UNTUCKit Vs. Bonobos: What’s The Best Shirt Brand For You?

When shopping for men’s shirts, two popular brands stand out: UNTUCKit and Bonobos. Both companies make button-down shirts designed specifically to be worn untucked, but they have some key differences that may make one a better choice for your needs and style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare UNTUCKit and Bonobos shirts side-by-side, analyzing the pros and cons of each to help you decide which brand is right for you.

UNTUCKit launched in 2011 as the original untucked shirt company. Their shirts feature a square bottom hem designed to look neat and professional even when worn untucked.

Bonobos entered the scene in 2007 with a line of better-fitting men’s pants and expanded into shirts and other apparel. Although not solely focused on untucked shirts, many of Bonobos’ shirt options work well worn untucked.

Here is a comparative overview of UNTUCKit and Bonobos shirts:

Original FocusUntucked shirtsBetter-fitting pants
Price Range$$$$$
Variety of FitsModerateExtensive
Number of Shirt OptionsModerateExtensive
Fabric QualityGoodExcellent
Size InclusivityLimited plus sizesExtended sizing
Social Responsibility1% gives back modelEthical production standards

As you can see, while both brands offer untucked-friendly shirts, they have some clear distinctions when it comes to selection, price, quality, and company values. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how UNTUCKit and Bonobos compare across the key factors shoppers care about.

Detailed Comparison of UNTUCKit And Bonobos Shirts

Let’s analyze some of the key differences between UNTUCKit and Bonobos line-by-line:

  • Style and Fit

The foundation of a good shirt is how it actually fits. UNTUCKit and Bonobos take different approaches when it comes to style and fit options:


UNTUCKit Shirt
UNTUCKit Shirt

UNTUCKit has an easy-to-navigate style selection, with eight fit types that cover the major bases like slim, contemporary, relaxed, tall, and big & tall.

Each style has a “Fit Finder” guide with size charts and measurement recommendations based on height and weight to help you select your best size.

This takes some of the guesswork out of online shirt shopping.

One downside is the fits may still not work perfectly if your body type falls outside the standard size charts. For example, the tall and big & tall sizing only goes up to 2XL or 3XL, limiting options for some.


Bonobos is renowned for offering an extensive range of sizes and shirt fits catered to all body shapes.

They provide nine core shirt fits, from tailored slim to standard to roomy, with expanded sizing ranging from XS to 4XL in many styles. Between the fit types and sizing options, it’s easier to dial in an ideal look with Bonobos.

Bonobos also offers free shipping and returns, so you can easily request multiple sizes to find your best match. This perk combined with the expanded sizing makes Bonobos one of the most inclusive men’s shirt brands.


While UNTUCKit provides a good shirt fit for standard body types, Bonobos has far more sizes and style options to accommodate almost any man. For finding the ideal tailored, untucked shirt for your shape, Bonobos is hard to beat.

  • Fabric and Quality

The fabrics used and overall construction quality should also factor into choosing the best untucked shirt brand for your needs.


Most UNTUCKit shirts feature 100% cotton fabrics or cotton blends. They use quality materials from respected fabric mills.

Based on customer reviews, UNTUCKit shirts hold up well over time without excessive shrinking or wear issues. The fabrics resist wrinkling and retain their shape and color through repeat washing and wearing.

Considering their reasonable price point, their shirts offer good durability and performance.


Bonobos Shirt
Bonobos Shirt

As a premium brand focused on high-end clothing, Bonobos uses the finest fabrics from Italian and Portuguese mills for silky-soft, luxe shirts.

From lightweight oxfords to flannels and linens, Bonobos shirts incorporate quality materials like organic cotton, Tencel, and even cashmere.

These rich fabrics truly feel luxurious against your skin and look good from your initial wear to your 100th wash a year later. They do come at a literal heftier price tag than most other shirt brands, but the craftsmanship supports the investment.


While UNTUCKit offers quality fabrics for the price, Bonobos uses top-tier textiles for unmatched softness and durability over years of use. If premium materials matter most, Bonobos takes the win.

  • Price and Value

Of course, pricing plays a major role in choosing a go-to menswear brand. How do UNTUCKit and Bonobos shirts stack up based on cost?


UNTUCKit provides an affordable to mid-tier price point, with most shirts ranging from $78 to $98 at MSRP. They often offer sales taking 25-40% off, dropping shirts well under $100.

Given their fabrics and quality hold up for multiple seasons of wear, UNTUCKit’s regular pricing presents solid value, especially for budget-conscious shoppers.


True to a premium brand image, Bonobos shirts retail for $98 to $168 at full price. However, they also run frequent discounts around 30% to 50% off.

Their plush fabrics and meticulous construction enable their shirts to stay beautiful for years with proper care. This long-term wearability combined with their regular promos helps offset the investment in their $100+ shirt pricing, delivering value.


UNTUCKit takes the edge for everyday value with sub-$100 shirts offering quality on par with higher-priced brands. But style-savvy shoppers willing to pay over $100 for exceptional fabrics and fits can still find solid deals within Bonobos’ regular sales pricing.

  • Product Selection

Both brands offer untucked-friendly shirts, but does one have an advantage when it comes to style variety and options?


UNTUCKit built its reputation on the untucked shirt category, so unsurprisingly, they offer a wide range of shirt fabrics, colors, and patterns specifically designed to wear untucked.

They provide essential untucked styles like oxfords, linens, flannels, and knits to outfit your entire wardrobe. Recently, they expanded into traditional dress shirts, polos, and sweatshirts to provide complete casual looks.

Overall, UNTUCKit delivers a solid selection of around 100 total shirt choices covering business casual to weekend wear.


Although not focused solely on the untucked niche, Bonobos’ 300+ shirt options work perfectly untucked for a polished casual style.

Beyond essential solids and prints, they offer unique fabrics like tropical wool, salt-and-pepper tweed, and stretch organic cotton. Their tailored but casual silhouettes and signature curved hems flatter an untucked look.

For versatility, Bonobos provides business casual dress shirts, formal tuxedo shirts, laidback polos, luxe sweaters, and active golf shirts. No matter your personal style, they have untucked shirts to match.


While UNTUCKit wins for specialization in the untucked shirt sphere, Bonobos claims the advantage in overall shirt selection and varieties for both tucked and untucked wear. The expansive options make it easy to build a full versatile Bonobos wardrobe.

  • Company Values

The beliefs and social practices of brands also deserve consideration today. Do UNTUCKit and Bonobos support causes aligned with your values?


UNTUCKit Shirt

UNTUCKit launched their UNTUCKit Forward initiative focused on apparel sustainability and giving back.

Their 1% model donates 1% of all sales revenue to their registered nonprofit partners supporting children’s education and employment development programs.

They also adopted sustainable fabrics like Tencel and aim to implement circular production practices to reduce textile waste moving forward.


Although sustainability reporting lacks transparency, Bonobos communicates commitments to ethical working conditions with fair labor practices and chemical-free processing through trusted suppliers.

They also partner with nonprofits serving vulnerable communities and support in-house employee volunteer groups for local community service.


UNTUCKit claims a slight edge by quantifying its social impact efforts, like charitable donations tied directly to sales. However, both brands demonstrate respectable social consciousness for today’s conscientious consumers.

  • Sizing and Availability

The full range of sizing and availability of inventory also impact the shopping experience.


One of the biggest complaints from UNTUCKit shoppers is inconsistent stock and sizes, especially for less common extended sizes.

Hot shirt options frequently sell out for weeks with no reliable timeline for replenishing inventory. Disappointed customers get stuck ordering backup choices or leaving empty-handed.

Procuring your preferred style and size combinations requires luck and perfect timing with UNTUCKit. For common standard sizes, the selection stays more reliable.


Bonobos Shirt
Bonobos Shirt

Thanks to their extensive range of size variations for every style, Bonobos rarely runs into inventory gaps.

Outside of rare, limited-edition shirt offerings, they keep styles consistently well-stocked in the full spectrum of sizes.

Their inventory availability and abundance of stylistic and sizing options make the Bonobos shopping and ordering experience smooth sailing.


Bonobos pulls ahead as the winner for keeping an ample stock of shirts in every style and size combination to prevent shopper disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best alternative to UNTUCKit?

Based on our analysis, Bonobos stands out as the best alternative to UNTUCKit. Key advantages includes superior fabric quality, greater size and fit inclusivity, larger selection, and more reliable availability. Other strong UNTUCKit options include Mr Porter, Todd Snyder, or Brooks Brothers relaxed fit shirts.

Does UNTUCKit have a competitor?

As the original untucked-focused brand, UNTUCKit paved the way in the category but now faces increasing competition. Top competitors offering quality untucked shirts include Bonobos, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, Todd Snyder, and Mizzen+Main.

What is so special about UNTUCKit shirts?

The unique signature element of UNTUCKIt shirts is the square straight bottom hem, designed so the shirt appears neat and professional even when worn untucked. They popularized the untucked casual style that sparked today’s widespread acceptance and demand.

Do UNTUCKit shirts run small?

Most customers find UNTUCKit shirts fit true to size. However, because their fits lean toward trim and tailored without extra fabric, those who prefer a roomier relaxed-fit shirt may need to size up. Referring to their detailed size charts helps ensure you order your ideal shirt measurement.

Final Verdict

Analyzing all the key considerations from fit, quality, and pricing to values and availability, Bonobos emerges as the superior untucked shirt brand for most shoppers.

However, UNTUCKit still holds its own with quality fabrics and on-trend casual style at just under $100, presenting a budget win for value-focused buyers.

Ultimately, Bonobos sweeps the advantage across criteria for their exceptional comfort and construction, extended sizing, product abundance, and feel-good social stances.

If cost outweighs everything, UNTUCKit satisfices with affordable, quality untucked shirts. But Bonobos perfects the category, cementing their status as a leader in menswear innovation and inclusivity.

Hopefully, this comprehensive brand showdown helped provide clarity if you’re torn deciding between these popular shirt purveyors. Whether you pick Bonobos, UNTUCKit, or both, dressing sharp in an untucked shirt makes it easy to always look relaxed and polished simultaneously.

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