Clek Fllo VS. Diono: A Comprehensive Comparison 

The world of car seats is vast and choosing the right one can be a daunting task for new parents. Two popular brands on the market today are Clek and Diono. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at two popular models from these brands, the Clek Fllo and the Diono Radian, comparing their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision for your child’s safety.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureClek FlloDiono Radian
Rear-facing weight limit50 lbs45 lbs
Forward-facing weight limit65 lbs65 lbs
Booster weight limitNot applicableUp to 120 lbs
Seat width17 inches17 inches
FAA approvedYesYes
Steel-reinforced frameYesYes
Energy-absorbing technologyCrumple technology (EACT)Safestop harness system
All-in-One designNoYes
Extended rear-facingYesYes, but with lower limit
Lifespan9 years10 years

Clek Fllo: The Slim and Stylish Choice

Clek Fllo
Clek Fllo


  • Compact Design

The Clek Fllo is known for its slim design, which allows it to fit comfortably in small cars or alongside other car seats in larger vehicles. Its narrow width of 17 inches makes it a popular choice for parents who need to fit three car seats across the back seat.

  • Extended Rear-Facing

Clek is a strong advocate for extended rear-facing, and the Fllo supports this with a 50-pound rear-facing weight limit. This allows children to remain in the safer rear-facing position for longer, as recommended by many experts.

  • Advanced Safety Features

The Fllo features an energy-absorbing crumple technology (EACT) that reduces the forces transmitted to the child in the event of a collision. Additionally, the steel-reinforced frame and aluminum honeycomb technology provide extra protection and support during a crash.


  • Higher Price Point

The Clek Fllo is a premium car seat and comes with a higher price tag compared to some other options on the market. However, many parents feel that the investment is worth it for the added safety features and design.

  • Heavier and Less Portable

Due to its steel-reinforced frame, the Fllo is a heavier car seat, which can make it more challenging to transport and switch between vehicles.

Diono Radian: The Versatile All-in-One Solution

Diono Radian
Diono Radian


  • All-in-One Design

The Diono Radian is designed to grow with your child, transitioning from a rear-facing infant seat to a forward-facing seat and eventually a high-back booster. This means you won’t need to purchase additional car seats as your child grows.

  • Slim Profile

Similar to the Clek Fllo, the Diono Radian also boasts a slim profile, with a width of just 17 inches. This makes it an excellent option for fitting multiple car seats in a row or for use in smaller vehicles.

  • Steel Alloy Frame

The Diono Radian features a full steel alloy frame, providing extra strength and durability. This frame helps to protect your child during a crash and increases the overall lifespan of the car seat.


  • Heavy and Bulky

While the Diono Radian’s steel frame offers excellent safety and durability, it also makes the car seat quite heavy and bulky. This can make it difficult to transport and switch between vehicles.

  • Lower Rear-Facing Weight Limit

The Diono Radian has a lower rear-facing weight limit (45 pounds) compared to the Clek Fllo. Although it still allows for extended rear-facing, parents who prioritize this feature may prefer the Fllo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Diono car seats FAA approved?

Yes, Diono car seats, including the Radian, are FAA approved for use on airplanes. It’s always a good idea to check with your airline for any specific requirements or guidelines they may have regarding the use of car seats on board.

Is Diono made in China?

Diono car seats are designed in the United States and manufactured in China. The company works closely with its manufacturing partners to ensure high-quality production and adherence to safety standards.

Is Diono Radian a good car seat?

The Diono Radian is a popular and well-regarded car seat among parents and experts alike. Its all-in-one design, slim profile, and steel alloy frame make it a safe and versatile option for families. However, as with any car seat, it’s essential to ensure that it’s a good fit for your specific vehicle and child.

What is the purpose of Diono Safestop?

Diono Safestop is a patented energy-absorbing harness system designed to provide additional protection for forward-facing children in the event of a collision. It helps to reduce the risk of injury by limiting head excursion and distributing crash forces across a wider area.

Who makes the safest car seat for babies?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific brand or model as the absolute safest car seat for babies, as safety can be influenced by factors like proper installation, vehicle compatibility, and correct use. Both Clek and Diono have excellent reputations for safety, but it’s essential to research and compare different models to find the best option for your family.

What is the lifespan on a Diono Radian?

The Diono Radian has a lifespan of ten years, making it a long-lasting investment that can grow with your child from infancy through their booster seat years. Always be sure to check the expiration date on your car seat and replace it as needed to ensure continued safety and performance.

Making the Choice: Clek Fllo or Diono Radian?

When deciding between the Clek Fllo and Diono Radian, it’s essential to consider your priorities and the features that matter most to you. Both car seats are slim and offer advanced safety features, but the Clek Fllo provides a higher rear-facing weight limit, while the Diono Radian offers a more versatile all-in-one design.

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