Invincible Flooring: A Comprehensive Review

There’s nothing quite like the charm of a well-floored room. And if you’re in the market for a reliable, stylish, and durable option, you’ve likely come across Invincible Flooring in your search. 

The buzz surrounding this brand is hard to ignore, so we thought we’d delve into it. Is Invincible Flooring truly as ‘invincible’ as it claims? Let’s find out.

Pros of Invincible Flooring

Invincible Flooring
Invincible Flooring

One of the main selling points of Invincible Flooring is its unparalleled durability. These floors are built to last, using innovative technology that combines high-density fiberboard with a hard-wearing top layer. This design results in an incredibly resilient flooring that can withstand everyday wear and tear, high foot traffic, and even some accidental spills.

Another significant advantage of Invincible Flooring is its aesthetic appeal. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, this flooring can effortlessly transform any space, making it versatile enough to complement different decor styles.

Invincible Flooring is also known for its comfort. With layers designed for optimal cushioning, these floors offer a comfortable walking and standing experience – a feature often overlooked but greatly appreciated in long-term use.

Cons of Invincible Flooring

Invincible Flooring
Invincible Flooring

Like any product, Invincible Flooring has its drawbacks. The most significant of these is its price. While you are paying for high-quality, durable flooring, it might not fit into all budgets.

Additionally, while Invincible Flooring prides itself on durability, it’s not completely invincible. Heavy impacts can potentially cause dents or damage, and prolonged exposure to water can lead to issues. Therefore, while it’s resilient, it’s not entirely indestructible.

Finally, Invincible Flooring requires professional installation for the warranty to remain valid. This requirement might be an inconvenience for DIY enthusiasts or add extra costs for those budgeting for their flooring project.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

It’s clear that Invincible Flooring brings several benefits to the table, from its resilience to its visual appeal. However, the cons shouldn’t be disregarded. The decision ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and the aesthetics you’re aiming for in your space.

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Comparing Invincible Flooring With Its Competitors

To truly evaluate the value of Invincible Flooring, it’s important to compare it with its competitors in the market. Two major competitors in the realm of durable flooring include Pergo and Karndean.

Pergo Flooring

Pergo, a pioneer in laminate flooring, offers a broad range of laminate and vinyl options. While Pergo’s reputation for durability is substantial, it’s important to note that their products’ resilience is heavily reliant on proper installation and maintenance. Pergo’s flooring options are aesthetically pleasing, and often more cost-effective compared to Invincible Flooring. However, some users have reported issues with the locking system of Pergo flooring, causing installation and durability issues down the line.

Karndean Flooring

Karndean is another brand known for its high-quality luxury vinyl flooring. Like Invincible, Karndean floors offer an impressive range of styles and finishes. Their products mimic the appearance of natural materials exceptionally well, giving your space an upscale look without the high maintenance often associated with natural flooring materials. However, Karndean Flooring, similar to Invincible, tends to be on the pricier side of the market.

Invincible Flooring vs. Competitors

In comparison to Pergo and Karndean, Invincible Flooring holds its own in terms of durability, design variety, and quality. While it may come at a higher price point, its emphasis on comfort and resilience could justify the investment for many homeowners.

Nevertheless, your decision should hinge on your specific needs and preferences. While Invincible Flooring excels in resilience and aesthetic diversity, you might lean towards Pergo for budget considerations or prefer Karndean for its uncanny replication of natural materials.

FAQ Section

Who makes Invincible Flooring?

Invincible Flooring is a brand under Carpet One, a cooperative of more than 1,000 independent carpet and flooring stores across North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is the best hard-wearing vinyl flooring?

While “best” is subjective, some of the top-rated hard-wearing vinyl flooring brands include Invincible Flooring, LifeProof, Shaw, and Armstrong. These brands are known for their durability, design variety, and overall quality.

What thickness vinyl flooring is best?

A thickness of 4-5mm is generally sufficient for residential use. For commercial use or high-traffic areas, a thickness of 6mm or more is recommended for optimal durability.

How long does resilient flooring last?

Resilient flooring, when well-maintained, can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. This lifespan can vary depending on the quality of the flooring, the level of foot traffic, and the care given to maintain it.

What flooring company got sued?

Lumber Liquidators faced a lawsuit in 2015 over safety concerns related to the level of formaldehyde in its laminate flooring.

What is the best flooring in the world?

The “best” flooring is highly subjective, as it depends on your specific needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. However, luxury brands like Karastan (carpets), Mirage (hardwood), and Amtico (vinyl) are often mentioned for their quality, durability, and design variety.

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Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, Invincible Flooring offers a compelling proposition in the flooring market. While it has its cons, its durability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort features make it a formidable contender in the realm of resilient flooring. But as with any home improvement decision, it’s crucial to weigh these benefits against the potential drawbacks, your budget, and personal preferences. 

With proper care and maintenance, whichever flooring you choose could be the perfect fit for your space and a valuable addition to your home.

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