Mars Hydro Vs. Vivosun Light: A Detailed Review

Choosing the right LED grow light is an essential factor in the success of your indoor growing endeavor. Among the myriad of choices available, two brands stand out: Mars Hydro and Vivosun. 

This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison of these two renowned brands, focusing on their pros and cons, and answering the most frequently asked questions.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMars HydroVivosun
Energy EfficiencyHighModerate
Full Spectrum LightYesYes
Adjustable SpectrumLimited ModelsYes
Customer ServiceGoodExcellent
Light IntensityHighVariable
Light UniformityExcellentGood
Product RangeWideWider
Price RangeModerate to HighLow to High

An Introduction To Mars Hydro and Vivosun Light

Mars Hydro and Vivosun are two titans in the LED grow light industry. They both offer high-quality products that cater to different growing needs. Let’s get to know them better.

Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro, with its vast experience in LED grow light manufacturing, has earned a reputation for producing reliable and efficient products. This brand prides itself on its research-driven approach, constantly innovating and improving its offerings to meet the evolving needs of growers.


Vivosun, on the other hand, is a one-stop-shop for indoor gardening and hydroponics equipment. Their LED grow lights are only a part of their extensive product range, which also includes tents, fans, and other gardening essentials.

Mars Hydro Pros and Cons

Mars Hydro
Mars Hydro


Mars Hydro’s LED lights are renowned for their energy efficiency. They consume less power while delivering optimum light output, translating into significant electricity savings over time. Furthermore, they provide full spectrum lighting, which closely mimics natural sunlight, benefiting plant growth at all stages.

Their products are also praised for their durability and longevity. With sturdy construction and high-quality materials, Mars Hydro lights are designed to last.


Some users report that Mars Hydro lights may not be as bright as those from other manufacturers. Others have noted that the brand’s customer service could use some improvement.

Vivosun Light Pros and Cons

vivosun light
Vivosun Light


Vivosun LED lights are noted for their versatility and wide product range, catering to different grow sizes and budgets. Their lights often come with useful features like adjustable light spectrum and intensity.

Another significant advantage is the comprehensive customer service and support that Vivosun provides. They’re known for their helpful and responsive customer service team.


Vivosun lights, while versatile, may not be as energy-efficient as those from Mars Hydro. Some users have also reported issues with light uniformity, suggesting that the light distribution might not be as even as desired.

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Analytical Perspective

From an analytical standpoint, both Mars Hydro and Vivosun offer solid options for LED grow lights. Your choice should depend on your specific needs and constraints.

If energy efficiency and durability are high on your list, Mars Hydro might be the better choice. However, if versatility and customer service are more important, Vivosun could be the ideal brand for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best LED grow light company?

The “best” LED grow light company can vary based on your specific needs. However, both Mars Hydro and Vivosun are widely recognized for their high-quality products and have a strong presence in the market.

Which LED is better Mars Hydro or HLG?

Both Mars Hydro and Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) are reputable brands with quality products. Mars Hydro is known for its energy efficiency, while HLG is recognized for its high-intensity lights. The choice between the two would depend on your specific needs.

What are the best brands of grow lights?

Mars Hydro, Vivosun, and HLG are among the top brands in the grow light industry. They each offer a range of products to suit different growing conditions and budgets.

Does Mars Hydro make good lights?

Yes, Mars Hydro is known for producing high-quality, efficient, and durable LED grow lights. They have a strong reputation among indoor growers for their product’s performance and longevity.

Which brand is good in LED?

Both Mars Hydro and Vivosun are excellent brands when it comes to LED grow lights. They each have their strengths and cater to different needs. Other notable brands include HLG and Spider Farmer.

Which is the No 1 brand of LED in India?

As of my knowledge, Syska LED was considered one of the top brands in India for LED lights. For grow lights specifically, Mars Hydro and Vivosun have a significant presence in the Indian market, as does the brand Roleadro.

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Concluding Thoughts

When choosing between Mars Hydro and Vivosun, consider the specific needs of your indoor growing operation. Both brands offer quality products, but their strengths lie in different areas. Mars Hydro excels in efficiency and durability, while Vivosun shines in versatility and customer service.

Remember, the best LED grow light for you is one that meets your specific needs, fits your budget, and ultimately helps you achieve your indoor growing goals. Good luck with your indoor gardening journey!

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