Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Alternatives For Your Classic Wool Jacket

The Filson Mackinaw Cruiser is a legend among jackets. Made from 100% virgin Mackinaw wool, this rugged wool cruiser epitomizes Filson’s commitment to quality and durability. But at $265, it’s also an investment.

If you love the Mackinaw Cruiser’s timeless design but want to explore some alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. Below I’ll break down 8 jackets that offer similar style and warmth at more affordable prices. I’ll go over the pros and cons of each so you can find your perfect Filson alternative.

Alternatives To Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

Here is a list of those alternatives:

  1. Pendleton Board Shirt
  2. Legendary Whitetails outbound Insulated Shirt Jacket
  3. Woolrich Arctic Parka
  4. L.L.Bean Baxter State Parka
  5. Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work Coat
  6. Carhartt Yukon Extremes Parka
  7. Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Cameron Jacket
  8. Eddie Bauer Expedition Cruiser
  9. Cabela’s Wooltimate Northern Trail Coat
  10. Johnson Woolen Mills Board Shirt Jacket
  11. Berne Original Hooded Jacket
  12. Frost River Isle Royale Blanket Wool Coat

Let’s talk about in detail.

Pendleton Board Shirt

First up is the Pendleton Board Shirt, a wool jacket steeped in Pacific Northwest heritage. Like Filson, Pendleton has been crafting top-notch woolens since the early 1900s. Their Board Shirt is casual and versatile, meant to be your everyday companion.


Pendleton Board Shirt wool jacket
  • Classic wool cruiser styling with two flap pockets and rich color options
  • Made in the USA from Pendleton’s premium Northwest wool (82% virgin wool, 18% nylon)
  • Durable, wind and water resistant, yet breathable
  • Relaxed fit for layering
  • Usually around $200, so more affordable than Filson


  • Only available as a men’s style currently
  • Slightly thinner than Mackinaw wool, although still warm

If you want an American-made wool jacket oozing with heritage, the Pendleton Board Shirt is a fine choice. The easy-going fit pairs perfectly with jeans, chinos, or casual trousers.

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Legendary Whitetails outbound Insulated Shirt Jacket

Moving from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest, Legendary Whitetails specializes in cozy cabins and campfires. Their Outbound Insulated Shirt Jacket captures that spirit in a casual brushed wool jacket.


  • Made from soft-brushed wool blend with nylon for stretch
  • Polyester insulation provides lightweight warmth
  • Slouchy shirt jacket silhouette with button front
  • Usually around $100, a real budget pick


  • Construction not as heavy-duty as Filson or Pendleton
  • Straight fit isn’t as stylish or flattering as a shaped jacket

For a basic wool jacket without breaking the bank, the Legendary Whitetails Outbound Shirt Jacket delivers. It’s the perfect thriftier alternative to throw on over flannel and get to chopping wood.

Woolrich Arctic Parka

Switching gears, the Woolrich Arctic Parka puts a modern spin on the traditional wool cruiser. The parka silhouette adds technical details while maintaining Woolrich’s wilderness spirit.


Woolrich Arctic Parka
  • Made from Woolrich woolen mills fabric in Pennsylvania
  • Warmer than a shirt jacket with down insulation
  • Interior rib-knit cuffs and slight cinched waist create a more stylish fit
  • coyote fur ruff on hood for added warmth
  • Often around $200, cheaper than Canada Goose parkas


  • Parka style less versatile than a shirt jacket
  • Only available in black currently

Overall, the Woolrich Arctic Parka brings together fashion and function.

It’s roomier than many parkas for easy layering but avoids looking boxy.

If you want a warm, weather-resistant wool parka without the Canada Goose price tag, check out this option.

L.L.Bean Baxter State Parka

L.L.Bean offers a few alternatives to the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. The Maine-based retailer has been producing outdoor gear since 1912. For a similar style at a lower cost, try their Baxter State Parka.


  • Made from L.L.Bean’s own Stadium Cloth; wind/water-resistant but breathable
  • Classic parka design with corduroy collar
  • Relaxed fit layers easily over sweaters and vests
  • Usually around $150


  • Not made of wool, so lacks the warmth and heritage of Mackinaw
  • Straight fit isn’t very shapely

The Baxter State Parka won’t replicate the Mackinaw Cruiser’s premium wool quality. But for knocking around town on crisp fall days, it gets the job done. The easy-wearing fit makes it a go-to light jacket.

Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work Coat

Duluth Trading Co. takes a tough-as-nails approach with their Fire Hose line. The Work Coat style takes inspiration from mid-century chore coats and workwear. The cotton canvas fabric is hearty yet comfortable.


Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work Coat
  • Made from 12-oz cotton canvas that’s soft yet durable
  • Traditional double-front style with roomy patch pockets
  • Relaxed fit allows layering space
  • Usually only $100 full-price


  • Not made of wool, so less inherently warm
  • Boxy silhouette less refined than shaped wool coats

This coat won’t mimic the plush warmth of Mackinaw wool.

But for a rugged, do-anything style, Duluth’s cotton canvas Work Coat gets top marks. Pair it with flannel, denim, or merino layers to tackle any job.

Carhartt Yukon Extremes Parka

Known for its durable workwear, Carhartt also makes heavy-duty outerwear. The Yukon Extremes Parka can handle serious cold while maintaining signature Carhartt comfort.


  • Made from 12-oz, 100% cotton canvas with quilted nylon lining
  • DWR finish sheds rain and stains
  • Attached hood with faux fur for added warmth
  • Relaxed fit allows room for layers
  • Usually around $200


  • Not made of wool or wool blend
  • Traditional Carhartt boxy fit

While not a wool jacket, the Yukon Extremes Parka delivers reliable warmth and protection without restricting mobility. The rugged styling nods to Carhartt’s workwear roots. It’s perfect for braving the elements on the job site or the hiking trail.

Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Cameron Jacket

This outlier from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply puts a trendy spin on the wool cruiser. The Cameron Jacket uses distinct details like moto quilt stitching to stand apart.


  • Made from soft, recycled wool with polyester quilting
  • Slimmer fit than traditional cruisers
  • Angled zip chest pockets and snapped lapels add moto edge
  • Usually around $200


  • Slim fit not ideal for layering bulky sweaters
  • Mixed media fabric less premium than Mackinaw wool

Overall, the Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Cameron Jacket puts a modern twist on the wool cruiser. The slick quilted fabric and edgy details give it downtown appeal. Just size up if you need room for layering.

Eddie Bauer Expedition Cruiser

Finally, we come to Eddie Bauer, which has outfitted adventurers since 1920. Their Expedition Cruiser echoes the Filson Mackinaw Jacket with premium wool and classic styling.


  • Made from 12.5-ounce virgin wool
  • Timeless cruiser jacket silhouette with corozo buttons
  • Relaxed fit allowing room for layers
  • Usually around $250, so comparable to Filson


  • Slightly thinner wool than Filson’s Mackinaw
  • Only available in tan currently

If you want a true wool cruiser made by an outdoor heritage brand, choose Eddie Bauer’s Expedition Cruiser. It may lack some of Filson’s bulletproof ruggedness, but still delivers quality craftsmanship and natural warmth.

Cabela’s Wooltimate Northern Trail Coat

Known for rugged outdoor gear, Cabela’s doesn’t cut corners with this wool coat. The Wooltimate Northern Trail Coat mirrors a traditional Mackinaw Cruiser at a very wallet-friendly price.


Cabela's Wooltimate Northern Trail Coat
  • Made from 12-oz wool blend (70% wool, 30% nylon)
  • Classic wool cruiser silhouette with corozo buttons
  • DWR finish sheds moisture from rain or snow
  • Usually around $120, an amazing deal for the quality


  • Wool blend not as premium as Filson’s 100% Mackinaw Wool
  • Limited color options currently

If budget is a concern but you still want a genuine wool cruiser, try Cabela’s Wooltimate Coat. It delivers versatile warmth at a fraction of the Filson cost.

Johnson Woolen Mills Board Shirt Jacket

Johnson Woolen Mills has crafted woolens in Vermont since 1842. Their Board Shirt Jacket offers the expected durability and heirloom construction.


  • Made in the USA from Johnson Woolen Mills’ 12.5-oz boiled wool
  • Classic wool cruiser design with flap pockets and corozo buttons
  • Garment-dyed for rich, saturated color
  • Usually around $200


  • Slightly thinner wool than Filson’s heavyweight Mackinaw
  • Only available in a few colors per season

This coat epitomizes Vermont’s wool heritage through premium fabric and careful craftsmanship. If made-in-USA quality tops your list, choose Johnson Woolen Mills’ Board Shirt Jacket.

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Berne Original Hooded Jacket

Family-owned Berne Apparel makes its cold weather gear in Minnesota. Their Original Hooded Jacket offers a cozier take on the wool cruiser.


  • Made in USA from Berne’s own 100% wool (sourcing American wool)
  • Attached hood with drawcord for added warmth
  • High collar secures away chill while open
  • Around $120, very affordable for the features


  • Not a true cruiser jacket silhouette
  • Limited color/size options currently

Overall, this coat from Berne sacrifices style for maximum function and value. If you want a warm, no-frills wool jacket made stateside, it delivers in spades.

Frost River Isle Royale Blanket Wool Coat

Minnesota-based Frost River builds rugged outdoor gear meant to last a lifetime. Their Isle Royal Blanket Coat echoes vintage workwear styles in premium wool.


  • Made in USA from Frost River’s own blanket wool
  • Classic barn coat design with set-in yoke
  • Blanket wool has tight weave for wind resistance
  • Usually around $200


  • Boxy, loose fit not as shaped as a cruiser jacket
  • Wool not as thick or plush as Mackinaw

This coat exudes rustic utility and vintage workwear charm. The blanket wool fights wind while allowing breathability. Choose it for outdoor excursions rather than refined style.

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FAQ: Key Questions About The Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

Below I’ll break down some common questions about Filson’s signature Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket. Understanding the heritage, construction, and versatility of this wool icon helps explain why it commands such devotion.

Is the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser warm?

With its dense, 22-ounce Mackinaw wool fabric, the Mackinaw Cruiser delivers incredible warmth and insulation. The virgin wool maintains loft even when wet. Polyester reinforcement adds sturdiness without compromising breathability. This allows the Cruiser to handle everything from fall breezes to frigid winter extremes.

Is Filson made in China?

Filson has always manufactured its premium goods in the USA. While they source some accessory materials from abroad, all iconic Filson gear like the Mackinaw Cruiser is cut and sewn domestically. This homegrown production allows tighter quality control and supports American workers.

What weight is Filson Mackinaw wool?

The Mackinaw Cruiser uses Filson’s proprietary 22-ounce Mackinaw Wool. This fabric combines rugged virgin wool yarns with a lightweight polyester backing. The wool makes up the outer face providing insulation, weather resistance, and texture. Polyester added to the inner face adds tear strength without extra weight. This creates a durable, protective, and naturally warm 22-oz fabric.

Does Mackinaw wool shrink?

Like most wool garments, Filson’s Mackinaw Wool will shrink slightly if washed improperly. The safest cleaning method is to dry clean your Mackinaw Cruiser to avoid shrinkage. If needed, you can machine wash gently on cold and hang dry. Avoid hot water or high heat drying to prevent excessive shrinkage. Proper care preserves the dimensional stability of the Mackinaw Wool.

Final Thoughts

The Filson Mackinaw Cruiser is a staple for good reason—its bomber proof construction and premium virgin wool withstand years of wear. But not everyone can afford the $265 price tag.

Luckily, many brands offer similar styling and quality at more budget-friendly prices. Whether you prefer classic cruisers from Pendleton and Eddie Bauer or rugged offerings from Duluth and Carhartt, alternatives exist.

When evaluating replacements for the Mackinaw Cruiser, focus on high wool content, American manufacturing, and classic workwear-inspired silhouettes. With the options above, you can find your perfect match and save some cash.

Most importantly, choose a jacket you feel comfortable in that fits your lifestyle. While it may lack the Filson name, a thoughtful wool coat that gets worn often is always a sound investment. Stay warm in wooly style without breaking the bank this fall and winter!

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