Honda Civic Vs. Subaru Crosstrek: The Showdown

When you’re trying to decide between two of the hottest vehicles on the market — the Honda Civic and the Subaru Crosstrek — it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Both cars have legions of devoted fans and plenty of selling points. 

But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, which one truly deserves your hard-earned cash? Let’s dive in.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature/SpecificationHonda CivicSubaru Crosstrek
Vehicle TypeCompact CarCrossover SUV
DrivetrainFront-Wheel Drive (FWD)All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Engine Options4-Cylinder, Turbocharged OptionsBoxer, Hybrid Option
Fuel EfficiencyHigher (due to FWD & weight)Slightly Lower (due to AWD)
Interior SpaceComfortable but more compactSpacious with more cargo room
Safety FeaturesHonda SensingSubaru EyeSight
Starting PriceGenerally LowerGenerally Higher

The Honda Civic: More Than Just a Compact

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

The Honda Civic isn’t just one of the most popular compact cars in the world — it’s a symbol of reliability and value. Honda’s been producing this model since the ’70s, and it’s only gotten better with time.


  • Fuel Efficiency: 

The Honda Civic reigns supreme when it comes to saving at the pump. With its impressive miles-per-gallon ratings, you’re going to get more miles for your money.

  • Resale Value: 

Few cars can boast of holding their value like the Civic. It’s a car you can buy with the confidence that you’ll get a good chunk of your investment back if you ever decide to sell.

  • Smooth Ride: 

Drive around in a Civic and you’ll understand why it’s been loved for decades. Its handling is smooth and responsive, making for a very comfortable ride.


  • Space: 

Being a compact car, the Civic won’t give you as much space as the Crosstrek, especially if you’re often traveling with a full crew or a lot of gear.

  • Basic Interior: 

While the Civic’s interior is neat, it might come off as a bit too basic for those looking for a dash of luxury.

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Subaru Crosstrek: The Rugged Adventurer

Subaru Crosstrek
Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru’s Crosstrek presents a solid choice for those who like their rides a bit rugged. A crossover SUV that screams adventure, it’s perfect for those weekend getaways off the beaten path.


  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD): 

Standard AWD means you’re ready for rough terrain or slippery conditions, something the Civic doesn’t offer across all models.

  • Space: 

With its hatchback design, the Crosstrek offers more cargo space and rear-seat legroom than the Civic.

  • Safety Features: 

Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology offers features like adaptive cruise control and pre-collision braking, boosting the safety profile of the Crosstrek.


  • Fuel Efficiency: 

You might find yourself at the gas station more often with the Crosstrek compared to the Civic.

  • Price: 

Generally, the Crosstrek will set you back a bit more than a Civic, especially if you’re looking at higher trims.

Key Differences Between Honda Civic and Subaru Crosstrek

The world of automobiles is filled with choices, each with their own set of attributes. While the Honda Civic and Subaru Crosstrek may appear to cater to slightly different market segments with one being a compact car and the other a crossover SUV, comparing them can be intriguing. 

Let’s deep-dive into the differences that define these two models.

  1. Vehicle Category
Honda Civic: 

Primarily known as a compact car, the Honda Civic is catered towards those looking for a combination of fuel efficiency, city drivability, and reliability. Its size makes it maneuverable, ideal for urban environments with tight parking spots.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

The Crosstrek is a crossover SUV, which means it combines elements of a traditional SUV with those of a passenger car. Its design leans towards users who occasionally want to tread on off-road paths or need more cargo space.

  1. Drivetrain
Honda Civic: 

Most Civic models come with a front-wheel-drive (FWD) system. This means power is delivered to the front wheels, which can be advantageous in terms of fuel efficiency and weight distribution.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

The Crosstrek, true to Subaru’s ethos, comes with a standard all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. This ensures power is delivered to all wheels, providing better traction on uneven or slippery terrains.

  1. Performance & Engine Options
Honda Civic: 

The Civic generally offers a range of 4-cylinder engines, including naturally aspirated and turbocharged options. They are designed for a mix of efficiency and power. Many Civic models, especially the sportier ones, are known for their peppy performance.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

The Crosstrek generally packs a bit more punch with its Boxer engine, providing a stable ride thanks to its flat design. There’s also a hybrid version of the Crosstrek for those eco-conscious drivers.

  1. Fuel Efficiency
Honda Civic: 

Being a compact car with lighter weight and a FWD system, the Civic is notably fuel-efficient. It’s a top choice for those who prioritize miles per gallon.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

While the Crosstrek’s AWD system provides better traction, it can be a tad more fuel-consuming than the FWD in the Civic. However, the hybrid variant offers a more fuel-efficient option.

  1. Interior & Cargo Space
Honda Civic: 

The Civic, given its compact design, has a comfortable yet somewhat limited interior space. It’s great for city commutes and occasional long drives but might feel cramped on a long trip with a full load of passengers and luggage.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

The Crosstrek shines here with its larger cargo space, thanks to its hatchback design. Rear-seat legroom is also generally more generous than in the Civic.

  1. Safety Features
Honda Civic: 

Honda’s suite of safety features, known as Honda Sensing, includes collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

Subaru prides itself on safety. The Crosstrek comes equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology which includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and lane-keeping assist.

  1. Price
Honda Civic: 

Generally, a base model Civic will be more wallet-friendly than a base model Crosstrek. As you climb the trim ladder, the price difference can vary based on the added features.

Subaru Crosstrek: 

Starting price is typically higher than the Civic, reflecting its larger size, AWD system, and other premium features.

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FAQ: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Which is better Honda Civic or Subaru Crosstrek?

It depends on your needs. If fuel efficiency and resale value are top priorities, the Civic takes the cake. But if you’re an adventurer looking for space and standard AWD, the Crosstrek is your go-to.

What Honda is comparable to Crosstrek?

The Honda HR-V would be the closest comparison in terms of size and function. Both are crossover SUVs, though the HR-V doesn’t come standard with AWD like the Crosstrek.

What Subaru is comparable to a Honda Civic?

The Subaru Impreza is the closest match. Both are compact cars, and the Impreza also offers AWD, which the Civic doesn’t.

Is Honda Civic better than Subaru Impreza?

It’s a close call. The Civic has better fuel efficiency and resale value, but the Impreza offers standard AWD. It boils down to personal preference and priorities.

Why Subaru is better than Honda?

Subaru generally offers standard AWD on its vehicles, making them suitable for a variety of terrains and conditions. They also tend to have a more rugged build. However, “better” is subjective and depends on individual needs and priorities.

Why is Subaru discontinuing Crosstrek?

As of my last update in September 2021, Subaru has not announced any plans to discontinue the Crosstrek. It remains a popular model in their lineup. If there are any recent developments, you might want to check the latest news or Subaru’s official channels.

Wrapping Up

Both the Honda Civic and Subaru Crosstrek have their distinct strengths, and your choice will depend on what you value more in a car. Regardless of which you lean towards, both are solid options in their respective categories. The key is to know your priorities, and both cars promise to deliver a satisfying driving experience.

In conclusion, the choice between the Honda Civic and Subaru Crosstrek hinges largely on individual needs. City dwellers and those seeking fuel efficiency might lean towards the Civic, while adventure seekers and those needing more space could find the Crosstrek more appealing. Both are commendable in their respective segments, making the decision a matter of personal preference.

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