Genesis GV70 Vs. Lincoln Nautilus: A Comprehensive Face-Off

The luxury SUV market is booming, and two models that are drawing attention are the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus. 

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dissect the key features, pros, cons, and even tackle some of your burning questions about these two vehicles. Buckle up and let’s hit the road!

Comparison Table

FeatureGenesis GV70Lincoln Nautilus
Base Engine2.5-liter turbo-four2.0-liter turbo-four
Optional Engine3.5-liter twin-turbo V62.7-liter twin-turbo V6
Horsepower (V6)375335
Torque (V6)391 lb-ft380 lb-ft
Infotainment Screen Size14.5-inch13.2-inch
Standard Safety FeaturesExtensive, including adaptive cruise controlStandard, some advanced features optional
Cargo SpaceLimitedMore spacious
Fuel EfficiencyRespectableAverage
PricingCan be higher with add-onsGenerally good value

Genesis GV70: An Overview

Genesis GV70
Genesis GV70

Features and Pros

  • Performance

The Genesis GV70 is built for those craving both luxury and performance. Powered by a base 2.5-liter turbo-four engine, or an optional 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, the GV70 is responsive and agile. Its sporty character doesn’t compromise on the smoothness, offering a comfortable ride.

  • Interior Design

Inside the GV70, you’ll find high-quality materials and an intuitive tech interface. The sleek design, coupled with features like a 14.5-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, offers both functionality and flair.

  • Safety Features

With an array of advanced safety features like lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control, Genesis has prioritized the well-being of its passengers.


The main drawbacks of the Genesis GV70 include limited cargo space and a higher price tag compared to other luxury SUVs in its class.

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Lincoln Nautilus: A Close Look

Lincoln Nautilus
Lincoln Nautilus

Features and Pros

  • Comfort

The Lincoln Nautilus shines in the comfort department. With plush seats, ample cabin space, and a gentle suspension system, it’s designed for a relaxed driving experience.

  • Infotainment System

Featuring a 13.2-inch touchscreen with SYNC 4 interface, the Nautilus offers an easy-to-use infotainment system. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspot are standard.

  • Pricing

Competitively priced, the Nautilus offers significant value, with an elegant design and plenty of standard features.


The drawbacks of the Lincoln Nautilus include a less engaging driving experience compared to some rivals, and fuel efficiency that’s just okay.

When comparing the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus, it’s clear that both vehicles offer distinct experiences. The GV70 attracts those seeking performance and cutting-edge technology, while the Nautilus is designed for comfort and value.

Key Differences Between the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus

Though the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus are both contenders in the luxury SUV market, they each have their own distinctive features and characteristics. Let’s explore the key differences in more detail.

  1. Performance and Driving Experience

Genesis GV70

With its available 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, the GV70 offers a sportier drive, delivering 375 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque. The standard 2.5-liter engine also offers impressive power. The adaptive suspension ensures the ride is both dynamic and smooth.

Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus offers a comfortable and quiet ride, focusing more on cruising than sportiness. Its base engine, a turbocharged four-cylinder, provides adequate power, while the optional V6 turbocharged engine offers more oomph. However, it falls behind the GV70 in terms of responsiveness.

  1. Interior Design and Features

Genesis GV70

The GV70’s cabin exudes modern luxury with premium materials, ergonomic design, and a 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Features like ventilated seats and a head-up display add to its appeal.

Lincoln Nautilus

Though elegant, the Nautilus’ interior feels less cutting-edge compared to the GV70. It prioritizes comfort with plush seating and a 13.2-inch touchscreen.

  1. Safety and Driver Assistance

Genesis GV70

The GV70 boasts a plethora of standard safety features, including forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and more.

Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus also offers a suite of safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist. However, some advanced features are optional rather than standard.

  1. Cargo Space and Practicality

Genesis GV70

The GV70 falls behind in terms of cargo space, offering less room than many of its competitors, including the Nautilus. This could be a concern for those needing substantial storage.

Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus offers more cargo space, making it a practical choice for families or those needing room for luggage or equipment.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Genesis GV70

Fuel efficiency is respectable in the GV70 but may not be its strongest suit, especially with the more powerful engine option.

Lincoln Nautilus

Similarly, the Nautilus offers just average fuel efficiency, neither excelling nor failing in this aspect.

  1. Pricing and Value

Genesis GV70

Though the GV70 offers a host of standard features, its price can climb rapidly with optional add-ons and higher trim levels.

Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus is generally considered a good value in its class, providing luxury and comfort without a hefty price tag.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lincoln Nautilus comparable to?

Lincoln Nautilus is often compared to luxury SUVs like the Cadillac XT5, Lexus RX, and Acura MDX.

What is the competitor of the GV70?

The Genesis GV70 faces competition from luxury SUVs like the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

What are the drawbacks of the Genesis GV70?

Limited cargo space and a higher price tag are the main drawbacks of the Genesis GV70.

Is Genesis GV70 a luxury car?

Yes, the Genesis GV70 is categorized as a luxury SUV with premium features and design.

Is Genesis actually luxury?

Yes, Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury brand, offering vehicles with upscale features and quality craftsmanship.

Are Genesis cars worth buying?

Genesis cars are praised for their performance, safety features, and luxurious design, making them worth considering for those in the luxury car market.

Choosing between the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus is a matter of preference and priorities. Want something sportier with cutting-edge tech? The GV70 is for you. Looking for comfort and value? Consider the Nautilus.

No matter what you choose, both vehicles offer a touch of luxury that can make your daily commute or weekend getaway something to look forward to. Happy driving!


The decision between the Genesis GV70 and Lincoln Nautilus will largely depend on what you prioritize most. Are you seeking a sportier ride with cutting-edge tech? Then the GV70 may be your pick. Prefer comfort, space, and value? The Nautilus could be your perfect match.

Either way, both SUVs have their own unique appeal, catering to different tastes and needs within the luxury market.

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