they can serve pretty well as a supplementary addition to pads & tampons for some.

How much blood can Victoria’s Secret period panties hold?

Both the regular and “super” absorbency Victoria’s Secret period panties are designed for light-medium flows, roughly holding 1-1.5 regular tampons worth of fluid equivalent each. The brand doesn’t recommend solely wearing their panties alone to contain extremely heavy menstruation. For those requiring substantial overflow control, there are more absorbent specialty period underwear options in the market.

Why not to buy Thinx?

There are a few potential reasons one may choose not to purchase Thinx period underwear, or at least hesitate:
1. High per panty cost – especially replacing a whole panty “wardrobe”
2. Long wait from order to delivery timeframes
3. Must order untested online – returns/exchanges inconvenient
4. Skin sensitivities & wearing/chafing irritations for some
5. Concerns around long-term durability retaining shape
6. Environmental manufacturing issues regarding PFAS waterproofing treatments
While Thinx makes quality period underwear addressing heavier flows in extended sizes unavailable from mainstream brands like Victoria’s Secret, for those wanting to minimize costs, needing to try garments in person before purchasing, or with sensitivities/washability concerns, other panties may suit their needs better.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Thinx Period Panties
Thinx Period Panties

When comparing Victoria’s Secret against Thinx period panties, both present their own advantages based on customer budget, size requirements, absorbency needs, preferred styles, environmental priorities and wearing sensitivities.

Neither choice stands as universally “better.”

For those wanting very affordable, supplemental light flow protection from a familiar, widely available brand, Victoria’s Secret provides a reasonably priced entry level option.

People needing panties serving extremely heavy cycles, cutting edge leak protection technology, or hard-to-find plus size period underwear may want to invest more into specialty offerings like Thinx.

Ultimately both Victoria’s Secret and Thinx period panties work to increase undergarment diversity, sustainability and menstrual care access/affordability relative to conventional disposable period products.

The continued growth of fashion-oriented, innovative leak-proof underwear helps taboo shame around menstruation. Rather than stigmatizing a normal biological process, today’s generation increasingly sees managing periods as another part of regular underwear wardrobe care & hygiene.

Hopefully exploring Victoria’s Secret vs Thinx panties’ respective pluses and drawbacks assists those weighing investing in reusable period underwear, whether as total tampon/pad replacements or supplemental protection.

With more data-driven analysis of fabric safety, environmental sustainability and wearing feedback over time, period panties stand only to keep improving in better serving menstruating customers.

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