Grand Cherokee L Vs. Pilot: The Ultimate Showdown

When you’re in the market for a family-sized SUV, two names might keep popping up – the Grand Cherokee L and the Pilot. Both vehicles come with their own sets of merits, appealing to diverse clientele. 

To help you navigate this decision, let’s plunge deep into these two behemoths, and see how they stack up against each other.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature CategoryGrand Cherokee LPilot
Brand Heritage/DesignRugged and LuxuriousUrban and Family-friendly
PerformancePowerful engines, Off-road readyEfficient V6, City-friendly
InteriorLuxurious, Advanced TechComfortable, Practical Tech
Safety FeaturesAdvanced Safety SuiteHonda Sensing Suite
PricePricier, Premium FeaturesMore Affordable, Great Value
Towing CapacityHigher towing capacityModerate towing capacity
Fuel EfficiencyLower due to powerful enginesMore fuel-efficient
SeatingComfortable, Premium materialsRoomy, especially the third row
InfotainmentLarger touchscreen, Premium audio optionsStandard touchscreen, Reliable system
Cargo SpaceVariable based on configurationSpacious, especially with seats folded

Grand Cherokee L: What’s the Buzz?

Grand Cherokee L
Grand Cherokee L


  • Powerful Performance: 

The Grand Cherokee L offers robust engine options, ensuring a zippy ride no matter the terrain.

  • Luxurious Interior: 

With top-notch materials and sophisticated tech features, the Grand Cherokee L exudes a luxurious aura.

  • Off-road Prowess: 

Known for its off-roading capabilities, the Grand Cherokee L doesn’t disappoint. Its innovative 4×4 systems and high ground clearance give it an edge.


  • Price Point: 

Being more upscale means shelling out more. The Grand Cherokee L tends to be pricier than its rivals, including the Pilot.

  • Fuel Efficiency: 

Power comes with its costs. The Grand Cherokee L might be a bit thirstier at the pump than some competitors.

Pilot: The Dependable Family SUV



  • Roomy Interior: 

The Pilot offers a spacious interior with comfortable seating for up to eight, making it perfect for family trips.

  • Safety Features: 

Loaded with advanced safety tech, the Pilot ensures peace of mind with every drive.

  • Reliability: 

Honda’s track record for reliability is commendable. The Pilot continues this legacy.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: 

While this is subjective, some find the Pilot’s design to be less modern or captivating than competitors like the Grand Cherokee L.

  • Less Engaging Drive: 

The Pilot is practical and efficient, but it might not offer the thrilling ride experience some enthusiasts seek.

How Do They Compare?

When choosing between the Grand Cherokee L and the Pilot, it boils down to what you prioritize.

  • Performance vs Efficiency: 

If you’re looking for a powerhouse, the Grand Cherokee L takes the cake. However, for those who value fuel efficiency and a more city-friendly drive, the Pilot shines.

  • Luxury vs Practicality: 

With its plush interiors and advanced tech, the Grand Cherokee L feels more luxurious. On the other hand, the Pilot is more about functionality and reliability.

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Key Differences Between Grand Cherokee L and Pilot

When comparing the Grand Cherokee L and the Pilot, it’s essential to focus on the differences that make each stand out in their own right. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key distinctions that separate these two sought-after SUVs:

  1. Brand Heritage and Design Philosophy

Grand Cherokee L: Jeep has a rich heritage when it comes to off-roading and rugged design. The Grand Cherokee L exudes this legacy with its muscular stance, iconic seven-slot grille, and an overall look that screams adventure. It’s refined yet rugged, blending the luxury of an upscale SUV with the toughness Jeep is known for.

Pilot: Honda’s Pilot leans more towards the urban and family-friendly design. It sports a contemporary look that’s sleek and modern, reflecting Honda’s emphasis on practicality and reliability. Its smooth lines and rounded edges make it look more at home in city streets than rugged terrains.

  1. Performance and Capability

Grand Cherokee L: Known for its impressive off-road prowess, the Grand Cherokee L offers a range of powerful engine options. With its Quadra-Lift air suspension and multiple 4×4 systems, it’s prepared to tackle challenging terrains.

Pilot: The Pilot focuses on a smooth, family-friendly drive. While it offers an available all-wheel-drive system for added stability, it doesn’t match the Grand Cherokee L’s off-roading capabilities. The Pilot’s V6 engine is efficient and reliable, prioritizing everyday usability.

  1. Interior Luxuries and Tech

Grand Cherokee L: The Grand Cherokee L is all about luxury, especially in its higher trims. It boasts of plush interiors, premium materials, and state-of-the-art tech. Features like a digital instrument cluster, large touchscreen infotainment system, and high-end audio systems elevate the driving experience.

Pilot: While the Pilot offers a comfortable and well-appointed interior, it doesn’t match the luxurious aura of the Grand Cherokee L. However, it does provide practical features like multiple USB ports, a roomy third row, and Honda’s suite of infotainment and connectivity options.

  1. Safety Features

Grand Cherokee L: Jeep doesn’t skimp on safety. The Grand Cherokee L offers a suite of advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and advanced brake assist.

Pilot: Honda has always been at the forefront of safety, and the Pilot is no exception. With the Honda Sensing suite of safety features, it offers collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.

  1. Price and Value Proposition

Grand Cherokee L: Being on the more upscale side, the Grand Cherokee L tends to have a heftier price tag, especially for the higher trims. However, for the price, you’re getting a blend of luxury, off-road capability, and brand prestige.

Pilot: The Pilot offers excellent value for money. It’s generally more affordable than the Grand Cherokee L and focuses on delivering a reliable, safe, and family-friendly vehicle.

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FAQ Section

Is the Grand Cherokee L the same as a Durango?

No, they are distinct models. The Grand Cherokee L is Jeep’s extension of the Grand Cherokee lineup, whereas the Durango is under the Dodge banner. Both, however, are three-row SUVs.

Which has more room, Durango or Grand Cherokee L?

Both offer spacious interiors, but the exact space can vary based on specific configurations. Generally, the Grand Cherokee L offers a more upscale and plush feel, while the Durango might offer slightly more cargo space.

What is the Grand Cherokee L comparable to?

The Grand Cherokee L competes in the midsize three-row SUV segment, going toe-to-toe with vehicles like the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and GMC Acadia.

Do Durangos and Grand Cherokees have the same engine?

Both vehicles have been offered with similar engine options, like the 3.6L Pentastar V6. However, specific configurations and performance specs might differ.

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee L considered a luxury car?

While the Grand Cherokee L offers luxury features and a premium feel, especially in higher trims, it’s generally categorized as a mainstream SUV. That said, its top trims can rival some luxury SUVs in terms of features and comfort.

Is a Grand Cherokee L bigger than Acadia?

Both the Grand Cherokee L and the GMC Acadia are in the same segment, but the Grand Cherokee L is slightly larger in terms of overall length and might offer more interior space in some configurations.

In Conclusion

Your choice between the Grand Cherokee L and the Pilot boils down to what matters most to you. If luxury, power, and off-road capabilities resonate with you, the Grand Cherokee L is a compelling choice. For those who prioritize reliability, safety, and a family-friendly package, the Pilot beckons. Whatever your pick, both SUVs promise a fulfilling ownership experience.

The Grand Cherokee L and Pilot cater to different segments of the SUV market. While the Grand Cherokee L appeals to those who crave luxury combined with adventure, the Pilot beckons to families looking for a dependable and practical daily driver. Your choice ultimately depends on what you prioritize in an SUV.

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