Genesis GV70 Vs. Infiniti QX60: A Comprehensive Analysis

The luxury SUV market is filled with countless options, but two models that have captured the attention of drivers and critics alike are the Genesis GV70 and the Infiniti QX60. But how do these two competitors stack up? 

In this article, we will dive deep into the features, pros, and cons of the Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60, helping you make the most informed buying decision.

Comparison Table: Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60

FeatureGenesis GV70Infiniti QX60
Design PhilosophySporty and DynamicElegant and Sophisticated
PerformanceEngaging, Performance-OrientedSmooth, Comfort-Oriented
Interior SpaceLuxurious but More CompactSpacious, Family-Oriented
TechnologyCutting-Edge, CustomizableIntuitive, User-Friendly
PriceCompetitive, Affordable LuxurySlightly Higher, Family Value

Genesis GV70 Overview

Genesis GV70
Genesis GV70

Pros of Genesis GV70

  • Luxury Appeal: The Genesis GV70 is a standout luxury SUV. With its high-quality interior, cutting-edge technology, and sleek exterior, it’s a visual treat that screams elegance.
  • Performance: With robust engine options and smooth handling, the GV70 offers a spirited driving experience that rivals many in its class.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with top-of-the-line safety tech, the GV70 prioritizes safety without compromising comfort or aesthetics.
  • Affordable Luxury: Compared to other luxury SUVs, the GV70 offers a significant bang for your buck, giving access to high-end features without a jaw-dropping price tag.

Cons of Genesis GV70

  • Limited Cargo Space: While the cabin is spacious, the cargo area may fall short for those needing extra room for luggage or equipment.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Although powerful, the engines might not be as fuel-efficient as some of its competitors.

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Infiniti QX60 Overview

Infiniti QX60
Infiniti QX60

Pros of Infiniti QX60

  • Spacious Interior: The QX60’s interior is designed with families in mind, boasting comfortable seating for seven and ample cargo space.
  • Quiet and Smooth Ride: Infiniti has mastered the art of the smooth ride, ensuring long drives are comfortable and quiet.
  • Intuitive Technology: User-friendly tech interfaces make navigating the QX60’s features a breeze, even for the less tech-savvy.
  • Tried and True: The Infiniti brand has a strong reputation for reliability and quality, and the QX60 continues that tradition.

Cons of Infiniti QX60

  • Less Sporty Feel: While the QX60 offers a smooth ride, it lacks the sporty handling that driving enthusiasts may seek.
  • Higher Starting Price: Though packed with features, the Infiniti QX60 does come in at a slightly higher starting price than the Genesis GV70.

Head-to-Head: Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60

When comparing the Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60, the choice boils down to individual preferences. If a sportier, more agile driving experience is your desire, the GV70 might be your pick. On the other hand, if space, comfort, and a family-oriented design are top priorities, the Infiniti QX60 could be your match.

Key Differences Between Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60

The battle between the Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60 is hard-fought, with both vehicles offering distinct features that may appeal to different buyers. 

Let’s delve into the key differences to understand the unique selling points of each.

  1. Design Philosophy

Genesis GV70: The GV70 showcases a more sporty and dynamic design with its aggressive lines and bold front grille. It’s a vehicle designed for those who want to make a statement on the road.

Infiniti QX60: The QX60 takes a more elegant approach with smoother lines and a more conservative appearance. Its design focuses more on class and sophistication rather than sportiness.

  1. Performance and Handling

Genesis GV70: Equipped with robust engine options and performance-oriented suspension, the GV70 offers a more spirited driving experience. It’s tailored to those who love the thrill of driving and want a more engaging experience behind the wheel.

Infiniti QX60: While the QX60 has enough power to provide a satisfying drive, its tuning leans more towards comfort. Its smooth ride might be more appealing to those who prioritize tranquility over sportiness.

  1. Interior Space and Comfort

Genesis GV70: The GV70’s interior is luxurious and offers top-notch materials, but it tends to prioritize aesthetics and performance over space. Its cargo space might be less generous for those who need ample room.

Infiniti QX60: With seating for seven and a focus on comfort, the QX60 offers more interior space, especially for families. It has a user-centric interior design that makes it a more practical choice for daily use.

  1. Technology and Features

Genesis GV70: The GV70 is packed with cutting-edge technology and offers a wide array of customization options. Its tech-savvy design appeals to those who want to stay at the forefront of modern automotive trends.

Infiniti QX60: While also offering advanced technology, the QX60’s approach is more intuitive and user-friendly. Its features might be more accessible to those who are not necessarily tech enthusiasts.

  1. Price and Value

Genesis GV70: The GV70 offers a competitive price for a luxury SUV, giving access to high-end features without an exorbitant price tag. It offers value, especially for those looking for affordable luxury.

Infiniti QX60: The QX60 might come in at a slightly higher starting price, but it offers a well-rounded package that emphasizes comfort, space, and reliability. Its value proposition might be more aligned with family-oriented buyers.

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FAQ Section

What is the Genesis GV70 the same as?

The Genesis GV70 is a unique model but shares some features and design cues with other vehicles in the Genesis lineup.

What are the drawbacks of the Genesis GV70?

Some drawbacks include limited cargo space and lower fuel efficiency compared to some competitors.

Is Genesis GV70 a luxury car?

Yes, the Genesis GV70 is considered a luxury SUV, known for its high-end features and elegant design.

Is Genesis GV70 made by Hyundai?

Yes, Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury vehicle division, and the GV70 is a product of that brand.

Is Genesis like Lexus?

Genesis and Lexus both target the luxury vehicle market, but they have different design philosophies and feature offerings.

What is Genesis’s costliest car?

As of this writing, the Genesis G90 is among the costliest in the brand’s lineup, offering top-tier luxury and performance.

Whether you’re drawn to the luxurious elegance of the Genesis GV70 or the family-friendly comfort of the Infiniti QX60, both vehicles offer a delightful blend of style, performance, and value. 

By considering the detailed analysis above, you can confidently choose the model that fits your lifestyle, knowing that either choice promises a satisfying ownership experience. Happy car hunting!


The Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60, while competing in the same segment, cater to different preferences and needs. Whether it’s the sporty allure of the GV70 or the refined comfort of the QX60, both vehicles have strong selling points.

The GV70 might be the choice for those seeking a more engaging drive with a focus on aesthetics and modern tech. The QX60, on the other hand, might be more appealing to those who need a family-friendly vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice on luxury.

This detailed analysis of their differences should assist you in finding the vehicle that best resonates with your lifestyle and preferences. No matter which one you choose, both the Genesis GV70 and Infiniti QX60 stand as strong contenders in the luxury SUV market.

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