Sunco Vs. HALO: The Battle Of Lighting Giants

The world of lighting fixtures is an ever-changing, dynamic arena, and no two brands epitomize this fluctuation quite like Sunco and HALO. They’ve both carved their niche in the industry, with their wide range of lighting products that have dramatically transformed homes and businesses globally. 

This article delves into an analytical comparison of the two giants, highlighting their pros and cons. We’ll also tackle several FAQs about these brands, offering more clarity for those torn between Sunco and HALO.

A Brief Comparison Table

EfficiencyUses LED technology for lower energy consumption and longer lifespanAlso uses efficient LED technology
AffordabilityOffers competitive prices making it affordable for manyHigher-quality products tend to be pricier
InnovationSticks to tried-and-tested designs and technologiesKnown for innovative designs and technology
Product RangeOffers an extensive collection of various lighting solutionsPrimarily focuses on recessed lighting
Best ForSuitable for both simple residential and complex commercial installationsBest for recessed lighting, especially for suspended ceilings
Customer ServiceExcellent, US-based customer serviceGlobal customer service, but specific quality may vary
Global ReachStrong presence in the USA, but limited international reachOwned by Eaton, a global power management company

Sunco: The Rising Sun of Lighting


Sunco, a US-based company, prides itself on being a pioneer in the lighting industry with a commitment to sustainability. They offer a wide range of LED and recessed lighting, all promising energy efficiency and longevity.

Pros of Sunco

Efficiency and Affordability: One of the striking aspects of Sunco lights is their incredible efficiency. They use LED technology, which is renowned for its lower energy consumption and longer lifespan. It means you get a brighter light using less power, saving on your electricity bills. Moreover, Sunco’s pricing model makes its products highly affordable, especially considering the quality.

  • Versatility

From simple residential settings to complex commercial installations, Sunco offers a variety of lighting solutions to cater to diverse needs. They have an extensive collection of recessed lighting, retrofit downlights, and more.

  • US-Based Customer Service

Sunco boasts excellent, US-based customer service. They’re easy to reach and quick to respond, giving customers a reassuring presence whenever they need support.

Cons of Sunco

  • Limited Global Reach

One challenge Sunco faces is their limited global reach. While they are a prominent brand in the USA, their international presence isn’t as broad.

  • Less Innovation

Sunco tends to stick to tried-and-tested designs and technologies. While they’re reliable, those seeking the cutting-edge might find Sunco a tad conservative.

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HALO: Illuminating Spaces with Grace


Owned by Eaton, a power management company, HALO has a reputation for quality and innovation. HALO specializes in recessed lighting, especially for suspended ceilings.

Pros of HALO

  • Innovation

HALO has an impressive track record of bringing innovative lighting solutions to the market. Their recessed lights are known for their unique designs and advanced technology.

Great for Suspended Ceilings

If you’re looking for the best recessed lighting for suspended ceilings, HALO is an excellent choice. Their fixtures are designed to fit seamlessly into suspended ceilings, providing even and efficient illumination.

Cons of HALO

  • Pricing

While HALO products are high-quality, they tend to be pricier than many competitors, including Sunco. This factor could be a downside for those on a tight budget.

  • Limited Product Range

HALO mainly focuses on recessed lighting. While they excel in this niche, their product range is less diverse compared to brands like Sunco.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HALO a good brand of light?

Yes, HALO is an excellent brand for lighting, especially recessed lighting. They’re renowned for their innovation, quality, and efficient designs.

What is the best recessed lighting for suspended ceilings?

HALO offers some of the best recessed lighting for suspended ceilings. Their fixtures are designed to fit perfectly into these ceilings, providing optimal lighting.

What is the most efficient recessed lighting?

The most efficient recessed lighting would be LED-based due to their low energy consumption and longer lifespan. Both Sunco and HALO offer highly efficient LED recessed lights.

Who owns HALO lighting?

HALO lighting is owned by Eaton, a leading power management company.

Are Sunco lights made in the USA?

Sunco is a US-based company and offers a range of products designed in the USA. However, like many electronics manufacturers, parts or whole products may be manufactured in other countries to keep costs competitive.

What is the best recessed lighting for an 8 foot ceiling?

For an 8 foot ceiling, a recessed light with a diameter of 4 inches is recommended. This provides a well-distributed lighting pattern for the typical room size associated with an 8-foot ceiling. Both Sunco and HALO offer such fixtures.

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Wrapping Up: Sunco and HALO, Both Titans of Their Trade

Choosing between Sunco and HALO boils down to your individual needs and preferences. Sunco is a great choice for affordability, efficiency, and US-based customer support. On the other hand, HALO stands out for its innovation, excellent recessed lighting for suspended ceilings, and overall quality.

At the end of the day, both brands are doing a commendable job at illuminating our spaces. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision for your next lighting project.

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