Honda Civic Sport Vs. Touring: A Detailed Showdown

When considering an iconic name like the Honda Civic, there’s no shortage of choices. With various trims and options, it can be a tad overwhelming for a potential buyer. Two of the standout options are the Civic Sport and the Civic Touring. While at first glance they might look similar, there are key distinctions to consider. 

Let’s dive deep into the Sport vs. Touring debate, examining pros, cons, and key features that might sway your decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature CategoryHonda Civic SportHonda Civic Touring
ExteriorBold grille, center-exit exhaust, 18″ alloysRefined alloys, LED headlights, chrome handles
InteriorCloth seats, 7-inch displayLeather seats, heated rear seats, advanced infotainment
EngineNaturally aspirated, sporty handlingTurbocharged, smooth and refined drive
TechnologyBasic infotainment, standard audioNavigation, premium audio, advanced touchscreen
SafetyBasic safety features, rearview cameraHonda Sensing Suite, rain-sensing wipers, potential blind-spot monitoring

Honda Civic Sport: The Athletic Challenger

Honda Civic Sport
Honda Civic Sport

Pros of Civic Sport:

  • Sporty Aesthetics: 

The Civic Sport flaunts a more aggressive look, with blacked-out aesthetics, center-exit exhaust.

And, a spoiler that undoubtedly appeals to those who prefer a sportier appearance.

  • Performance Tweaks: 

It’s not just for show. The Civic Sport boasts a slightly stiffer suspension, lending it a sharper handling edge, especially in corners.

  • Price: 

Typically, the Sport variant is more budget-friendly than the Touring, making it an appealing option for those looking for performance and aesthetics without a hefty price tag.

Cons of Civic Sport:

  • Limited Luxury Features: 

The Civic Sport leans more toward performance and sporty looks.

Therefore, some of the luxury amenities found in the Touring might be absent.

  • Fuel Economy: 

While it’s sporty, the Sport variant may have a marginally reduced fuel economy compared to other trims.

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Honda Civic Touring: The Luxe Contender

Honda Civic Touring
Honda Civic Touring

Pros of Civic Touring:

  • High-end Amenities: 

The Touring trim is Honda’s luxury flagship. Think leather seats, advanced touchscreen infotainment, premium audio system, and more.

It’s designed for those who crave comfort and sophistication.

  • Advanced Safety Features: 

With the Honda Sensing Suite, the Touring offers cutting-edge safety features like adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, and lane-keeping assist.

  • Turbocharged Performance: 

Most Touring models come equipped with a turbocharged engine, ensuring not just luxury but also a zippy performance.

Cons of Civic Touring:

  • Price: 

All these luxury amenities come at a price. The Touring is notably pricier than the Sport, which can be a determining factor for budget-conscious buyers.

  • Heavier Feel: 

With all the added luxury features, the Touring might feel a tad less nimble compared to its Sport counterpart.

Key Differences Between Honda Civic Sport and Touring

The Honda Civic, a car that has remained in the limelight for decades, has always been lauded for its reliability, value, and range of available options.

Among its lineup, two trims often garner significant attention: the Sport and the Touring. But how do they truly differ? Let’s peel back the layers.

  1. Aesthetics and Exterior Features
Civic Sport:

The Sport variant screams youthful exuberance. It comes with a bolder front grille, a center-exit exhaust, a rear decklid spoiler, and blacked-out aesthetic touches.

Alloy wheels, usually 18-inch, with a unique design further emphasize its athletic intent.

Civic Touring:

The Touring leans more towards elegance. While it does have alloy wheels, they often have a more refined design.

The Touring also includes LED headlights, a feature missing in the Sport, and chrome door handles, projecting a more upscale vibe.

  1. Interior Amenities
Civic Sport:

The interior of the Sport is robust and functional. It may lack some of the luxurious touches the Touring boasts, but it covers all basics. Cloth seats are standard, and there’s a 7-inch display without the navigation feature.

Civic Touring:

Step inside a Touring, and it feels plush. Leather-trimmed seats, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, heated rear seats, and even an automatic-dimming rearview mirror are standard.

The infotainment jumps to a more advanced version, usually encompassing navigation, a larger touchscreen, and sometimes even a more robust audio system.

  1. Engine and Performance
Civic Sport:

The Sport, keeping with its name, generally offers a peppier experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean more power, but rather a more responsive drive. It usually comes with a naturally aspirated engine, but the handling and suspension tweaks make it feel lively.

Civic Touring:

The Touring is where the Civic gets its turbocharged glory. The engine in the Touring is designed for a blend of performance and luxury.

While it’s powerful, it’s also smoother, making for a refined driving experience. Furthermore, the suspension is tuned more for comfort.

  1. Technology and Infotainment
Civic Sport:

While it has a respectable suite of tech, the Sport leans more towards basics. A simpler infotainment system, fewer speakers for the audio system, and the absence of navigation are some distinctions.

Civic Touring:

Here, the tech game is upped. Satellite navigation, a more interactive and responsive touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and often a premium audio system make the Touring a tech lover’s delight.

  1. Safety Features
Civic Sport:

The Sport is not devoid of safety, but it tends to offer the essentials. This includes the basics like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a rearview camera.

Civic Touring:

The Touring trim goes above and beyond. Honda’s Sensing Suite, which boasts features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and collision mitigation braking, usually comes standard with the Touring. In addition, rain-sensing windshield wipers and sometimes even blind-spot monitoring systems might be included.

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FAQ Section

What is the difference between Honda Civic Sport and Touring?

The primary distinction lies in the intended audience. The Sport targets those looking for an athletic look and feel without breaking the bank.
On the other hand, the Touring is Honda’s luxury offering, packed with top-tier amenities, safety features, and a more refined engine.

What is the difference between Sport and Touring?

“Sport” often denotes a trim focused on sporty aesthetics and potentially enhanced performance. In contrast, “Touring” typically refers to a luxury-centric variant with added comfort and tech features.

What does Touring mean on a Honda Civic?

“Touring” on a Honda Civic signals the upper echelon of luxury offerings within the Civic lineup. It comes equipped with the most advanced tech, comfort, and safety features that Honda offers for this model.

What is the Honda Civic Sport touring package?

The Civic Sport Touring combines the best of both worlds. It merges the sporty aesthetics and some performance features of the Sport with the luxury amenities of the Touring, offering a balanced blend for those torn between the two.

Which is better, Honda Touring or Sport?

It’s subjective and boils down to what you value more. If sporty aesthetics and a tighter budget are your priorities, the Sport is your go-to. If luxury, advanced tech, and safety features are on top of your list, the Touring is a better choice.

Is the Honda Civic Touring a fast car?

While the Honda Civic Touring is equipped with a turbocharged engine making it zippy and responsive, it’s not intended to be a full-fledged sports car. It’s fast in terms of everyday driving, merging, and overtaking, but it’s balanced with luxury and comfort in mind.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the choice between the Honda Civic Sport and Touring boils down to personal preferences and priorities. The Sport offers a raw and youthful vibe, while the Touring focuses on luxury, advanced tech, and enhanced comfort. Whatever you choose, the Civic’s legacy ensures you’re making a quality choice.

Whether you’re inclined towards the sporty aura of the Honda Civic Sport or the luxurious allure of the Touring, both models hold their unique charm. Your decision should align with your priorities, whether they lean more towards aesthetics, performance, luxury, or price. Happy driving!

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