Honda Civic EX Vs. Si: A Detailed Breakdown

The Honda Civic, a car that has won the hearts of many worldwide, comes in various trims, each with its unique set of features. Among the most popular trims are the Civic EX and Si. If you’ve ever wondered about the key differences between these two models and their pros and cons, then you’re in for a treat. 

We will dissect these two models in a user-friendly manner, focusing on what really matters to real-world users like you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureHonda Civic EXHonda Civic Si
Engine TypeNaturally AspiratedTurbocharged
TransmissionContinuously Variable Transmission6-Speed Manual
Exterior StylingUnderstated and ElegantAggressive and Sporty
Interior AmenitiesComfort-focusedPerformance-oriented
Fuel EfficiencyHigherSlightly Lower
Price PointGenerally More AffordablePriced Higher for Performance Features

Honda Civic EX: The Comfortable Cruiser

Honda Civic EX
Honda Civic EX


  • Impressive Fuel Efficiency: With its fuel-sipping engine, the Civic EX is a favorite for daily commutes. You can drive farther with fewer stops at the gas station.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Honda’s suite of safety features, like the Collision Mitigation Braking System™ and Road Departure Mitigation System, come standard on the EX, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Modern Amenities: Think about features like Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, and a moonroof. These are all available in the Civic EX, making it a tech-lover’s delight.


  • Lacks Sporty Performance: While the EX is great for everyday drives, it doesn’t offer the punchy acceleration or sport-tuned suspension of its Si sibling.
  • Less Aggressive Styling: If you’re looking for that sporty appeal in terms of design, the EX might fall a tad bit short compared to the Si.

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Honda Civic Si: The Sporty Sibling

Honda Civic Si
Honda Civic Si


  • Performance-Oriented: With a turbocharged engine and a sport-tuned suspension, the Civic Si is for those who crave spirited drives.
  • Distinctive Styling: The Si stands out with its aggressive front grille, rear wing spoiler, and signature Si badging. You’ll turn heads wherever you go.
  • Manual Transmission: For driving enthusiasts who love the raw connection between machine and driver, the Si offers a 6-speed manual transmission. It’s about feeling every shift.


  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: Though the Si delivers in terms of performance, it’s slightly less fuel-efficient than the EX.
  • Higher Insurance Premiums: Sporty cars often attract higher insurance premiums, and the Civic Si is no exception.
  • Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea: The manual transmission can be a deterrent for those who prefer automatics, especially in city traffic.

Key Differences Between Honda Civic EX and Si

The Honda Civic, a stalwart of the compact car scene, has long been synonymous with reliability, affordability, and versatility. 

The Civic lineup offers a range of trims, and two of the most talked-about ones are the EX and Si. Let’s dive deep into the crucial differences that set these two models apart.

  1. Engine and Performance
Honda Civic EX:

The Civic EX generally houses a naturally aspirated engine. This engine is designed for smoothness, efficiency, and reliability. It provides ample power for day-to-day city driving and highway cruises.

Honda Civic Si:

The Si, on the other hand, usually comes with a turbocharged engine that provides a significant boost in horsepower and torque compared to the EX. This extra power transforms the driving experience, offering a more spirited and engaging drive. 

Plus, the Si usually gets a sport-tuned suspension, making it handle corners with greater agility.

  1. Transmission Choices
Honda Civic EX:

Most modern EX models come with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This type of transmission offers smooth shifts and is optimized for fuel efficiency. For many drivers, it provides a hassle-free driving experience, especially in stop-and-go traffic.

Honda Civic Si:

The Si is a nod to driving purists. It generally offers a 6-speed manual transmission. This allows drivers to have a more connected and raw driving experience, allowing them to shift gears manually.

  1. Exterior Styling
Honda Civic EX:

The EX trim is designed to appeal to a broader audience. It features a sophisticated and sleek design without many aggressive elements. It’s more understated and elegant.

Honda Civic Si:

Sporty is the word for the Si. With aggressive front and rear bumpers, larger alloy wheels, distinctive badging, and often a rear spoiler, the Si stands out. It’s designed to turn heads and signal its sporty intentions.

  1. Interior Amenities and Features
Honda Civic EX:

The EX is all about comfort and convenience. It comes equipped with features like touch-screen infotainment systems, Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, and often a moonroof. The seats are designed for comfort on longer journeys, and the layout is user-friendly.

Honda Civic Si:

While the Si does get many of the features available in the EX, it adds sporty touches to the interior. Think sport seats, red stitching, and Si badging. The focus here is on a performance-oriented environment.

  1. Fuel Efficiency
Honda Civic EX:

Thanks to its engine design and CVT, the EX tends to be more fuel-efficient, making it a popular choice for commuters and those who prioritize mpg ratings.

Honda Civic Si:

With its turbocharged engine and manual transmission, the Si might not be as fuel-efficient as the EX. However, what it might lack in fuel economy, it more than makes up for in driving excitement.

  1. Price Point
Honda Civic EX:

Being more of a mid-tier model, the EX is priced to offer a balance of features and value. It’s generally more affordable than the Si.

Honda Civic Si:

With its performance upgrades and sporty features, the Si comes at a premium. It’s usually priced higher than the EX, targeting enthusiasts who are willing to pay a bit more for the enhanced driving experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Honda Civic EX and Si?

The Honda Civic EX is more of a comfortable, daily driver with modern amenities and advanced safety features. On the other hand, the Civic Si is a performance-oriented model, boasting a turbocharged engine, sporty styling, and a manual transmission.

What’s the difference between a Civic and Civic Si?

The term “Civic” refers to the entire lineup of Honda Civic models, of which the Si is just one variant. The Civic Si specifically targets performance enthusiasts with its sporty features and turbocharged engine.

What does the SI mean in Honda Civic?

The “Si” in Honda Civic Si stands for “Sport Injected.” It represents the sportier, performance-oriented version of the Honda Civic lineup.

What does S and L mean in Honda Civic EX?

The “S” in certain Honda models typically stands for “Sport,” indicating sporty features or design elements. The “L” usually stands for “Luxury,” hinting at premium features or upgraded materials. However, in the context of the Civic EX, there isn’t a specific “S” and “L” designation.

Which Honda Civic is the fastest?

Historically, the Honda Civic Type R has been the fastest in terms of acceleration and top speed, but among regular trims, the Si offers a more performance-oriented drive than models like the EX.

Is a Civic Si fast?

Yes, the Civic Si is fast, especially when compared to the standard Civic trims. Its turbocharged engine and sport-tuned suspension make it a delight for driving enthusiasts.

In Conclusion:

Choosing between the Honda Civic EX and Si boils down to what you value more – comfort and efficiency or performance and sporty appeal. Both models have their distinct strengths. The Civic EX is perfect for those who want a dependable, tech-loaded daily driver. In contrast, the Si caters to those who want a bit of thrill every time they hit the road. Whatever your preference, Honda offers something for everyone in its Civic lineup.

In essence, while both the Honda Civic EX and Si cater to the same broader audience, they appeal to different segments within it. The EX is for those who want a reliable, comfortable, and efficient daily driver, whereas the Si is designed for individuals seeking a sportier, more engaging driving experience.

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