Lynx Vs. Wolf Grill: The Ultimate Backyard Battle

If you’ve ever gone on a quest for the perfect outdoor grill, you know that it’s not an easy task. With so many brands and models to choose from, it’s a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Today, we’re going to focus on two premium grill brands: Lynx and Wolf. Both have a reputation for producing top-of-the-line, high-quality grills that cater to outdoor cooking enthusiasts. But which one should you choose? Let’s dive into the details and compare the pros and cons of Lynx and Wolf grills.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesLynx GrillWolf Grill
ConstructionHigh-quality 304 stainless steelHigh-quality stainless steel
Innovative FeaturesTrident infrared burner, smoker box, rotisseriePowerful burners, sear zone
Customization OptionsWide variety of sizes and configurationsVariety of sizes and configurations
DesignDurable and weather-resistantStylish with signature red control knob
WarrantyLimitedExtensive with lifetime warranty on some parts
Made in the USAYesYes
Learning CurveSteeper due to advanced featuresSteeper due to advanced features

The Lynx Advantage


Lynx grills have been setting the standard for outdoor grilling since 1996. The company is known for its top-notch craftsmanship and innovative design, which make Lynx grills a popular choice among homeowners and professionals alike. Here are some of the pros of Lynx grills:

  • Pro #1: Superior Construction

Lynx grills are made from high-quality materials, including 304 stainless steel, which ensures durability and longevity. The grills are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use.

  • Pro #2: Innovative Features

Lynx grills are packed with innovative features that make grilling a breeze. One standout feature is the patented Trident infrared burner, which allows for precise temperature control and even heat distribution. Lynx also offers an integrated smoker box, rotisserie system, and a wide range of accessories that make grilling versatile and enjoyable.

  • Pro #3: Customization Options

Lynx offers a wide variety of grill sizes and configurations, making it easy for customers to find the perfect grill for their needs. Additionally, Lynx offers built-in and freestanding models, allowing you to choose the best setup for your outdoor space.

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The Wolf Grill Edge

Wolf Grill
Wolf Grill

Wolf is another industry leader in the world of outdoor grilling. Known for their high-performance, luxurious, and innovative designs, Wolf grills have been a favorite among homeowners and professional chefs for decades. Here are some of the pros of Wolf grills:

  • Pro #1: Exceptional Cooking Performance

Wolf grills are designed to deliver exceptional cooking performance. They feature powerful burners that provide quick, even heat, and a sear zone for perfect caramelization. The grills also have a large cooking surface, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once.

  • Pro #2: Stylish Design

Wolf grills are renowned for their sleek and stylish design, making them a beautiful addition to any outdoor kitchen. The grills feature a signature red control knob, which adds a touch of sophistication and a pop of color to your outdoor space.

  • Pro #3: Extensive Warranty

Wolf grills come with an extensive warranty, providing customers with peace of mind. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on the stainless steel body and burners, as well as a five-year warranty on the cooking grates and flavorizer bars.

The Cons: Lynx and Wolf Grills

As with any product, there are some drawbacks to consider when choosing between Lynx and Wolf grills. Here are some of the cons for both brands:

  • Con #1: Price

Both Lynx and Wolf grills are on the higher end of the price spectrum. If you’re on a tight budget, these grills might not be the best option for you.

  • Con #2: Learning Curve

Due to their advanced features and capabilities, both Lynx and Wolf grills may have a steeper learning curve for those new to grilling. It may take some time to master the art of cooking on these high-end grills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who manufactures Lynx grills?

Lynx grills are manufactured by Lynx Grills, a company based in Downey, California. Lynx is known for its high-quality, innovative outdoor grills and kitchen appliances.

Who makes Wolf outdoor grills?

Wolf outdoor grills are made by Sub-Zero Group, Inc., an American company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Sub-Zero is a leading manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, and cooking equipment.

Who are Lynx grill competitors?

Some of Lynx grill’s main competitors include Wolf, Viking, DCS, and Alfresco. These companies also produce high-quality, luxury outdoor grills with various features and configurations.

Does Viking own Lynx Grills?

No, Viking does not own Lynx Grills. Viking is a separate company known for its professional-grade kitchen appliances, including outdoor grills. Lynx Grills is an independent company based in California.

Are Lynx grills made in the USA?

Yes, Lynx grills are made in the USA. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Downey, California, where they produce their grills and other outdoor kitchen appliances.

Who owns Lynx company?

Lynx Grills is a privately held company, and information about its ownership is not publicly available. However, it is known for its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative outdoor grills and appliances.

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In Conclusion

Lynx and Wolf grills are both excellent choices for homeowners and professionals who want a top-of-the-line, high-performance outdoor grill. While both grills have their pros and cons, the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and outdoor kitchen setup. Consider factors such as design, construction, cooking performance, and warranty when choosing between the two brands.

Lynx grills are known for their superior construction, innovative features, and customization options. They offer a wide variety of grill sizes and configurations, as well as accessories to enhance your grilling experience.

On the other hand, Wolf grills are recognized for their exceptional cooking performance, stylish design, and extensive warranty. They feature powerful burners, a large cooking surface, and a signature red control knob that adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

In the end, both Lynx and Wolf grills are impressive outdoor cooking machines, and you can’t go wrong with either choice. Take the time to evaluate your specific needs and preferences, and choose the grill that best fits your lifestyle and outdoor cooking aspirations.

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