Medallion Flooring: Reviews, Pros, And Cons

In the vast universe of flooring options, a select few names stand out, and one of them is Medallion Flooring. But is it just hype or does it live up to its reputation? 

Let’s dive deep into customer reviews, pros, and cons to find out.

Understanding Medallion Flooring

Medallion Flooring
Medallion Flooring

The first thing to note about Medallion Flooring is its versatility. This brand provides several flooring types, from luxury vinyl to high-end engineered hardwood, creating an ambiance that ranges from modern to timeless. 

But what are people saying about their experiences with these products?

Customer Reviews and Feedback

When we look at Medallion Flooring reviews, it’s clear that homeowners love the aesthetic that these floors bring. Review after review applauds the brand’s ability to create a stunning, rich look that adds character to any home. The vinyl line, in particular, earns high praise for convincingly mimicking natural materials like hardwood and stone.

Another point customers often highlight is the durability of Medallion Flooring products. These floors stand up well to daily wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for busy households. Some even noted that after years of use, the floors still look as good as new.

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Pros of Medallion Flooring

Medallion Flooring
Medallion Flooring

When you invest in Medallion Flooring, you’re getting several benefits:

  1. Variety

The range of styles, colors, and materials is impressive, allowing you to personalize your space. Whether you’re after a rustic farmhouse aesthetic or a sleek, modern look, Medallion Flooring has you covered.

  1. Durability

These products are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, ensuring your floors look fantastic for years.

  1. Luxury

There’s an undeniable feeling of luxury that comes with Medallion Flooring. From the rich textures to the high-quality materials, these floors bring an upscale vibe to any home.

  1. Easy Installation

Many homeowners note that Medallion Flooring is easy to install. This is particularly true for their vinyl and laminate lines.

Cons of Medallion Flooring

No product is perfect, and Medallion Flooring has its share of drawbacks:

  1. Cost

Quality comes at a price, and Medallion Flooring is no exception. If you’re on a tight budget, these products may be out of your reach.

  1. Maintenance

While these floors are durable, they still require regular care and cleaning. You’ll need to factor this into your schedule.

  1. Limited Availability

Medallion Flooring is not as widely available as some other brands. Depending on your location, you may have to special order or pay additional shipping fees.

The FAQ Section

Now that we’ve explored the brand in detail, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about flooring:

What is the hardest vinyl flooring? 

Among vinyl flooring options, the ones with a high degree of wear layer are the hardest. Medallion Flooring’s luxury vinyl line is renowned for its durability, and a significant reason behind this is its robust wear layer.

What is the best flooring for a luxury home? 

The answer depends on personal preference, but many people choose high-end engineered hardwood for luxury homes due to its elegance and long-lasting appeal. Medallion Flooring’s hardwood line would be a suitable choice.

What is the most popular flooring choice? 

Currently, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and hardwood are the most popular choices, mainly due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. Medallion Flooring offers both options.

Is 10mm engineered flooring good? 

Yes, 10mm engineered flooring provides a solid balance between durability and affordability. It’s also versatile enough for various installations.

Which flooring looks rich? 

High-quality hardwood and luxury vinyl plank flooring that convincingly mimics natural materials tend to have a rich, upscale appearance. Medallion Flooring’s product lines offer both these options.

What are the disadvantages of luxury vinyl plank flooring? 

While luxury vinyl plank flooring is durable and versatile, it can be susceptible to fading with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Additionally, while it’s water-resistant, it’s not entirely waterproof and can be damaged by standing water.

Medallion Flooring vs. The Competition

The flooring industry is competitive, and there are other brands that stand alongside Medallion. Let’s compare Medallion with some close competitors:

1. Medallion Flooring vs. Shaw Floors 

Shaw Floors is another popular flooring brand, known for its extensive product line. Like Medallion, Shaw also gets good reviews for its durable and attractive flooring. However, Medallion Flooring tends to have a more luxurious feel and aesthetic, making it a better choice for those seeking a high-end look.

2. Medallion Flooring vs. Mohawk Industries 

Mohawk Industries is recognized for its technological innovations in flooring. While they offer excellent durability, some customers have noted that Mohawk’s aesthetics don’t always meet their expectations. Medallion, on the other hand, consistently receives praise for its style and design.

3. Medallion Flooring vs. Armstrong Flooring 

Armstrong Flooring is another giant in the industry, but the brand has mixed reviews when it comes to durability. However, they offer a greater variety of budget-friendly options. If you’re looking for the luxury and long-lasting performance, Medallion Flooring may be the better choice.

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Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, Medallion Flooring offers a stunning combination of style, luxury, and durability. While there are other reputable brands out there, Medallion stands out for its commitment to quality and aesthetics. Be sure to consider your budget, maintenance capacity, and design preferences before making a decision. 

After all, your flooring is an investment that can significantly influence the value and appeal of your home.

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