Kingston Brass Vs. Delta Faucets: A Tale Of Two Titans 

In the world of home improvement, two names often ring out louder than the rest: Kingston Brass and Delta. These two giants have made a name for themselves in the faucet industry, offering quality, design, and durability. Yet, they both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. 

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Kingston Brass vs Delta.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesKingston BrassDelta
DesignTraditional & modernModern
MaterialsHigh-quality brassVarious, includes brass
PriceMore affordableHigher-end
WarrantyLimitedComprehensive Lifetime
Customer ServiceGoodExcellent
SustainabilityEfficient designsWaterSense, H2Okinetic
Additional ProductsExtensiveExtensive, includes smart home solutions

This table should provide a quick and easy way to compare Kingston Brass and Delta on several key factors. Remember, each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice for you depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

The Protagonists: Kingston Brass and Delta

Kingston Brass, founded in 1998, has made a significant impact in the faucet industry in a relatively short time. On the other hand, Delta Faucet Company has been around since 1954, offering decades of experience and innovation.

The Pros and Cons of Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass
Kingston Brass


  1. Variety and Design

Kingston Brass excels in offering a wide range of styles and finishes. Their products often feature a blend of traditional and contemporary designs, ideal for homeowners looking for a distinctive aesthetic.

  1. Quality Materials

The “Brass” in Kingston Brass isn’t just for show. Their products are often made with high-quality brass, providing durability and longevity.

  1. Price

Compared to other premium faucet brands, Kingston Brass tends to be more affordable without sacrificing quality.


  1. Limited Warranty

While Kingston Brass does offer warranties, they are typically limited, unlike some competitors who offer lifetime warranties.

  1. Availability

Kingston Brass products might be harder to find, as they are not as widely distributed as some of their competitors.

The Pros and Cons of Delta



  1. Innovation

Delta is a pioneer in the industry. Their innovations, like the Touch2O technology and MagnaTite Docking, set them apart.

  1. Warranty

Delta offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty, ensuring that customers are covered if any issues arise.

  1. Wide Distribution

Delta products are readily available, being distributed widely both online and in physical stores.


  1. Price

Delta faucets tend to be more expensive due to the cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials used.

  1. Limited Style Options

While Delta offers a range of styles, they may not have as broad a selection as Kingston Brass.

The Showdown: Kingston Brass vs Delta

When choosing between Kingston Brass and Delta, it all boils down to personal preference and specific needs. Kingston Brass offers a unique blend of styles at an affordable price, while Delta offers innovative technology and a comprehensive warranty.

Deep Dive: Kingston Brass vs Delta

Having presented a surface-level comparison between Kingston Brass and Delta, let’s delve deeper into their unique selling points, exploring their ranges, customer service, and sustainability efforts.

  • Range of Products

While both Kingston Brass and Delta have a significant presence in the faucet industry, their product range extends beyond that.

Kingston Brass offers a wide variety of plumbing products. Besides faucets, you can find everything from shower systems and tub fillers to bathroom accessories and kitchen sinks in their catalogue. They also provide a selection of parts and accessories to ensure you have everything you need for your plumbing projects.

Delta, on the other hand, offers not only a vast array of faucets but also shower heads, toilets, bath accessories, and more. They even offer smart home solutions, further reinforcing their innovative streak.

  • Customer Service

When investing in home improvement products, customer service can make or break the experience.

Kingston Brass provides a comprehensive customer service experience. Their team is available to answer questions and provide support, ensuring customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Delta also prides itself on its customer service. With their extensive warranty and a dedicated customer support team, they ensure customers feel valued and supported.

  • Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability is a major concern for many consumers. Both Kingston Brass and Delta have made efforts in this regard.

Kingston Brass faucets are designed to be efficient, conserving water without compromising performance. This commitment to sustainability helps reduce the environmental footprint and can even lead to cost savings for the consumer.

Delta also prioritizes sustainability. Many of their products are WaterSense labeled, indicating they meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria for water efficiency and performance. Delta also utilizes innovative technology, like their H2Okinetic showers, which give the feeling of more water without using more water.

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The Verdict: Kingston Brass vs Delta

Both Kingston Brass and Delta are commendable brands in the home improvement sector, particularly in the realm of faucets. They each have their unique strengths, catering to different customer needs and preferences.

Kingston Brass shines with its variety in design and competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking style and affordability.

Delta stands out with its innovative features, extensive warranty, and focus on sustainability, proving to be a reliable choice for those wanting cutting-edge technology and peace of mind.

Remember, the choice between Kingston Brass and Delta will ultimately depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whichever you choose, you’re investing in a product that promises quality and durability. And that, above all else, is what truly matters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kingston Brass compatible with Delta?

While both brands manufacture high-quality faucets, their parts are not typically interchangeable due to differences in design and technology.

Who makes Kingston Brass faucets?

Kingston Brass faucets are manufactured by Kingston Brass, Inc., a California-based company.

Where are Kingston Brass products made?

Kingston Brass products are designed in California, but they are manufactured in Taiwan and China.

How long has Kingston Brass been in business?

Kingston Brass has been in business since 1998, carving a niche for itself in the faucet industry.

Is Kingston Brass real brass?

Yes, many Kingston Brass products are made from high-quality brass, contributing to their durability and longevity.

Does Delta make different quality faucets?

Yes, Delta produces a range of faucets, from budget-friendly options to high-end models, using various materials and technologies.

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Wrapping Things Up

In the end, both Kingston Brass and Delta offer strong contenders in the world of faucets. It’s all about what suits your needs, style, and budget the best. Whether you lean towards the distinctive designs of Kingston Brass or the innovative technology of Delta, you’re likely to end up with a product that enhances your home and stands the test of time.

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