Polo Blake Vs. Classic Fit: Which Polo Shirt Should You Choose?

Polo shirts have become a wardrobe staple for men of all ages. Their classic yet casual style makes them perfect for both laidback and semi-formal occasions. When shopping for polo shirts, two of the main fits you’ll encounter are Polo Blake and classic fit.

But what’s the difference, and which is best for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the key distinctions between Polo Blake and classic fit polo shirts. We’ll compare the sizing, fit, style, and best uses for each. By the end, you’ll know exactly which type of polo is right for your body type and wardrobe needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Let’s summarize the main differences between Polo Blake and classic fit polo shirts:

Polo BlakeClassic Fit
Slim-fitting cutRoomy, relaxed cut
Tapered sleevesWider sleeve openings
Cropped, narrow arm holesFull, circular arm holes
Slim cuffsRoomier cuffs
Body-skimming outlineBoxy, square outline
Shows off physiqueDiscreetly drapes over body
Athletic shapingComfortable ease of movement
Sharp, contemporary lookClassic, casual appearance

In short, the Polo Blake has a body-contouring modern shape. While classic fit prioritizes comfort through looser proportions.

Overview of Polo Blake Fit

Polo Blake is Ralph Lauren’s trademark slim-fitting polo shirt cut. It features a body-skimming silhouette with narrow, tapered sleeves. This gives it a sleek, modern look.

The Polo Blake fit features:

Polo Blake
  • Slimmer through the chest and body
  • Tapered sleeves
  • Shorter, narrower arm holes
  • Slimmer cuffs on sleeves
  • Shirt tails slightly longer in the back

This close-to-the-body cut creates a sharp, polished silhouette.

It shows off your physique rather than hiding it under billowy fabric.

Blake fit polos are cut with athletic builds in mind.

The narrow cut suits men with flat stomachs and toned biceps that want to show off their shape. The tight sleeve tapering also highlights muscular arms.

However, the Blake fit may not suit all body types. The slim proportions can be unflattering on men with rounder stomachs or larger arm muscles. There is also less room to move compared to a classic fit.

This cut looks best when worn fitted but not painted on. Size down for a more contoured outline. But make sure the buttons don’t pull at the front. Blake fit polos are designed for layering only very thinly underneath.

Overall, the Polo Blake fit provides:


  • Contemporary slim-fitting silhouette
  • Shows off athletic body shapes
  • Sharp tailored look for casual wear


  • Too tight for some body types
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Less room for layering underneath

What is Classic Fit in Polo Shirts?

A classic fit polo shirt has a relaxed, easy-wearing cut. It prioritizes comfort and flexibility of movement.

The classic polo fit is characterized by:

  • Roomier chest and body
  • Wider, more generous sleeve openings
  • Full cuffs at ends of sleeves
  • Straight shirt tail hem
Polo Classic Fit
Polo Classic Fit

This creates a looser, boxier outline.

There is more fabric to drape naturally around the torso and arms.

Arm holes and sleeves have a more circular cut allowing greater range of motion.

The classic fit suits most body types.

The looser proportions discreetly skim over larger stomachs.

Wider sleeves accommodate bigger arm muscles. And there is plenty of room for layering underneath.

However, the classic cut has a less tailored appearance than more modern slim fits. It can look boxy and shapeless if too oversized. Go a size down for a neater outline that still maintains ease of movement.

Overall, the classic polo fit provides:


  • Relaxed comfortable feel
  • Roomy fit suits most body types
  • Allows freedom of movement


  • Less trendy, boxy shape
  • Can look baggy if oversized
  • Not as sharp a silhouette

When To Choose Polo Blake And Classic Fit

So which style is right for you? Here are some guidelines on when to opt for Polo Blake or classic fit:

Choose Polo Blake For:

  • Showing off an athletic physique
  • A sleek, sharp look for casual wear
  • A contemporary tailored silhouette
  • Weekend casual occasions
  • Polished laidback style

Choose Classic Fit For:

  • Ultimate comfort and ease of movement
  • Accommodating larger body types
  • Unfussy everyday wear
  • Active occasions like golf or sailing
  • A classic, timeless look
  • Layering over other garments

The Blake fit makes basic polos look dressed up. While classic fit is ideal for casual everyday purposes.

Pick the Blake for date nights, parties, and smart-casual events. Choose classic fit for errands, outdoor activities, relaxing at home.

For a dressier appearance, always opt for Blake. For utility and comfort, classic can’t be beat.

Buying the Right Size

Fit is everything when choosing between slim or classic polos. Follow these tips to get the best size:

For Polo Blake:

  • Size down for a contoured but not skintight outline
  • Broad shoulders may need to size up
  • Take body and arm measurements to compare to size charts
  • Try it on and check buttons don’t pull open across chest

For Classic Fit:

  • Consider your usual tee or casual shirt size
  • Size up if between sizes for a roomier feel
  • Arm holes and sleeves should allow free movement
  • Should skim body without clinging tightly

Ask a sales assistant for help choosing between regular and tall or big and tall sizes. Tailored Polo Blake fits need more precision. While classic fits have more leeway in sizing.

How To Wear Each Style?

Both slim Blake fit and classic polos can look equally stylish. It’s all about wearing them the right way.

For Polo Blake:

  • Stick to solid, minimal colors to showcase the outline
  • Pair with tailored chinos or dark jeans
  • Add leather boots or white sneakers for polished contrast
  • Show off the silhouette with fitted outer layers like leather or denim jackets

For Classic Fit:

  • Opt for bright colors, patterns, or texture
  • Contrast with casual denim, chinos, or shorts
  • Layer over an open button-down for smart-casual flair
  • Roll up the sleeves and pair with casual plimsolls or canvas shoes

Whether you’re headed to the country club or the cookout, picking the right polo fit for the occasion is key. Both can look smart and stylish when worn intentionally.

Polo Shirt Fabrics

Polo shirts come in a variety of fabrics, each with their own properties. Consider the fabric when choosing fit.

Polo Blake
  • Piqué Cotton – The traditional polo fabric has a textured knitted feel. It’s breathable, durable, and casual looking. Piqué works well in both classic and slimmer fits.
  • Jersey – Made from interlock knit cotton, jersey has a soft, smooth finish and drapes nicely. It suits slimmer Blake fit polos.
  • Oxford – Woven oxford cotton is lightweight and cool. It has a dressier look than jersey or piqué. Opt for classic over Blake fit.
  • Performance Fabrics – High-tech performance polos contain stretch fibers like spandex for increased flexibility during sports. A classic cut maximizes freedom of movement.

Consider Both Collar Style and Fabric When Choosing Fit

A polo’s collar type also affects how it fits:

  • Flat Collars – The straight flat polo collar has casual preppy flair. It complements both slimmer and classic cuts.
  • Rib Collars – Ribbed polo collars have athletic styling. They pair best with slimmer Blake fit polos in performance fabrics.
  • Button-Down Collars – A button-down collar has a dressier feel. It looks smarter in a classic fit.

Caring for Polo Shirts

Follow these laundry tips to get the longest life from your polos:

  • Wash gentle cycle in cold water
  • Hang dry or tumble dry on low
  • Avoid high heat when ironing
  • Don’t bleach
  • Remove stains promptly

Piqué polos can pill with friction. Use a fabric shaver to remove bobbles. Avoid over-drying jersey knits to prevent shrinking.

For white polos, add bleach alternative to keep them glowing. Wash performance fabrics after each wear to minimize odor retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions about polo shirt fits? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between classic and regular fit polo?

Classic and regular fit are terms used interchangeably for the same roomy polo cut. It has a boxy, squared-off silhouette allowing comfortable movement. Regular fit is not as slim-fitting as Polo Blake fit.

What is classic fit in polo?

Classic fit polos have a relaxed straight cut through the body and sleeves. They are not contoured but loosely drape over the body. Classic fit has wider arm holes and cuffs for comfort and flexibility.

What is the difference between classic fit and regular fit?

There is no difference between classic fit and regular fit polos. Both refer to the same roomy, casual polo shirt cut that is not overly fitted.

What are the different types of polo shirts fit?

The main men’s polo shirt fits are:
Slim fit – Contoured, body-skimming cut like Polo’s Blake fit
Classic fit – Also called regular fit, a looser relaxed cut
Tall fit – Extended lengths for taller gentlemen while maintaining slim or classic cut
Big and tall – Size increases scaled up in roomier classic fit

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer timeless ease or modern slim lines, Polo Blake and classic fit polos both have a place in your casual wardrobe. Let your personal style, physique, and the occasion guide you in choosing the best polo shirt fit.

With some expert tips, you can always look polished yet relaxed in this versatile menswear staple.

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