GMC Canyon AT4 Vs. AT4X: A Comprehensive Face-Off

When it comes to off-road capabilities and robust performance, the GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X are two remarkable models that strike attention. Let’s take a deep dive into what these two beasts offer, as we analyze the features, pros, cons, and differences between the GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X. 

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or just looking for a truck that combines aesthetics with functionality, we’ve got the scoop for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGMC Canyon AT4GMC Canyon AT4X
SuspensionStandard Off-Road SuspensionMulti-Matic DSSV dampers
Tires31-inch Goodyear WranglerSame as AT4 plus Skid Plates
InteriorCloth Seats, Standard InfotainmentPremium Leather, Advanced Infotainment
Safety FeaturesEssential FeaturesMore Comprehensive Safety Package
Towing CapacitySuitable for Light to Medium TowingHigher Capacity
Engine OptionsStandard V6Options for More Powerful Engines
Fuel EconomyReasonableSimilar to AT4, Configuration Dependent
PriceLower Starting PriceHigher Starting Price
AvailabilityWidely AvailableLimited Availability

GMC Canyon AT4: A Quick Overview

GMC Canyon AT4
GMC Canyon AT4

Key Features

The GMC Canyon AT4 is designed for outdoor enthusiasts with its off-road suspension, 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, and Advanced Hill Descent Control System. Let’s break down some of its pros and cons.


  • Robust Off-road Capability

The Canyon AT4 is engineered for those rough terrains.

  • Advanced Safety Features:

Equipped with an array of safety features, you can drive with confidence.

  • Reasonable Price Tag

More budget-friendly compared to the AT4X.


  • Limited Luxury Features

It might not have all the luxury features some drivers desire.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Not the most fuel-efficient option in its class.

GMC Canyon AT4X: Stepping Up the Game

GMC Canyon AT4X
GMC Canyon AT4X

Key Features

The GMC Canyon AT4X takes the off-road capabilities to the next level. With its exclusive 4×4 system, Multi-Matic DSSV dampers, and skid plates, it’s a more refined and rugged version of the AT4.


  • Enhanced Off-road Performance

Enhanced suspension and skid plates add to the off-road prowess.

  • Upgraded Interior

Enjoy premium leather seats and the latest tech gadgets.

  • Increased Towing Capacity

If you need to haul more, the AT4X is your guy.


  • Higher Price

All these additions come with a heftier price tag.

  • Limited Availability

Might be harder to find in some regions.

The AT4X is basically a more refined version of the AT4, offering enhanced off-road capabilities, premium features, and a more luxurious feel. While the AT4 provides a solid off-road experience, the AT4X adds those extra touches for a more comfortable and capable ride.

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Detailed Comparison Between GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X

When it comes to choosing between the GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X, the decision isn’t a simple one. Both models have their unique characteristics, but understanding the key differences will help you make the right choice. Let’s dive deep into the specifics of what sets these two apart.

Off-Road Capabilities

GMC Canyon AT4
  • Suspension: Standard Off-Road Suspension Package.
  • Tires: 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires.
  • Hill Descent Control: Allows better control on steep descents.
GMC Canyon AT4X
  • Suspension: Advanced Multi-Matic DSSV dampers for better shock absorption.
  • Skid Plates: Protection for undercarriage during extreme off-roading.
  • 4×4 System: Exclusive 4×4 system providing better control and traction.

Interior Features

GMC Canyon AT4
  • Seating: Durable cloth seats.
  • Infotainment: Standard infotainment system.
  • Safety Features: Includes essential safety features but not as extensive as the AT4X.
GMC Canyon AT4X
  • Seating: Premium leather seats with heating and cooling options.
  • Infotainment: Advanced infotainment system with larger touch-screen display.
  • Safety Features: More comprehensive safety package including advanced driver assistance systems.

Towing and Performance

GMC Canyon AT4
  • Engine: Standard V6 engine option.
  • Towing Capacity: Adequate for most light to medium towing needs.
  • Fuel Economy: Reasonable but not class-leading.
GMC Canyon AT4X
  • Engine: Option for more powerful engine configurations.
  • Towing Capacity: Increased capacity, suitable for heavier loads.
  • Fuel Economy: Similar to the AT4, with variations depending on specific configurations.

Pricing and Availability

GMC Canyon AT4
  • Price: Generally starts at a lower price point.
  • Availability: More widely available.
GMC Canyon AT4X
  • Price: Priced higher due to additional features and capabilities.
  • Availability: Limited availability due to its exclusive nature.

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FAQ Section

What is the difference between the Canyon AT4 and AT4X?

The main difference between the Canyon AT4 and AT4X lies in the upgraded off-road capabilities, interior luxury, and price. While the AT4 offers a robust performance, the AT4X takes it a step further with enhanced features and a more refined experience.

What does the GMC AT4X package include?

The GMC AT4X package includes upgrades such as the exclusive 4×4 system, Multi-Matic DSSV dampers, skid plates, premium leather seats, and more towing capacity.

What is the difference between Canyon AT4 and elevation 2023?

While the Canyon AT4 is focused on off-road capabilities, the Elevation trim emphasizes style and technology. The Elevation 2023 might not have the robust off-road features present in the AT4.

What is the new AT4X?

The new AT4X is an upgraded version of the Canyon AT4, emphasizing advanced off-road capabilities, a luxurious interior, and enhanced towing performance.

How much will the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X cost?

The 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is expected to have a starting price around $45,000, but this can vary based on optional features and region.

How many miles per gallon does a 2023 AT4X Canyon get?

The fuel economy for the 2023 AT4X Canyon is expected to be around 18 MPG city and 24 MPG highway, but these numbers can vary depending on driving conditions and configurations.


Choosing between the GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X boils down to your preferences, needs, and budget. If you’re looking for more advanced features and willing to invest a bit more, the AT4X is a natural choice. However, the AT4 still offers a fantastic off-road experience at a more affordable price. Either way, both models make a strong case for anyone looking to conquer the roads less traveled.

Both GMC Canyon AT4 and AT4X have their unique appeals. If you’re into serious off-roading and looking for a more luxurious interior with advanced features, the AT4X is the way to go. If you want a robust off-road truck without breaking the bank, the AT4 will meet your needs.

Understanding these differences in detail will guide you in making the most informed decision that aligns with your preferences and needs. Whether it’s the AT4’s affordability or the AT4X’s superior off-road capabilities, both models stand as strong contenders in their class.

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