Carli Vs. BDS Suspension: Which One Takes the Cake?

The automotive world is filled with choices, and enthusiasts often find themselves torn between the many options available for their beloved vehicles.

In the realm of suspension upgrades, there’s been a heated debate between two popular suspension brands: Carli Suspension and BDS Suspension. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of these two giants, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesCarli SuspensionBDS Suspension
Ride QualityUnmatchedGood
Made in USAYesYes
WarrantyStandardNo Fine Print
ApplicationsTrucksTrucks, SUVs, Jeeps
Spring OptionsMultipleLimited
Shock OptionsMultipleOptional Upgrades
Lift Height OptionsMultipleMultiple

Carli Suspension: The Art of Precision

Carli Suspension is a California-based company that specializes in high-performance suspension systems for trucks. Founded in 2003 by Sage Carli, the brand has gained a reputation for its top-notch products and commitment to quality.

Pros of Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension
Carli Suspension
  • Unmatched Ride Quality

Carli Suspension is known for delivering a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains. The company designs and tunes its suspension systems to work seamlessly with your vehicle’s stock components.

The result is a driving experience that feels like an extension of your truck.

  • Customization Options

With Carli Suspension, you can customize your system to suit your specific needs. The company offers various options, including lift heights, spring rates, and shock options.

This flexibility allows you to create a tailor-made suspension that’s perfect for your driving style.

  • American-made Quality

Carli Suspension prides itself on manufacturing all its products in the USA. By keeping production in-house, the company ensures high-quality control and consistency across its entire product line.

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Cons of Carli Suspension

  • Premium Pricing

Carli Suspension is known for its premium price tag. While the quality and performance of their systems are undoubtedly top-notch, some enthusiasts may find the cost prohibitive, especially when compared to more budget-friendly options.

BDS Suspension: The People’s Choice

BDS Suspension, based in Michigan, has been in the business since 1996. The company offers a wide range of suspension lift kits for trucks and SUVs, with a focus on off-road performance.

Pros of BDS Suspension

  • Affordable and Reliable

BDS Suspension is known for its affordable pricing, making it an attractive option for enthusiasts on a budget. Despite the lower price point, their suspension systems still offer excellent quality and performance.

BDS Suspension
BDS Suspension
  • No Fine Print Warranty

BDS Suspension offers a “No Fine Print” warranty on its products.

This means that the company will replace any part that fails due to manufacturing defects, regardless of the circumstances.

This level of confidence in their products is undoubtedly appealing to consumers.

  • Wide Range of Applications

BDS Suspension provides lift kits for a variety of makes and models.

Whether you own a Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge, you’re likely to find a compatible suspension upgrade from BDS.

Cons of BDS Suspension

  • Limited Customization Options

Unlike Carli Suspension, BDS Suspension doesn’t offer the same level of customization options. While their kits are designed for various makes and models, the range of lift heights and shock options may be limited compared to Carli.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Fox own BDS?

No, Fox does not own BDS Suspension. However, BDS Suspension does offer Fox shock upgrades as an option for their lift kits.

Are BDS lift kits any good?

Yes, BDS lift kits are known for their quality and reliability. They provide an affordable and dependable option for those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension system.

Who makes Carli suspension?

Carli Suspension is made by Carli Suspension, Inc., a company founded by Sage Carli in 2003. The company is based in California and specializes in high-performance suspension systems for trucks.

Who owns BDS Suspension?

BDS Suspension is owned by Sport Truck USA, Inc., a subsidiary of the FOX Factory, Inc. group of companies. The parent company, FOX Factory, Inc., is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-performance suspension products primarily for mountain bikes, side-by-side vehicles, on-road and off-road vehicles, trucks, ATVs, and UTVs.

Who makes Carli Springs?

Carli Suspension makes its own springs. The company designs, develops, and manufactures its springs in-house to ensure the highest quality control and consistency in their products. This also allows Carli Suspension to customize its springs to suit various applications and customer preferences.

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The Verdict

Both Carli and BDS suspensions have their unique strengths and weaknesses, so the best choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Carli Suspension is known for its unmatched ride quality, customization options, and American-made quality, but it comes with a premium price tag.

On the other hand, BDS Suspension offers affordable and reliable suspension systems with a no-fine-print warranty, but it lacks the level of customization options that Carli provides.

Before you make your decision, consider the following factors:

  • Budget: If you’re on a tight budget, BDS Suspension may be the better choice due to its lower price point.
  • Ride Quality: If you prioritize a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains, Carli Suspension’s reputation for top-notch ride quality may be worth the extra investment.
  • Customization: If you’re looking for a suspension system that can be tailored to your specific needs, Carli Suspension’s range of customization options may be more appealing.

In conclusion, both Carli and BDS suspensions offer excellent options for upgrading your vehicle’s suspension system. By evaluating your priorities and considering the pros and cons of each brand, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

Remember, the perfect suspension system for your vehicle is the one that aligns with your unique requirements and preferences, so take the time to weigh your options carefully. Happy driving!

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