Grand Cherokee Overland Vs. Trailhawk: An In-Depth Comparison

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has, for decades, been a favorite for SUV enthusiasts. With its perfect blend of luxury, capability, and American craftsmanship, it has found its way into the driveways of millions. 

Two of the most sought-after trim levels are the Overland and the Trailhawk. But which one suits you best? Let’s dive in.

A Brief Comparison Table

Exterior StylingChrome grille, 20-inch wheels, body-colored fender flaresBlacked-out grille, 18-inch wheels, red tow hooks
Interior AmenitiesHeated & ventilated leather seats, Alpine Audio, wood insertsLeather & suede seats, all-weather mats
Performance & CapabilityQuadra-Lift air suspension, standard 4×4Quadra-Drive II 4×4, skid plates, hill descent control
Ride ComfortSmoother with air suspensionFirmer, rugged ride, built for trails
Price & ValueHigher with luxury featuresMid-range, extreme value for off-roaders

Regardless of which you choose, both the Overland and Trailhawk variants of the Grand Cherokee ensure you’re buying into Jeep’s legendary reputation. 

It’s just a matter of deciding whether luxury or rugged adventure is more your style.

Grand Cherokee Overland: The Luxury Explorer

Grand Cherokee Overland
Grand Cherokee Overland


  • High-End Finishes: 

Overland feels luxurious with its leather seating, real wood accents, and panoramic sunroof. It looks and feels more upscale.

  • Advanced Technology: 

Comes equipped with features like the Uconnect system, a 9-speaker Alpine sound system, and a larger touchscreen. It ensures the drive is as entertaining as it is comfortable.

  • Air Suspension System: 

Provides a smoother ride and makes off-road ventures a touch more comfortable. It also adjusts the vehicle’s height, aiding entry and exit.


  • Price: 

With luxury comes a slightly heftier price tag. The Overland is pricier than the Trailhawk.

  • Less Off-Road Focused: 

While still more than capable off-road, the Overland’s primary focus is luxury, not ruggedness.

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Grand Cherokee Trailhawk: The Off-Road Maverick

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
Grand Cherokee Trailhawk


  • Built for the Trails: 

Its name says it all. With standard Quadra-Drive II, hill descent control, and increased ground clearance, this is built for the paths less traveled.

  • Rugged Interior: 

Designed to handle the mud, dirt, and grime that comes with an adventurous lifestyle.

  • Tow Hooks & Skid Plates: 

Ready for recovery operations and added underbody protection. You’re less likely to get stuck, and if you do, recovery is easier.


  • Less Luxurious: 

While still well-appointed, it doesn’t offer the same level of opulence as the Overland.

  • Fuel Efficiency: 

With its off-road gear, the Trailhawk can be slightly less fuel-efficient on highways compared to other models.

Detailed Differences: Grand Cherokee Overland vs. Trailhawk

Exterior Styling

Overland: The Overland adopts a more refined approach. Features like its chrome grille, 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, and body-colored fender flares emphasize luxury. Bi-xenon HID headlamps with LED daytime running lights give it a modern edge.

Trailhawk: Sporting a more rugged look, the Trailhawk comes with a unique blacked-out grille, 18-inch off-road wheels, red tow hooks, and the unmistakable Trailhawk badges. Its black hood decal isn’t just for looks – it’s designed to reduce glare during off-roading.

Interior Amenities

Overland: Open the door, and you’re greeted by a luxurious interior. Heated and ventilated leather front seats, ambient LED lighting, and real wood inserts exude opulence. The Alpine Premium Audio system ensures a crisp sound experience.

Trailhawk: Built for rough use, its interior is functional yet comfortable. You’ll get leather and suede seats with red accent stitching, the Trailhawk badge on the steering wheel, and all-weather mats to handle muddy shoes.

Performance & Capability

Overland: While it offers the Quadra-Lift air suspension system for a tailored ride experience, its off-road capabilities are slightly limited compared to the Trailhawk. Nevertheless, with its 4×4 system and a choice of powerful engines, the Overland is no slouch.

Trailhawk: This beast is ready to conquer any terrain. Thanks to its Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, electronic limited-slip differential, and hill descent control, it’s built for trails. The off-road package is enhanced with skid plates to protect the underbelly from rough terrains.

Ride Comfort

Overland: Expect a smoother, more luxurious ride. The air suspension system not only offers height adjustability but also cushions from the rough patches, making daily commutes and long drives delightful.

Trailhawk: With its focus on off-roading, the Trailhawk offers a firmer ride. However, Jeep has ensured that even city drives are comfortable, though it leans more towards the rugged side of the spectrum.

Price & Value

Overland: The price point is on the higher side, but it justifies the luxury it brings. With its high-end finishes and tech features, the Overland is for those who want a blend of off-road capability and city luxury.

Trailhawk: It offers value for off-road enthusiasts. Every dollar spent is evident in its trail-conquering features. While it’s not as luxurious as the Overland, it’s possibly the most capable off-roader in its price range.

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FAQ Section

What’s the difference between Jeep Summit and Summit Reserve? 

The Jeep Summit is a luxury trim, focusing on premium features and finishes. The Summit Reserve takes it a notch higher with even more refined materials, like palermo leather, and additional tech features.

What is the difference between Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and Summit Reserve? 

While the Overland offers a mix of luxury and capability, the Summit Reserve is primarily focused on the premium luxury experience with even higher-end finishes and features.

What are the different levels of Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in multiple trim levels, starting from the base Laredo, then moving up to Limited, Trailhawk, Overland, Summit, SRT, and Trackhawk. Each offers unique features catering to various preferences.

What year did the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve come out? 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve was introduced as part of the 2021 model lineup.

What is the top of the range Grand Cherokee? 

The Trackhawk, with its supercharged V8, is the performance-oriented top of the range. But in terms of luxury, the Summit Reserve sits at the pinnacle.

What is the difference between the Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude and Summit? 

High Altitude is a special edition based on the Overland, adding blacked-out aesthetic features and some tech upgrades. The Summit, on the other hand, is more luxury-focused with premium finishes and advanced tech features.

Wrapping Up

Choosing between the Overland and Trailhawk boils down to personal preference. If you value luxury and a more city-suited drive, the Overland should be your pick. If off-road adventures call your name, the Trailhawk stands ready. 

Remember, whichever you choose, the Grand Cherokee’s legacy ensures you’re getting an SUV that’s top of its game.

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