Grand Highlander Vs. Traverse: A Detailed Analysis

Buying a new SUV is never a simple task, especially when faced with a choice between two market leaders. If you’ve found yourself torn between the Grand Highlander and Traverse, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll delve deep into the characteristics, strengths, and shortcomings of each, so you can make an informed choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature/AspectGrand HighlanderTraverse
Brand LegacyKnown for reliability and longevityRenowned for power and luxury
Engine PerformanceEfficient and reliablePunchier with superior highway performance
Fuel EfficiencyHigher efficiencyMore frequent gas station visits
Interior SpaceComfortable but slightly less spaciousHighly spacious, especially the third row
Tech & InfotainmentModern with essential safety featuresSlightly more intuitive with added entertainment features
Price PointSlightly higher initial cost but better resale valueMore attractive initial price, but potential resale dip

The Grand Highlander: Pros

The Grand Highlander
  1. Fuel Efficiency:

Toyota is renowned for producing fuel-efficient vehicles, and the Grand Highlander is no exception. If you’re looking to reduce your fuel costs and carbon footprint, the Grand Highlander has an edge.

  1. Reliability:

Toyota’s reputation for reliability is hard to beat. The Grand Highlander’s robust build and proven track record make it a safe bet for the long haul.

  1. Advanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, and the Grand Highlander boasts cutting-edge features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more.

The Grand Highlander: Cons

  1. Price Point:

High-quality often comes at a cost. The Grand Highlander might be slightly more expensive than other SUVs in its class.

  1. Interior Space:

While roomy, some users have mentioned they’d appreciate a bit more space, especially when compared to vehicles like the Traverse.

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The Traverse: Pros

  1. Spacious Interior:

When it comes to space, the Traverse is a giant. Whether you have a big family or need ample cargo room, this Chevrolet delivers.

  1. Powerful Engine Options:

For those who want a bit more oomph under the hood, the Traverse’s available V6 engine options can be a thrill.

  1. Tech Features:

Chevrolet has equipped the Traverse with modern infotainment features, making rides enjoyable for both the driver and passengers.

The Traverse: Cons

  1. Fuel Consumption:

Compared to the Grand Highlander, the Traverse might be a tad thirsty, especially if you opt for the more powerful engines.

  1. Handling:

While it’s spacious and powerful, some users have mentioned that the Traverse can feel a bit bulky when navigating tighter city streets.

Both the Grand Highlander and Traverse bring a lot to the table. If you prioritize fuel efficiency and reliability, Toyota’s offering might be up your alley. 

On the other hand, if space and power are on top of your list, then Chevrolet’s Traverse could be your best bet.

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Key Differences Between the Grand Highlander and Traverse

In the world of mid-size SUVs, two names often float to the top: The Grand Highlander and the Chevrolet Traverse. Both command respect in the automobile industry and have amassed loyal followings. 

But when it comes to choosing between them, knowing their key differences is paramount. Here’s a detailed breakdown.

  1. Brand Legacy & Reputation

Grand Highlander:

Toyota, the manufacturer of the Grand Highlander, has built its reputation on the pillars of reliability and longevity. The Japanese automaker is often the go-to choice for those prioritizing long-term vehicle dependability.


Chevrolet, on the other hand, is an American classic. While its reputation for reliability is respectable, it’s best known for producing powerful, robust vehicles with a touch of luxury.

  1. Engine Performance & Drive

Grand Highlander:

Toyota’s engines are lauded for their efficiency. The Grand Highlander, given its lineage, is designed for a smooth and reliable drive. Its acceleration is decent, and it provides enough power for most daily activities, making it a well-rounded daily driver.


Chevrolet’s Traverse is the beast of the two. With its V6 engine options, it offers a punchier acceleration and is well-suited for those who crave more power from their SUV. Its performance on highways, especially during overtaking, is notably superior.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Grand Highlander:

Toyota generally takes the cake in this department. The Grand Highlander’s engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for long drives and city commuting alike.


While the Traverse offers more power, it comes at the cost of fuel efficiency. If you’re driving mostly in the city, those frequent visits to the gas station might add up.

  1. Interior Space & Comfort

Grand Highlander:

While the Grand Highlander offers a comfortable and well-designed interior, it slightly trails when compared to the Traverse in terms of sheer space. It’s more than adequate for most families but might feel a tad snug if every seat is occupied.


The Traverse shines brightly here. Its spacious interior guarantees comfort, even on long journeys. The third row is particularly commendable, offering more legroom than many competitors, the Grand Highlander included.

  1. Tech & Infotainment

Grand Highlander:

Toyota has been upping its tech game in recent years. The Grand Highlander comes equipped with a modern infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a range of safety features, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.


Chevrolet hasn’t been left behind in the tech race. The Traverse boasts a similarly impressive infotainment system with a slightly more intuitive interface. Features like multiple USB ports, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and a rear-seat entertainment system make it a tech-lover’s delight.

  1. Price Point & Resale Value

Grand Highlander:

Typically, Toyota vehicles hold their value well over time, and the Grand Highlander is expected to follow suit. While its initial price might be a pinch higher than some competitors, its resale value often compensates for this in the long run.


The Traverse, being a Chevrolet, comes with a slightly more attractive initial price tag. However, when it comes to resale, it might not fetch as much as its Toyota counterpart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the traverse bigger than the Highlander?

Yes, in terms of interior space and cargo capacity, the Traverse is generally considered bigger than the Highlander.

What Toyota is equivalent to Traverse?

The Grand Highlander is Toyota’s direct competitor to the Traverse, offering similar features and capabilities but with its own set of pros and cons.

What does the Grand Highlander compete with?

The Grand Highlander competes with several mid-size SUVs like the Chevrolet Traverse, Kia Telluride, and Honda Pilot, among others.

How much bigger will Grand Highlander be?

While exact dimensions can vary by year and model, the Grand Highlander is designed to be a more spacious alternative to the regular Highlander, with additional cargo and passenger space.

Is a Traverse as big as a Tahoe?

Not quite. The Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV, making it larger than the Traverse, which is a mid-size SUV.

Is a Highlander or Telluride bigger?

In terms of space, the Kia Telluride has a slight edge over the Highlander with a more spacious interior and additional cargo capacity.

Wrapping Up

Both the Grand Highlander and the Traverse are commendable SUVs. It all boils down to personal preference and priorities. Now that you’re equipped with the pros and cons of each, you’re one step closer to driving off in the SUV of your dreams. Safe travels!

The Grand Highlander and Traverse have their unique selling points. Your choice will likely boil down to personal preferences and priorities. Whether it’s the reliability of a Toyota or the power-packed performance of a Chevrolet, both vehicles are sure to serve you well on the road. Safe driving!

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