Grand Cherokee Limited Vs. Summit: A Comprehensive Analysis

When it comes to luxury SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee holds a revered spot in the market. For those in the know, it’s often a toss-up between two of its popular models: the Limited and the Summit. But which one trumps the other, and how do you decide which is right for you? 

Let’s dive deep into the realms of Grand Cherokee Limited and Summit, examining their pros and cons with a real user perspective.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature/AspectGrand Cherokee LimitedGrand Cherokee Summit
Exterior StylingPolished with chrome accents, 18-inch wheels20-inch wheels, detailed grill, illuminated sills
InteriorLeather-trimmed seats, ambient lightingSuede-like headliner, open-pore wood, upscale finish
TechnologyUconnect® System with touchscreen and navigationHarman Kardon® Audio, 19 speakers, enhanced Uconnect®
Safety FeaturesBlind Spot Monitoring, ParkSense®Advanced SafetyTech™ Group, Lane Departure Warning
Performance & DrivetrainV6 engine, standard drivetrainUpgradeable to V8, Quadra-Drive® II 4×4 system
PriceMid-range in Grand Cherokee lineupTop-tier, premium pricing

Grand Cherokee Limited – The Stylish Heavyweight

Grand Cherokee Limited
Grand Cherokee Limited

The Grand Cherokee Limited exudes elegance, from its sleek exterior to its plush interiors. It’s the perfect vehicle for those looking for a mix of style, power, and functionality.

Pros of Grand Cherokee Limited:

  • Interiors to Adore: 

With leather-trimmed bucket seats and ambient interior lighting, the Limited offers a premium experience without the super-premium price tag.

  • Uconnect® System: 

With an integrated touchscreen, voice command, and navigation, it ensures you’re always connected and in control.

  • Safety Comes First: 

With features like Blind Spot Monitoring and ParkSense® Front and Rear Park Assist, the Limited ensures you’re always safe on the road.

Cons of Grand Cherokee Limited:

  • Fuel Efficiency: 

If gas mileage is a significant concern, the Limited might be a bit more demanding than its counterparts.

  • Price Point: 

It’s more affordable than the Summit, but some might find its price steep when considering competing brands.

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Grand Cherokee Summit – The Ultimate Luxury SUV

Grand Cherokee Summit
Grand Cherokee Summit

A step above the Limited, the Summit is for those who want the very best of everything Jeep has to offer.

Pros of Grand Cherokee Summit:

  • Unmatched Luxury: 

With a suede-like premium headliner and exotic open-pore wood accents, it’s an aesthetic delight.

  • Harman Kardon® Audio System: 

With 19 high-performance speakers, the sound experience in the Summit is unmatched.

  • Advanced SafetyTech™ Group: 

With features like Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning, it’s the epitome of safe driving.

Cons of Grand Cherokee Summit:

  • Pricey: 

The Summit is top of the line, and its price reflects that. It’s definitely an investment.

  • Too Luxe for Off-Roading?: 

While the Summit boasts of being an off-roader, its luxurious feel might deter owners from real rugged adventures.

Key Differences Between Grand Cherokee Limited and Summit

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, with its rugged capability paired with urban sophistication, is a mainstay in the luxury SUV segment. Within this lineup, the Limited and Summit models often pique interest. But what sets them apart? Let’s delve into their key differences in more detail.

  1. Exterior Styling

Grand Cherokee Limited: The Limited boasts of a polished exterior, with chrome accents giving it a refined look. Its standard 18-inch wheels exude elegance without going overboard. The Limited feels more like a traditional SUV in its design, a nod to the Jeep’s iconic legacy.

Grand Cherokee Summit: The Summit, on the other hand, takes luxury a notch higher. With 20-inch polished aluminum wheels and a more detailed grill, it has a more imposing presence. Additional features like illuminated sills and auto-folding side mirrors add a touch of extravagance to its design.

  1. Interior Luxuries

Grand Cherokee Limited: Stepping into the Limited, one is welcomed by leather-trimmed bucket seats and a sense of luxury. There’s ambient interior lighting, giving a soft glow that enhances nighttime drives. The Limited offers a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury without being ostentatious.

Grand Cherokee Summit: The Summit is designed for those who want more. The interiors feel richer, thanks to the suede-like premium headliner and exotic open-pore wood accents. There’s an attention to detail in the Summit that’s hard to ignore, making it feel like a top-tier luxury vehicle.

  1. Technology & Infotainment

Grand Cherokee Limited: The Limited comes with the Uconnect® System, ensuring you’re always connected. With an integrated touchscreen, voice command, and navigation, it’s user-friendly and effective.

Grand Cherokee Summit: The Summit, true to its luxury branding, offers the same tech but with added features. The standout is the Harman Kardon® Audio System with 19 high-performance speakers, offering a sound experience that’s truly unparalleled.

  1. Safety Features

Grand Cherokee Limited: Safety in the Limited is commendable with features like Blind Spot Monitoring and ParkSense® Front and Rear Park Assist. It ensures basic safety without overwhelming the driver with too many features.

Grand Cherokee Summit: The Summit takes safety seriously with the Advanced SafetyTech™ Group. It boasts of Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and more, making it one of the most safety-loaded vehicles in its class.

  1. Performance and Drivetrain

Grand Cherokee Limited: The Limited, with its V6 engine, offers enough power to handle both city commutes and occasional adventures. Its drivetrain is robust enough for most users, offering a blend of efficiency and power.

Grand Cherokee Summit: The Summit can be upgraded to a V8, giving it more grunt and towing capacity. Its Quadra-Drive® II 4×4 system is more adept at handling tough terrains, making it a beast both on and off the road.

  1. Price Point

Grand Cherokee Limited: More affordable than the Summit, the Limited offers a premium experience without the super-premium price tag. It’s a middle-ground for those who want luxury without going all out.

Grand Cherokee Summit: As the top-tier luxury variant, the Summit comes with a heftier price tag. It’s an investment, but for those who want the very best of Jeep, it’s worth every penny.

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FAQ Section

What is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit package? 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit package is the pinnacle of luxury within the Grand Cherokee lineup. It includes premium amenities like advanced safety features, a Harman Kardon® audio system, plush interiors, and superior tech integrations.

Is altitude better than limited? “Better” is subjective. 

The Altitude has a sportier look and some unique blacked-out features, while the Limited offers more luxurious touches. It depends on your preference: sporty vs. luxury.

Is Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited better than Altitude? 

Again, it’s about preference. The Limited is positioned as a more luxurious variant, with leather interiors and added tech features. If luxury is your go-to, then Limited might be more up your alley than the Altitude.

What is the difference between a Jeep Cherokee Limited and a Grand Cherokee Limited? 

The primary difference is size and capacity. The Grand Cherokee Limited is larger and offers more cargo space. It also generally comes with more power and capabilities than the Cherokee Limited.

What is the highest trim level for Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

The Grand Cherokee Summit is among the highest trim levels, especially when considering luxury features. However, for performance-oriented trims, the Trackhawk and SRT also hold top-tier positions.

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit have massage seats? 

As of my last update in 2021, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit did not offer massage seats as a standard feature. However, manufacturers often update features, so it’s best to check the latest model specifications directly from Jeep or a dealership.


Choosing between the Grand Cherokee Limited and Summit boils down to what you value most: a luxurious yet more budget-friendly ride or the crème de la crème of Jeep luxury. Either way, you’re getting an SUV steeped in quality, performance, and style.

In essence, both the Grand Cherokee Limited and Summit have their own unique offerings. The right choice boils down to individual needs, budget, and preference for luxury. Whether you opt for the understated sophistication of the Limited or the unabashed luxury of the Summit, you’re in for a driving experience to remember.

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