Libman Spin Mop Vs. O-Cedar Spin Mop: In-depth Differences

Mopping floors is one of those dreaded household chores that never seems to end. No matter how recently you mopped, the floors always look dirty again in no time.

Fortunately, technological advancements have made mopping a little easier with the invention of the spin mop. Spin mops have a built-in wringer that allows you to wring out the mop head without ever touching it with your hands. This greatly reduces the mess and hassle of mopping.

Two of the leading brands of spin mops are Libman and O-Cedar. But which spin mop is better? Let’s take an in-depth look at the key features and performance of the Libman and O-Cedar spin mops to see how they compare.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLibman Spin MopO-Cedar Spin Mop
Mop Head MaterialMicrofiberMicrofiber
Handle Length54 inches56 inches
Self-Wringing MechanismFoot pedalHand crank
Weight5 lbs4.7 lbs
Warranty1 year3 years

As you can see from the comparison table, the Libman and O-Cedar spin mops share some similarities but also have some key differences. Now let’s dive into the details.

Key Differences Between Libman And O-Cedar Spin Mops

  • Mop Head Material
Libman Tornado Spin Mop
Libman Tornado Spin Mop

Both the Libman and O-Cedar spin mops use a microfiber mop head.

Microfiber is preferred for mop heads because it is super absorbent and the tiny microfibers penetrate into crevices and grout lines to remove dirt and grime.

Microfiber mops also dry quickly and are machine washable.

The main difference between the two is that Libman offers a few different mop head options including their signature microfiber mop head, a scrubbing microfiber mop head for extra cleaning power, and a fragranced mop head that releases a fresh scent while you mop.

O-Cedar primarily offers just one standard microfiber mop head but it is triangular shaped to reach into corners better.

For most people’s mopping needs, the basic microfiber head that comes with both mops will do the job perfectly fine. The Libman does give you more flexibility to choose a mop head suited for your floors.

  • Handle Length

The Libman spin mop handle is 54 inches long while the O-Cedar handle stands a bit taller at 56 inches.

The longer O-Cedar handle is an advantage for people who are taller or want to avoid bending over as much while mopping. But the 2-inch difference is quite minor. For the average user, either handle length will likely be sufficient.

  • Self-Wringing Mechanism

One of the main differences between these two spin mops is how you wring them out.

The Libman has a traditional foot pedal operated wringer. You place the mop head over the wringer and step on the pedal to squeeze out the excess water and dirt.

O-Cedar Spin Mop

The O-Cedar has a hand operated wringer.

You put the mop head inside the wringer and turn the handle to squeeze out water.

Both mechanisms are very effective at thoroughly wringing out the mop and removing dirty water.

It comes down to personal preference whether you’d rather use your foot or hand to operate the wringer.

The foot pedal does allow you to keep your hands completely clean during the whole mopping process. But some users don’t like having to lift their foot on and off the pedal repeatedly.

The hand crank requires using one hand to wring the mop, but many people find this more convenient and user-friendly.

  • Weight

The Libman spin mop weighs 5 pounds while the O-Cedar is slightly lighter at 4.7 pounds. This minor weight difference won’t be noticeable when using the mops.

The low weight of both models makes them very easy to maneuver and carry around your home. The handles and frames are designed from lightweight materials like aluminum and plastic.

So weight should not be a deciding factor between these two options.

  • Warranty

O-Cedar offers a longer warranty at 3 years compared to Libman’s 1 year warranty.

While both mops are made by reputable brands and unlikely to have issues, the longer O-Cedar warranty does provide more peace of mind. Their warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Libman also has good customer service if you do encounter an issue with your spin mop. But the shorter 1 year warranty period gives you less time to identify any problems.

  • Price

The Libman and O-Cedar spin mops both retail for around $30 to $60 depending on where you purchase them. Often you can find them discounted on sites like Amazon.

Since they are priced very similarly, cost is unlikely to be a key factor in choosing between the two. Go with the mop that has the features and design you prefer, regardless of the small pricing differences.

Pros And Cons of Libman And O-Cedar Spin Mops

Now that we’ve compared the key specs and features, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each spin mop model.

Libman Spin Mop Pros

Libman Tornado Spin Mop System
  • Multiple mop head options including scrubbing mop head for tough cleaning
  • Traditional foot pedal operated wringer
  • Mop head has thick nylon bristles along edge to scrub stuck on messes
  • Hanger loop on mop lets you hang mop to dry between uses
  • Can use scented mop heads to make mopping more pleasant

Libman Spin Mop Cons

  • Shorter 1 year warranty
  • Have to use foot to wring out mop repeatedly
  • Only available in blue color

O-Cedar Spin Mop Pros

  • Longer 3 year warranty provides peace of mind
  • Hand operation of wringer is convenient
  • Angled mop head reaches into corners
  • Triangular mop head covers more surface area
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Available in different color options

O-Cedar Spin Mop Cons

  • No choice of mop head types
  • Have to touch mop mechanism to wring out
  • Can’t stand mop upright to dry

Performance Differences of Libman And O-Cedar Spin Mops

Now let’s move onto the most important factor – how well do these spin mops actually perform when mopping your floors?

  • Cleaning Performance

Both the Libman and O-Cedar are excellent at removing dirt, grime, food spills, and everyday messes from hard floors. The microfiber mop heads with their tight woven fibers literally grab onto dust and dirt.

When mopping with either spin mop, you’ll see all the dirty water from your floors getting wrung into the attached bucket. The floors are left clean with no soap scum or filmy residue.

Many reviewers say these mops clean just as well as much more expensive mops, if not better. They both do an impressive job cleaning floors with minimal effort thanks to the self-wringing mechanism.

The O-Cedar’s triangular mop head could have a slight edge in terms of manueverability and reaching into corners and around obstacles. But the Libman’s bristled mop head will scrub tougher dried on messes a bit better.

So in terms of overall cleaning performance, it’s nearly impossible to declare one mop clearly better than the other. Both will leave your floors looking freshly mopped and squeaky clean.

  • Ease of Use

Due to their lightweight design and easy wringing mechanisms, both the Libman and O-Cedar offer tremendous ease of use. Mopping with a spin mop is much simpler and faster than traditional string mops.

The O-Cedar may rate slightly higher in terms of convenience because you don’t have to step on and off a pedal repeatedly. But neither mop should cause any significant difficulty or strain.

Make sure to get the hang of the wringing mechanism and hand positioning when first using your new spin mop. Once you’ve got that down mopping your floors becomes so much more hassle-free.

  • Durability

Spin mops contain more plastic components than old school mops, so durability is a common concern.

Both the Libman and O-Cedar are constructed from high quality materials and built to last through frequent moppings. The handles won’t easily crack or break. The mop heads are machine washable for years of use.

As mentioned earlier, O-Cedar offers a longer 3 year warranty which shows the confidence they have in their product’s durability. But Libman’s 1 year warranty should still give you ample time to see if your spin mop encounters any issues.

With proper care, either of these spin mops should provide many years of reliable service before needing replacement.

  • Stylish Design

An added bonus of these modern spin mops is they look quite stylish and sleek compared to old mops.

The Libman has a minimalist vibe in an attractive blue hue. The O-Cedar looks almost futuristic with its unique triangular mop head and translucent plastic elements.

Either spin mop will look much nicer sitting in your utility closet or leaning against the wall than a traditional string mop.

The color options also let you choose the look that fits your home’s style – blue for the Libman or blue, green, or black for the O-Cedar. While minor, aesthetics still play a role when choosing between mop models.

  • Environmentally Friendly

An environmental benefit of spin mops is they use far less water and cleaning solution compared to regular mops.

The self-wringing mechanism ensures you aren’t constantly rinsing out dirty mop water and wasting gallons of water. And the microfiber mop head uses a tiny fraction of the liquid a string mop would require.

Both the Libman and O-Cedar are great eco-friendly options for keeping your floors pristine without unnecessary waste and chemicals.

  • Odors

Over time, mops can build up mildew and bacteria leading to foul odors. The Libman’s scented mop heads help combat this issue leaving a fresh clean scent on your floors.

O-Cedar doesn’t offer scented mop heads but their antimicrobial mop heads help inhibit the growth of odor causing microbes.

To avoid odors with either spin mop, rinse and thoroughly dry the mop heads after each use and wash them on a regular basis.

  • Size Options

The Libman and O-Cedar come in a few different sizes to suit small and large homes:


  • 24 inch mop head
  • 36 inch mop head


  • 24 inch mop head
  • 34 inch mop head

Make sure to choose the right mop size for the square footage of your floors. The larger mops will make quicker work of big areas. But the smaller sizes allow you to more easily maneuver into tight spaces.

Both brands offer very similar sizing options to meet your mopping needs.


O-Cedar Spin Mop & Bucket System

The basic Libman and O-Cedar spin mop kits come with everything you need to start mopping – mop head, wringer, handle, and bucket.

But you can also purchase some handy accessories:

Libman Accessories

  • Extra mop heads
  • Scrub brushes
  • Carpet sweepers
  • Cleaning solutions and detergents

O-Cedar Accessories

  • Extra mop heads
  • Scrunge attachment for scrubbing
  • Carpet sweepers
  • On-the-go cleaning solution dispenser

Having an extra mop head or two allows you to always have a clean one ready. And the other accessories help round out your floor cleaning toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which brand of spin mop is best?

Based on overall performance, features, durability, and customer reviews, the best spin mop brands are Libman and O-Cedar. Both companies make top-quality spin mops that offer great value for the price. Most users say Libman and O-Cedar spin mops clean just as well as more premium brands.

Is the O-Cedar mop worth it?

Yes, the O-Cedar spin mop is definitely worth the investment for people wanting to upgrade from a traditional mop and bucket. The self-wringing design allows you to clean floors much faster and easier without getting your hands wet or dirty. The O-Cedar spin mop consistently earns high ratings for its ease of use, cleaning power, and durability.

What is special about the O-cedar spin mop?

Some of the stand-out features that make the O-Cedar spin mop special include its hands-free wringing mechanism operated by the handle crank, triangular shaped microfiber mop head, lightweight durable body, long 3 year warranty, and stylish modern design. The unique mop head shape and hand wringer help set O-Cedar apart from other spin mops.

Which cedar spin mop is best?

The best cedar spin mop is the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop. O-Cedar pioneered the original spin mop back in the 1920s and has perfected the design over the decades. Their EasyWring model consistently earns rave reviews for its effective cleaning performance on all hard floor types, convenient hand wringer, wide triangle mop head, sturdy construction, and budget-friendly price point. It outperforms similar cedar spin mops from other brands.

The Verdict

After looking closely at the features, performance, and overall user experience of the Libman and O-Cedar spin mops, it’s impossible to declare one the clear winner.

These two mop models are extremely similar in their design, cleaning power, durability, and ease of use. Both brands offer high-quality American-made spin mops that will make mopping floors a breeze.

The minor differences come down to whether you prefer a foot or hand-operated wringer and any desire for special mop heads or accessories.

So which is better?

The Libman and O-Cedar spin mops are essentially equal in quality and customer satisfaction. Picking between them depends solely on which model has the combination of attributes you find most appealing.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison has highlighted the key pros and cons so you can decide which spin mop sounds like the best fit for your home and mopping routine.

Whichever model you choose, you can be confident you are getting an excellent spin mop that will make easy work of dirty floors for years to come.

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