GLS 450 Vs. BMW X7: A Comprehensive Faceoff

In the luxurious world of high-end SUVs, two names that have continuously battled for supremacy are the Mercedes GLS 450 and the BMW X7. Both brimming with innovative features, extraordinary design, and unmatched luxury, this comparison brings an unbiased look into these two automotive titans. 

Let’s dig into the details of GLS 450 and BMW X7 to help you make the right choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMercedes GLS 450BMW X7
DesignElegant and luxuriousSporty and aggressive
Engine3.0L turbocharged inline-six with EQ Boost3.0L turbocharged inline-six
Technology InterfaceMBUX system with user-friendly featuresiDrive system, driver-centric
Space and ComfortMore spacious third-row seatingSlightly cramped third-row
Fuel EfficiencyEnhanced with mild-hybrid technologyRobust, but without mild-hybrid feature
PriceGenerally higherMay vary based on configurations

A Brief Introduction

Mercedes GLS 450

The Mercedes GLS 450, part of the renowned GLS series, offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Boasting a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, it provides a buttery-smooth ride you would expect from a Mercedes.


The BMW X7 doesn’t fall short either. Known for its sporty drive and sophisticated looks, it carries a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, just like its counterpart, but with the distinct driving dynamics BMW is famous for.

Pros and Cons

GLS 450

Pros of GLS 450

  • Technology and Comfort

The GLS 450 features Mercedes’ latest MBUX infotainment system, providing a seamless and interactive user experience. When it comes to comfort, the car offers highly adjustable seating, ambient lighting, and a soft air suspension.

  • Performance

Equipped with the EQ Boost mild-hybrid system, the GLS 450 enhances fuel efficiency without compromising power.

Pros of BMW X7

  • Driving Dynamics

The X7’s sportier nature is evident in its handling. The balance between comfort and sporty driving ensures an exciting yet composed ride.

  • Aesthetics

Sporting the iconic BMW grille, sleek lines, and athletic design, the X7 stands out on the road.

Cons of GLS 450

  • Price

The luxurious features of GLS 450 come with a hefty price tag, potentially making it less accessible.

Cons of BMW X7

  • Space Utilization

While offering good space, the third-row seating in the X7 might feel a bit cramped, especially for taller passengers.

Comparison: Key Features


Both vehicles offer similar engine configurations, but the GLS 450 focuses on a more comfortable ride, while the BMW X7 offers a sportier experience.

Interior and Features

While the BMW X7 boasts a robust and engaging design, the GLS 450 leans more towards elegance and class. Both offer top-tier technology but with different presentations and usability.


Both Mercedes and BMW have a history of solid reliability. With extensive warranty coverage, both the GLS 450 and BMW X7 assure peace of mind.

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Key Differences Between GLS 450 and BMW X7

  1. Design Philosophy

GLS 450

The Mercedes GLS 450 embodies the classic luxury design that Mercedes is renowned for. Its smooth curves and sleek exterior promote elegance and poise, whereas the interior emphasizes comfort with its plush leather seats and well-crafted finishes.


The BMW X7 takes a more aggressive stance. With its muscular lines, the iconic large BMW kidney grille, and sportier look, it appeals to those who seek a more dynamic appearance. Inside, it maintains a balance of luxury and sporty aesthetics.

  1. Performance and Driving Experience

GLS 450

With its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine combined with EQ Boost mild-hybrid technology, the GLS 450 leans towards a serene and comfortable ride. Its air suspension system ensures a smooth and cushioned driving experience.


The BMW X7’s same-sized engine takes a different route by focusing on a sporty driving experience. The steering is more engaging, and the ride quality is firmer, giving the driver a more connected feel to the road.

  1. Technology Interface

GLS 450

The MBUX infotainment system in the GLS 450 offers cutting-edge features and voice command, allowing a user-friendly and interactive approach to controls.


The iDrive system in the X7 is equally advanced but has a more driver-centric approach. The controls are laid out in a way that prioritizes the driving experience, with intuitive dials and responsive touchscreens.

  1. Space and Comfort

GLS 450

The GLS 450 offers more generous third-row seating, making it suitable for larger families or those requiring extra cargo space. The attention to comfort is evident in the adjustable seating and cabin quality.


While luxurious and spacious, the X7’s third-row might feel a bit constrained for taller passengers. The space is more optimized for the sporty design, sacrificing some comfort.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

GLS 450

The mild-hybrid technology in the GLS 450 helps in enhancing fuel efficiency, offering a blend of power and economy.


The X7 offers robust fuel efficiency but lacks the mild-hybrid feature found in the GLS 450, potentially resulting in slightly lower fuel economy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Mercedes is equivalent to the BMW X7?

The Mercedes GLS series, particularly the GLS 450, is considered equivalent to the BMW X7 in terms of performance, luxury, and features.

What BMW is equivalent to Mercedes GLS?

The BMW X7 competes directly with the Mercedes GLS series.

Is a Mercedes better than a BMW?

It depends on personal preference. Mercedes tends to prioritize comfort, while BMW often focuses on a sportier driving experience.

Which is bigger GLS or Q7?

The Mercedes GLS is generally larger than the Audi Q7, both in terms of exterior dimensions and interior space.

Is BMW more classy than Mercedes?

While BMW is often seen as sportier and more dynamic, Mercedes is typically associated with elegance and luxury. It comes down to individual taste.

Why choose Mercedes over BMW?

Opting for Mercedes, like the GLS 450, usually means choosing comfort, advanced technology, and a more luxurious feel over the sporty and aggressive nature of a BMW, like the X7.

In the battle between GLS 450 and BMW X7, your choice will likely come down to your preference for luxury over sportiness or vice versa. 

Whether you choose the elegant GLS 450 or the dynamic BMW X7, both vehicles promise an unmatched driving experience that justifies their position as leaders in the luxury SUV segment.

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The differences between the Mercedes GLS 450 and BMW X7 are mainly rooted in their respective brand philosophies. While Mercedes prioritizes luxury, comfort, and elegance, BMW leans towards sportiness, performance, and dynamic design. Both cars are leaders in their segment and offer a rich set of features, but your choice will likely hinge on what you prioritize more: the serenity and plushness of the GLS 450 or the energetic and engaging nature of the BMW X7. 

Either way, you are selecting an embodiment of automotive excellence that caters to the upper echelons of SUV luxury.

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