GMC Yukon Vs. INFINITI QX80: The SUV Rumble

In the arena of full-size SUVs, the GMC Yukon and the INFINITI QX80 have been drawing attention for years, with each offering a blend of luxury, power, and utility. But how do they really stack up against each other? 

Let’s dive into an analytical comparison of the two to help you make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature/SpecificationGMC YukonINFINITI QX80
Brand PhilosophyRugged reliability with a touch of luxuryTop-tier luxury blended with performance
Engine Options5.3-liter V8, 6.2-liter V85.6-liter V8
Transmission10-speed automatic7-speed automatic
Interior MaterialsHigh-quality, with some plastic in base trimsPremium materials like quilted leather and wood accents
InfotainmentUser-friendly touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android AutoDual touchscreen setup, navigation, voice recognition
Safety FeaturesLane-keeping assist, collision warning, emergency brakingProPILOT Assist, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping
Starting PriceGenerally lower than QX80Premium pricing due to luxury features

GMC Yukon: The All-American Powerhouse

GMC Yukon
GMC Yukon


  1. Powerful Performance:

The GMC Yukon comes with a selection of powerful engines, including the efficient 5.3-liter V8 and the even beefier 6.2-liter V8. The available 10-speed automatic transmission ensures a smooth ride, no matter the terrain.

  1. Ample Space:

With its vast interior space, the Yukon is ideal for families and those needing lots of cargo room. Fold the rear seats, and voila – you’ve got a mini truck!

  1. Advanced Tech:

GMC has packed the Yukon with an array of tech features, including a large touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and an available rear-seat entertainment system.

  1. Enhanced Safety:

Driver-assist features like lane keep assist, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking give drivers an extra layer of protection on the road.


  1. Bulky Size:

Navigating tight spots in the city can be challenging due to its sizable dimensions.

  1. Fuel Economy:

The powerful engines come at the cost of fuel efficiency, especially in city driving.

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INFINITI QX80: The Epitome of Luxury


  1. Lavish Interior:

The QX80 doesn’t skimp on luxury. With quilted leather, wood accents, and a whisper-quiet cabin, it’s a serene sanctuary on wheels.

  1. Robust Powertrain:

Equipped with a 5.6-liter V8 engine, the QX80 provides robust performance and a towing capacity that can haul boats, trailers, and more.

  1. Advanced Safety Tech:

INFINITI’s ProPILOT Assist aids drivers with tasks like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, making long drives less taxing.

  1. Top-notch Infotainment:

Dual touchscreens and a 13-speaker Bose sound system ensure both driver and passengers are entertained throughout their journey.


  1. Hefty Price Tag:

All that luxury comes at a price. The QX80 can be significantly more expensive than its competitors.

  1. Not the Best MPG:

Like the Yukon, the QX80’s power means you’ll be visiting the gas station more often than with some rivals.

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Key Differences Between GMC Yukon and INFINITI QX80

The battle between the GMC Yukon and the INFINITI QX80 is more than just a face-off between two SUV giants. While both vehicles cater to a similar audience, looking to balance power, luxury, and practicality, their unique features and distinctions make them stand apart. Let’s delve into the key differences that set them apart.

  1. Brand Philosophy:

GMC Yukon: The GMC brand has long been associated with rugged reliability. With the Yukon, it brings together its legacy of creating work-centric vehicles with the luxury the modern driver demands. This blend is evident in the Yukon’s design, which is both robust and elegant.

INFINITI QX80: As Nissan’s luxury vehicle division, INFINITI is all about blending top-tier luxury with performance. The QX80 embodies this philosophy to the hilt, positioning itself as a vehicle for those who demand nothing but the best in terms of comfort and class.

  1. Performance:

GMC Yukon: The Yukon’s engine options, including the 5.3-liter V8 and the more powerful 6.2-liter V8, ensure that there’s plenty of grunt under the hood. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the driving experience is smooth yet robust.

INFINITI QX80: The QX80 is powered by a 5.6-liter V8 engine. While it offers slightly less diversity in its engine options compared to the Yukon, its performance is consistent, with impressive acceleration for its size.

  1. Interior Luxury:

GMC Yukon: GMC has definitely upped its game in terms of interior luxury, especially in the Yukon’s higher trims. Features like a large touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto integration, as well as an optional rear-seat entertainment system, are a treat. However, in base trims, some materials might feel less luxurious.

INFINITI QX80: Luxury is where the QX80 shines. Quilted leather seats, wood accents, a dual-touchscreen setup, and a premium Bose sound system make it clear that INFINITI aimed for opulence with the QX80.

  1. Tech and Infotainment:

GMC Yukon: The Yukon offers a plethora of tech features that cater to both driver and passengers. The user-friendly infotainment system, complemented by wireless charging, multiple USB ports, and an available Wi-Fi hotspot, ensures connectivity on the go.

INFINITI QX80: INFINITI’s dual touchscreen setup might have a steeper learning curve for some. However, once acquainted, the QX80’s infotainment offers deep functionality, along with features like navigation, voice recognition, and more.

  1. Safety:

GMC Yukon: With GMC’s suite of driver-assist features, including lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking, the Yukon is equipped to handle unpredictable road scenarios.

INFINITI QX80: The QX80 matches its competitor with a robust set of safety features. INFINITI’s ProPILOT Assist, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and more ensure that the vehicle offers both luxury and peace of mind.

  1. Price:

GMC Yukon: The Yukon, depending on the trim and optional packages, can be more budget-friendly. Even in its luxurious Denali trim, it often undercuts the starting price of the QX80.

INFINITI QX80: As a luxury SUV, the QX80 comes with a heftier price tag. The cost does justify the features and luxury, but budget-conscious buyers might find the Yukon a more appealing option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is an INFINITI QX80 bigger than a Tahoe?

While both SUVs are big, the INFINITI QX80 and Chevy Tahoe are very close in dimensions. However, specific measurements can vary based on model years, so always compare specs before making a decision.

Is the GMC Yukon a luxury car?

The GMC Yukon offers many luxury features, especially in its Denali trim. While it’s luxurious, it’s often compared to premium brands rather than luxury brands like Mercedes or BMW.

What is the INFINITI QX80 the same as?

The INFINITI QX80 shares its platform with the Nissan Armada, as both are part of the Nissan Motor Company.

Is INFINITI QX80 a luxury car?

Yes, the INFINITI QX80 is a luxury SUV, providing high-end materials, advanced technology, and a suite of premium features.

Is INFINITI QX80 made in Japan?

Yes, the INFINITI QX80 is manufactured in Japan by Nissan, INFINITI’s parent company.

Who are the main competitors of the QX80?

The INFINITI QX80 faces stiff competition from SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX, and, of course, the GMC Yukon.

Final Thoughts

Both the GMC Yukon and INFINITI QX80 offer unique blends of performance, luxury, and utility. The choice between them boils down to personal preference: Do you value the all-American vibe and balance between luxury and cost in the Yukon, or are you drawn to the opulent luxury and power of the QX80? Regardless of your pick, both SUVs promise to deliver a premium driving experience.

In conclusion, while both the GMC Yukon and the INFINITI QX80 offer impressive features, their distinct differences in terms of luxury, price, and brand philosophy cater to slightly different audiences. The choice boils down to individual preference and priorities, be it the allure of luxury or the practical blend of reliability and class.

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