Generac Vs. Simpson Pressure Washers For Your Needs

Pressure washers are a great way to clean and maintain the exterior surfaces of your home. With the ability to generate up to thousands of PSI, they make quick work of removing dirt, mud, mold, mildew, and other stubborn debris.

Two of the most popular pressure washer brands on the market are Generac and Simpson. But which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Generac and Simpson pressure washers to help you determine the best option for your cleaning needs and budget. We’ll look at key factors like:

  • Power and performance
  • Durability and lifespan
  • Features and accessories
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Cost and value

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if a Generac or Simpson pressure washer is the best fit for tackling your outdoor cleaning projects.

Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

Best Suited ForResidentialCommercial/Industrial
Power Range1600-3100 PSI2000-4200+ PSI
Pump TypeAluminum, steel, brassAll brass
Lifespan5+ years10+ years
Ease of UseVery easyComplex maintenance
Power SourceElectric and gasMostly gas
MobilityLightweightHeavy duty wheels
AccessoriesBasic nozzles, turbo nozzle, soap nozzleWide customization options
WarrantyLimited residentialLimited commercial
MaintenanceDIYProfessional service recommended

Overview of Generac and Simpson Brands

Generac Pressure Washer

Generac is one of the most recognized names in home backup power generation systems.

The Wisconsin-based company has been manufacturing generators since 1959 and entered the pressure washer market in the 1990s.

Generac pressure washers are designed to be rugged, powerful, and easy to maintain.

They offer gas-powered and electric models across several tiers of residential and commercial use.

Simpson is a California-based manufacturer that has been producing pressure washers since the 1950s.

They are known for their high-quality, durable designs made with premium components.

Simpson offers a wide range of pressure washer models running the gamut from budget-friendly residential to professional-grade industrial use. They also manufacture many pressure washer parts and accessories.

Both Generac and Simpson have a track record of excellent performance and reliability. Choosing between the two brands really comes down to matching specific models to your cleaning application and budget.

Key Differences Between Generac And Simpson Pressure Washers

  • Pressure and Performance

The number one factor to consider when choosing a pressure washer is its cleaning power. This is measured by PSI (pounds per square inch) which indicates the water pressure generated. Higher PSI enables deeper cleaning of sturdy surfaces like concrete.

Most residential pressure washers have PSI ratings of 1500 to 3000. Electric models tend to be on the lower end while gas models achieve the highest PSI. Commercial pressure washers start around 3000 PSI and go up to 5000 PSI for industrial use.

Generac residential pressure washers range from 1600 to 3100 PSI which can handle light to heavy duty cleaning jobs. Their commercial models offer 3000 to 4000 PSI for more intensive tasks.

Simpson pressure washers start around 2000 PSI for residential use and reach up to 4200 PSI for commercial and industrial applications. They are recognized across the industry for their robust high-pressure pumps.

Both brands offer excellent power and performance. For typical homeowners, Generac and Simpson residential models have very comparable PSI ranges to handle routine cleaning projects. Simpson edges out at the upper end of PSI output which is better suited for heavy duty commercial jobs.

  • Durability and Life Expectancy
Simpson Pressure Washer
Simpson Pressure Washer

Thematerials and engineering also impact how well a pressure washer will stand up to repeated use over time.

Cheaper models may only last one or two seasons while professional models are built to endure years of projects.

Generac constructs their pressure washer components from aluminum, steel, and copper.

Their pumps and motors are designed for long life in residential settings.

With proper maintenance, you can expect at least 5 years of use from a Generac consumer model.

Simpson uses premium components like brass pumps, welded steel frames, and aluminum coils. This results in incredibly durable machines built for decades of commercial service. Many Simpson models stay in operation for over 10 years even under demanding conditions.

For home use, Generac and Simpson are both sufficiently durable options. For businesses or anyone needing a pressure washer that can withstand heavy daily use, Simpson is the clear winner for longest lasting performance.

  • Features and Accessories

While power and durability are most important, convenience features and accessories can improve your cleaning experience. Some key items to look for include:

  • Adjustable pressure – Allows you to lower PSI for more delicate tasks
  • Detergent injection – Applies soaps and cleaners as you wash
  • Nozzles – Rotating, angled, and turbo nozzles optimize spray patterns
  • Wheels – Improve mobility around your property
  • Wands – Extend your reach for multi-story cleaning
  • Hose reels – Neatly store hoses when not in use

Generac pressure washers come with 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° nozzles for variable spray patterns. Some models also include a turbo nozzle for intense cleaning and a soap nozzle for applying detergents. Their ergonomic spray guns and sturdy wheels provide convenience when working on projects.

Simpson outfits their pressure washers with similar accessories but also offers upgrades like hose reels, wand extensions, and surface cleaners for advanced capabilities. They provide unparalleled customization options to tailor the machine for specialized applications.

Both brands give you the essential features needed for most residential jobs. Simpson offers a much wider array of available accessories for those who need to customize a pressure washer for more demanding tasks.

  • Ease of Use
Generac Pressure Washer
Generac Pressure Washer

When assessing pressure washers for home use, an often overlooked factor is day-to-day operation and maintenance.

Complicated start-up procedures or frequent repairs can make cleaning projects feel like a chore.

Generac engineers their residential pressure washers for straightforward operation.

Most electric models plug directly into an outlet and are ready to go.

Gas-powered units start easily with an electric start button or manual recoil system. Maintenance involves regular oil changes, filter cleaning, and pump inspection which most homeowners can handle themselves.

While Simpson commercial models are built to withstand rugged conditions, they require more intensive maintenance. Their engines necessitate diligent upkeep to remain in optimal working order. Simpson pressure washers also tend to have a steeper learning curve for first-time users.

For typical homeowners, Generac pressure washers are much simpler to use on a daily basis. Business owners accustomed to working with heavy-duty equipment may be comfortable with the more complex Simpson machines. But for ease of operation, Generac certainly wins out.

  • Cost and Value

With pricing anywhere from $100 to $2,000+, determining the right budget for a pressure washer is key. You want an affordable option suited for your needs that will also provide years of value.

Generac offers a full spectrum of residential pressure washers at reasonable prices. Their electric models can be under $200 while gas-powered units range from $300 to $800. This manageable pricing makes them a great value investment for most homeowners.

Simpson pressure washers sit at the top end of the market. Their residential models start around $800 and commercial units can be $1,500 to $2,500. But you’re paying for proven reliability and performance that will last decades for many businesses.

Ultimately it comes down to matching the expected lifespan to your anticipated usage. Generac provides outstanding value for typical homeowner requirements. Simpson commands premium pricing for commercial-grade construction designed to withstand high frequency operation.

Generac And Simpson Pressure Washers Compared

To recap our in-depth comparison, here’s an overview of how Generac and Simpson pressure washers stack up:

Power and Performance

  • Generac – 1600 to 3100 PSI for residential; 3000 to 4000 PSI for commercial
  • Simpson – 2000 to 4200+ PSI across all models

Durability and Lifespan

  • Generac – Aluminum, steel, and copper components; 5+ years for home use
  • Simpson – All brass pumps, steel frames; 10+ years expected lifespan

Features and Accessories

  • Generac – Nozzles, turbo nozzle, soap nozzle, ergonomic spray gun
  • Simpson – All basics plus hose reels, extensions, surface cleaners, extreme customization

Ease of Use

  • Generac – Very easy for residential; gas and electric start simply
  • Simpson – Complex maintenance for commercial models; steeper learning curve

Cost and Value

  • Generac – $200 to $800 for homes; great value for most owners
  • Simpson – $800+; significant investment but extreme durability

Looking at these comparisons, a few key tips emerge:

  • For residential cleaning, Generac provides the best mix of power, features, and value
  • Simpson excels in commercial settings requiring high durability and customization
  • Match PSI rating to cleaning needs (e.g. 2000-2500 for homes; 3000+ commercial)
  • Expect to pay more for pro-grade Simpson models but they last much longer

So weigh your needs and budget to choose the right brand for you. And don’t forget to factor in any desired accessories.

Pros and Cons of Generac Pressure Washers

Now that we’ve compared the Generac and Simpson brands overall, let’s take a more detailed look at the pros and cons of Generac pressure washers:

Generac Pressure Washer Pros

  • Strong residential cleaning power up to 3100 PSI
  • Durable components last 5+ years with proper maintenance
  • Electric start and intuitive controls for ease of use
  • Affordable pricing from $200 for good value
  • Wide range of models for any home cleaning need
  • Lighter weight for maneuverability around property
  • Good brand reputation and warranty

Generac Pressure Washer Cons

  • Not suitable for heavy duty commercial use
  • More plastic components than Simpson models
  • Louder operation than some competitors
  • Higher cost for maintenance items like oil and filters
  • Limited customization and accessories compared to other brands

Generac is an excellent choice for homeowners who need an accessible, budget-friendly machine for typical residential cleaning tasks. Their products provide a winning balance of power, reliability, and convenience.

Pros and Cons of Simpson Pressure Washers

And now, here’s an overview of the pros and cons when choosing Simpson for your pressure washer purchase:

Simpson Pressure Washer Pros

Simpson Pressure Washer
Simpson Pressure Washer
  • Maximum cleaning power; PSI up to 4200 for toughest jobs
  • Commercial grade durability; can last over 10 years
  • All brass pump for reliability and long life
  • Extensive customization options and accessories
  • Low noise operation for use near people
  • Large wheel kits for maneuverability on worksites
  • Industryleading reputation and support

Simpson Pressure Washer Cons

  • Very expensive initial investment
  • Overkill power and size for residential needs
  • Complex maintenance requirements
  • Requires mechanical aptitude for repairs
  • Heavy units challenging to transport
  • Can experience leaks over time if not well maintained

Simpson is the premier commercial pressure washer brand relied upon by pros. Their ultra durable construction and customization make them ideal for frequent rigorous use. However, the high cost and maintenance needs make them overkill for the average homeowner just needing a basic cleaning machine.

Choosing Between Generac and Simpson

When choosing between Generac and Simpson pressure washers, first consider your cleaning needs:

  • For residential home cleaning, Generac models provide the ideal mix of power, ease of use, and affordability. They handle routine tasks like dirt removal, deck cleaning, vehicle washing, etc. exceptionally well at a reasonable price.
  • For commercial applications, Simpson is unmatched in cleaning power and rugged durability. Landscaping companies, construction contractors, industrial sites, and other demanding customers need Simpson’s brute strength and flexibility.

Then factor in your budget constraints. Generac units for homeowners start under $300. Simpson professional models are a significant investment of $1500+, but may actually save money over time compared to consumer machines that wear out quicker.

Also think about convenience and maintenance. Generac machines work at the flip of a switch for homeowners doing occasional cleaning. Simpson requires more mechanical aptitude and upkeep, but provides unparalleled customization.

Ultimately, match the brand to your specific pressure washing requirements. And be sure to register your unit for the warranty and compliance with recommended maintenance schedules. Enjoy the satisfaction of tackling your cleaning projects with the power of Generac or Simpson!

Pressure Washer FAQ

For more guidance on choosing and using pressure washers, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are Simpson pressure washers good quality?

Yes, Simpson pressure washers are widely considered among the highest quality options on the market. Key reasons include:
1. All brass pumps which resist wear and corrosion
2. Industrial triplex plungers for consistent high pressure
3. Premium components like CAT pumps and Honda engines
4. Robust steel frames protecting internal parts
5. Professional-grade power up to 4200 PSI
6. Customization for specialized applications
7. Long 10+ year lifespans with proper maintenance
Simpson’s extreme durability and cleaning power make them the go-to choice for commercial cleaning businesses. Their upfront cost is high but pays off through years of reliable service.

Which brand of pressure washer is the best?

The “best” pressure washer brand depends on your specific needs:
1. For residential use, Generac is an excellent choice providing optimal power, affordability, and reliability. Other top consumer brands include Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean, and Karcher.
2. For commercial applications, Simpson and Karcher are industry leaders, with Simpson taking the edge for extreme durability. Other commercial brands like PowerStroke, PowerBoss, and General Pump are also good.
3. For industrial cleaning contractors, Simpson and Hotsy dominate with their max PSI output, rugged builds, and customization.
4. Electric vs gas also impacts performance. Electric can be more convenient but gas generates higher cleaning power.
Assess your requirements and match them to brand strengths to find the right fit.

Who is Simpson pressure washers made by?

Simpson pressure washers are manufactured by the company Simpson Cleaning Systems headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Founded in 1955, they are the leading producer of professional and industrial pressure washer systems.
All Simpson pressure washer components from frames to pumps are made in-house at their California factories. They also offer accessories like spray guns, hoses, and nozzles under the Simpson brand.
Focusing exclusively on pressure washer technology for over 65 years has made Simpson an authority in the cleaning industry. Their products are distributed to commercial customers worldwide.

Does Simpson make DeWalt pressure washers?

No, Simpson does not manufacture DeWalt branded pressure washers. DeWalt is owned by Stanley Black & Decker and partners with various OEMs to produce their tools.
DeWalt pressure washers likely contain components from multiple manufacturers including Annovi Reverberi pumps and Honda engines. They focus on building affordable, high-performance models for the consumer market rather than commercial use.
Simpson specializes strictly in top quality professional-grade pressure washers under their own brand. They actually view DeWalt as a key competitor within the consumer segment. While DeWalt units are suitable for homeowners, Simpson models are built ruggedly for intensive commercial use.

Closing Remarks

When tackling any outdoor cleaning task, having the right pressure washer makes the job simpler. Both Generac and Simpson offer excellent performance and reliability. For most homeowners, a Generac residential model provides the optimal combination of power, ease of use, and affordability.

Professional contractors who frequently clean multiple large-scale properties will benefit from the extreme durability of a Simpson commercial unit.

Carefully assess your cleaning needs, budget, and maintenance capabilities. Determine whether an electric or gas power source is more practical. And don’t forget accessories like surface sprayers that can maximize your pressure washer’s capabilities.

With these factors in mind, you’ll be well equipped to choose between Generac and Simpson to find your ideal pressure washer.

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