Kasson And Keller Windows Reviews 2024: Are They Any Good?

Finding the best solution for window replacement might be challenging. It’s simple to become overwhelmed and disoriented when there are so many manufacturers, designs, and materials available.

One company that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Kasson and Keller. In this article, we’ll review Kasson and Keller windows, examining their quality, pricing, and overall value.

The Story Behind Kasson And Keller Windows

Before diving into the specifics of Kasson and Keller windows, let’s take a quick look at the company’s history. Kasson and Keller were founded in 1946 in Fonda, New York. The company began as a small business, producing aluminum storm windows.

Why Kasson And Keller Windows Are Great?

Over time, they expanded their product line to include vinyl replacement windows, patio doors, and sunrooms. Today, Kasson and Keller are still family-owned and operated, and they continue to manufacture their products in the United States.

  • Quality and Performance
Kasson And Keller Windows

When it comes to window replacement, quality, and performance are top priorities.

So how do Kasson and Keller windows stack up in these areas?

According to their website, Kasson and Keller windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, reduce energy costs, and provide lasting durability.

Their vinyl windows are made with multi-chambered frames and sashes, which help to insulate your home and prevent air leaks.

They also offer a variety of glass options, including low-E coatings and argon gas fill, to further improve energy efficiency.

In terms of performance, Kasson and Keller windows have received high ratings from independent organizations like the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and Energy Star.

These ratings indicate that Kasson and Keller windows meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and overall performance.

  • Pricing and Value

Of course, performance and quality are crucial, but so is cost. So how do Kasson and Keller windows compare in terms of pricing and value?

According to their website, Kasson and Keller windows are priced competitively with other major window manufacturers. Without a consultation, it’s hard to give an accurate quote because every property is unique.

When it comes to value, Kasson and Keller windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your home. This guarantee gives you piece of mind and may enable you to avoid paying for future expensive repairs.

  • Customer Reviews

So what do customers have to say about Kasson and Keller windows? Reviews are generally favorable, with many clients complimenting the windows’ caliber and toughness.

However, some negative reviews have been reported, with customers citing issues with installation and customer service.

One customer, for example, wrote that they were “very impressed with the quality of the windows,” but had a negative experience with installation, saying that “the installer was very unprofessional and did not take the time to do the job right.”

Another customer wrote that they were “happy with the windows themselves,” but had difficulty getting in touch with customer service when they had questions.

Some Quick Pros Of Kasson And Keller Windows

Sure, here are some pros of Kasson and Keller windows:

  • Energy Efficiency: Kasson and Keller windows are designed to provide excellent energy efficiency, with features like multi-chambered frames and sashes, low-E coatings, and argon gas fills.
  • Durability: With a limited lifetime guarantee that covers flaws in both materials and craftsmanship, Kasson and Keller windows are created with premium components and are designed to last.
  • Competitive Pricing: Kasson and Keller windows are priced competitively with other major window manufacturers, making them an affordable option for homeowners.
  • Positive Reviews: Kasson and Keller windows have received high ratings and positive reviews from independent organizations like the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and Energy Star, as well as from customers.
  • Variety of Styles: Kasson and Keller offers a variety of window styles to choose from, including double-hung, casement, awning, and more, allowing homeowners to find a style that suits their home’s architecture and their personal taste.

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Cons of Kasson And Keller Windows

asson and Keller windows

Certainly, here are some cons of Kasson and Keller windows to consider:

  • Limited Customization: While Kasson and Keller offers a variety of window styles and colors, they may not have as many options as some other manufacturers. This can worry homeowners who are seeking for a certain style or color to go with the interior design of their property.
  • Reported Issues with Installation: Some customers have reported issues with installation, citing unprofessional installers or improper installation. The quality of the windows themselves may not necessarily be affected by this, but it is a crucial consideration when choose a window manufacturer.
  • Potential for Condensation: Some customers have reported issues with condensation forming on their Kasson and Keller windows, particularly in cold climates. Choosing a window manufacturer should take this into consideration even if it is a prevalent problem with many windows.
  • Lack of Information on Website: The lack of comprehensive information on Kasson and Keller’s website on their goods, costs, or customization possibilities may make it difficult for clients to make educated decisions.
  • Availability: Kasson and Keller windows may not be available in all areas, which could limit options for homeowners in certain regions.


Overall, Kasson and Keller windows are a solid choice for homeowners looking to replace their windows. With a long history of producing high-quality windows and a commitment to using durable materials, Kasson and Keller have built a strong reputation in the industry.

These windows are made with high energy efficiency in mind, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty to provide homeowners peace of mind.

Limited customization choices and installation problems have been cited as potential negatives, although they are not necessarily deal-breakers. It’s crucial to conduct your homework and pick a reliable manufacturer and installer as with any home improvement job.

If you’re considering Kasson and Keller windows, we recommend getting in touch with a local dealer to schedule a consultation. They can assist you in selecting the ideal windows for your house and can offer more specific information about price and customization possibilities.

You may benefit from greater energy efficiency, increased comfort, and improved curb appeal for years to come with the correct windows installed.

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