Smith Nexus Vs. Vantage Helmet: A Head-To-Head Comparison

If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, you’re probably well aware of the importance of a good helmet. It’s crucial to have a helmet that offers the perfect balance of comfort, protection, and style.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Smith helmets, specifically the Smith Nexus and the Vantage helmet. These two helmets have been taking the ski and snowboard industry by storm, and we’re here to give you a comprehensive comparison of their features, pros, cons, and more!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSmith Nexus HelmetSmith Vantage Helmet
ConstructionAerocore™ with Koroyd®Hybrid SL with Aerocore™ and Koroyd®
MIPS® TechnologyYesYes
Adjustable Fit SystemVaporFit™VaporFit™
WeightLighterSlightly heavier
Climate ControlBasic ventilationDual regulator climate control
Color OptionsLimitedWide variety
User Reviews and FeedbackFewer (newer model)More (established model)

The Smith Nexus Helmet: A New Contender in the Market

Smith Nexus MIPS Helmet

The Smith Nexus helmet is a relatively new offering by the reputable Smith company.

Known for their innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, Smith has managed to create a helmet that stands out in the highly competitive market.

Key Features of the Smith Nexus Helmet

  • Aerocore™ Construction: The Smith Nexus helmet boasts Aerocore™ construction, which utilizes Koroyd® material. This innovative technology increases airflow while providing enhanced impact protection, keeping your head safe and comfortable during your adventures on the slopes.
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System: The Nexus helmet is equipped with MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is designed to reduce rotational motion during an impact, potentially reducing the risk of brain injuries.
  • VaporFit™ Adjustable Fit System: The Nexus helmet features a VaporFit™ adjustable fit system, which allows you to easily adjust the helmet’s fit for maximum comfort and stability.

Pros of the Smith Nexus Helmet

  • Enhanced protection with Aerocore™ construction and MIPS® technology
  • Comfortable fit with VaporFit™ adjustable fit system
  • Lightweight design, making it easy to wear for long periods

Cons of the Smith Nexus Helmet

  • Limited color options compared to other Smith helmets
  • Newer model, which might have fewer user reviews and feedback

The Smith Vantage Helmet: The Tried-and-True Favorite

The Smith Vantage helmet has been a popular choice among winter sports enthusiasts for years. Known for its exceptional performance and versatility, the Vantage helmet has earned its place as a top choice for skiers and snowboarders alike.

Key Features of the Smith Vantage Helmet

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet
  • Hybrid SL Shell Construction: The Vantage helmet is designed with a hybrid shell construction, combining a bombshell ABS construction with a lightweight in-mold construction. This results in a helmet that’s both strong and lightweight.
  • Aerocore™ Construction and Koroyd®: Like the Nexus, the Vantage helmet also features Aerocore™ construction with Koroyd®. This ensures excellent airflow and impact protection.
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System: The Vantage helmet is also equipped with the MIPS® technology, offering added protection against rotational motion during impacts.
  • Dual Regulator Climate Control: The Vantage helmet features a dual regulator climate control system, allowing you to easily adjust the airflow and temperature within the helmet for optimal comfort.

Pros of the Smith Vantage Helmet

  • Proven performance and durability, thanks to its hybrid shell construction
  • Enhanced protection with Aerocore™ construction and MIPS® technology
  • Superior temperature control with the dual regulator climate control system
  • Wide variety of color options to suit your personal style

Cons of the Smith Vantage Helmet

  • Higher price point compared to the Nexus helmet
  • Slightly heavier than the Nexus due to its hybrid shell construction

Final Thoughts

Both the Smith Nexus and Vantage helmets offer outstanding protection, comfort, and style for skiers and snowboarders. The Nexus is a newer model with a lighter design, while the Vantage is a tried-and-true favorite with a hybrid shell construction and superior temperature control.

Ultimately, the choice between the Smith Nexus and Vantage helmets comes down to personal preference and budget. If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable helmet with the latest technology, the Nexus might be the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you prioritize proven performance and temperature control, the Vantage helmet is an excellent choice.

No matter which helmet you choose, pairing it with innovative accessories like Chubby Buttons can enhance your overall experience on the slopes. Now that you’re armed with all the information you need, it’s time to hit the slopes in style with the perfect Smith helmet for you!

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