TimberTech DrySpace Review: Get Under-Deck Space With Style

TimberTech DrySpace is an innovative under-deck drainage system designed to create a functional and dry area beneath your deck, effectively extending your outdoor living space.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features of TimberTech DrySpace, as well as its pros and cons, to help you determine whether it’s the right solution for your home.

Features of TimberTech DrySpace

  • Efficient Water Management System
TimberTech DrySpace

TimberTech DrySpace is designed to channel water away from your deck to create a dry, usable space beneath it.

The system includes troughs, panels, and downspouts that collect and divert water, preventing it from pooling underneath the deck and causing potential damage to the deck’s structure.

  • Easy Installation

The TimberTech DrySpace system is designed for easy installation, with minimal cutting and fastening required.

It can be installed on both new decks and existing structures, making it a versatile solution for homeowners looking to improve their outdoor living space.

  • Low Maintenance

TimberTech DrySpace is made from durable, low-maintenance materials that are resistant to mold, mildew, and UV damage. This means you can enjoy your under-deck space without worrying about constant maintenance or repairs.

  • Customizable Options

The TimberTech DrySpace system is available in two colors (white and bone) to match a variety of home exteriors and deck styles. Additionally, the system can be used with TimberTech’s AZEK and PRO decking lines, ensuring a cohesive look for your outdoor space.

Pros of TimberTech DrySpace

  • Maximizes Outdoor Living Space

One of the most significant advantages of TimberTech DrySpace is that it effectively increases your outdoor living area. By keeping the space below your deck dry and protected from the elements, you can utilize it for various purposes.

This newly created space is perfect for setting up an outdoor seating area, dining space, or even a children’s play area. With TimberTech DrySpace, you can entertain guests, spend quality time with your family, or simply relax outdoors without worrying about rain or moisture ruining your experience.

  • Protects Deck Structure and Items Stored Below

TimberTech DrySpace not only offers additional space for outdoor living, but it also safeguards the deck structure itself and any items stored underneath.

Timbertech DrySpace

By channeling water away from the deck and preventing moisture from accumulating, the system reduces the likelihood of wood rot, mold, and mildew, which can cause significant damage to your deck over time.

This protection extends the lifespan of your deck, potentially saving you money on costly repairs and replacements in the long run.

Additionally, the dry space below your deck can be used for storing outdoor furniture, gardening tools, or sports equipment without worrying about water damage.

With TimberTech DrySpace, you can keep these items organized and protected from the elements, ensuring their longevity and usability.

  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Another notable advantage of TimberTech DrySpace is its ability to improve the overall appearance of your deck and outdoor living area. The under-deck drainage system provides a clean, polished look to the space beneath your deck, eliminating the unsightly view of exposed joists and beams.

With various color options available, you can choose a design that complements your home’s exterior and adds visual interest to your outdoor space. By creating a more attractive and cohesive look, TimberTech DrySpace can potentially increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

TimberTech DrySpace is designed to require minimal maintenance, making it a practical and convenient solution for homeowners. The system is constructed from high-quality, durable materials that resist weathering, discoloration, and warping.

As a result, you won’t need to spend a significant amount of time or effort on upkeep or repairs. Furthermore, TimberTech DrySpace is easy to clean, typically requiring only a quick rinse with a hose or some gentle scrubbing with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris.

  • Customizable for Various Deck Sizes and Styles

The TimberTech DrySpace system is versatile and customizable, accommodating various deck sizes, styles, and configurations. This flexibility ensures that homeowners can find a solution that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Whether you have a small, simple deck or a large, multi-level structure, TimberTech DrySpace can be tailored to suit your requirements and protect the area beneath your deck effectively.

Cons of TimberTech DrySpace

  • Initial Cost

One of the potential drawbacks of TimberTech DrySpace is the initial cost of the system. While it can be a worthwhile investment in terms of added functionality and protection for your deck, some homeowners may find the upfront expense to be prohibitive.

  • Installation Complexity

Although TimberTech DrySpace is designed for easy installation, some homeowners may find the process challenging if they lack experience with decking projects. In such cases, professional installation may be necessary, adding to the overall cost of the project.

  • Limited Compatibility

TimberTech DrySpace is designed for use with TimberTech’s AZEK and PRO decking lines, meaning it may not be compatible with other decking materials or brands. This could limit your options if you’re considering installing the system on an existing deck made from a different material.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TimberTech DrySpace can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to maximize their outdoor living space and protect their deck structure from moisture damage. It’s low-maintenance design and aesthetic appeal is definite advantages.

However, it’s crucial to consider the initial cost, potential installation expenses, and compatibility with your existing deck before making a decision.

Ultimately, the value of TimberTech DrySpace depends on your unique needs, preferences, and budget. If the benefits of additional usable space, protection from moisture, and enhanced aesthetics outweigh the costs and potential limitations, TimberTech DrySpace may be a worthy investment for your home.

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