Bobcat T740 Vs. T770 Track Loader: In-depth Comparison

If you’re in the market for a compact track loader, you might be considering the Bobcat T740 or the T770. These power-packed machines from the renowned Bobcat brand are worth your attention.

But what makes them different, and which one is the better fit for your needs? Read on to delve into the distinctive features, advantages, and drawbacks of each model.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBobcat T740Bobcat T770
Horsepower74 HP92 HP
Lift Capacity3,200 lbsDependent on attachment and application
High Flow HydraulicsOptional UpgradeStandard
DesignRobust and DurableRobust and Durable
Compatible AttachmentsWide RangeWider Range
Maintenance AccessibilityEasyEasy
Power UsageModerate to HighHigh

Differences Between Bobcat T740 And T770 Track Loader

  • Power & Performance
Bobcat T740 Track Loader
Bobcat T740 Track Loader

In terms of horsepower, the T770 is the clear winner.

With a robust 92 HP engine, this model is built to tackle demanding tasks and challenging terrains with ease.

You’ll appreciate the superior power when it comes to heavy digging, lifting, and pushing jobs.

On the other hand, the T740, boasting a still respectable 74 HP engine, is a more economical choice and still capable of handling most routine tasks with efficiency.

An essential consideration for a compact track loader is its lift capacity. Here, the T740 shines with its impressive rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. It delivers stability and precision in lifting operations, making it a worthy contender in this comparison.

High flow capability is another critical aspect, mainly if you use hydraulic attachments regularly. The T770 comes standard with high flow hydraulics, allowing it to efficiently power high-capacity attachments like brush cutters and mulchers.

The T740 doesn’t come with a high flow option standard, but it can be added as an optional upgrade.

  • Versatility & Usability

When it comes to usability, both the T740 and T770 have a lot to offer. They’re designed to be versatile and flexible, with a wide range of compatible attachments that can turn these machines into all-rounders, capable of everything from trenching and grading to bale handling and stump grinding.

The T770, with its additional power and high-flow hydraulics, can handle more demanding attachments and jobs. But for lighter tasks and applications, the T740 could be a more cost-effective and fuel-efficient choice.

  • Durability & Maintenance

As for durability and maintenance, both models reflect the solid reputation of the Bobcat brand.

They come with durable undercarriage and robust track design to handle harsh conditions.

Both models have easy maintenance access points for hassle-free service.

The T770 might require more frequent service due to its larger engine and high-flow hydraulics.

So, if low-maintenance and economical operation are your primary considerations, the T740 might be the more appealing option.

Key Features of Bobcat T740

  • Powerful Engine

The T740 comes equipped with a 74 HP engine, which is sufficient for most standard operations and light to medium-duty tasks. It offers an adequate blend of power and fuel economy.

  • Impressive Lift Capacity

One of the standout features of the T740 is its substantial rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. This lift capacity, combined with a vertical lift path, makes it an ideal choice for lifting, carrying, and dumping heavy loads.

  • Robust Design

The T740 boasts a rugged undercarriage design and durable rubber tracks. These features ensure maximum durability and longevity, even in harsh working conditions.

  • Versatility

Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of attachments, the T740 offers immense versatility. Whether it’s grading, digging, lifting, or any other task, the T740 can handle it with the right attachment.

  • Easy Maintenance

Bobcat’s focus on easy maintenance is evident in the T740, with easy-to-access checkpoints that make regular service straightforward and quick.

Key Features of Bobcat T770

  • High Horsepower

With its 92 HP engine, the T770 is a powerhouse. This model is capable of tackling demanding tasks and challenging terrains, making it a good fit for heavy-duty applications.

  • High Flow Hydraulics

The T770 comes standard with high flow hydraulics, a crucial feature for operating high-capacity attachments like brush cutters, augers, and mulchers. This high flow capability significantly expands the range of tasks this machine can handle.

  • Superior Lift Path

The T770 features a vertical lift path, which provides superior reach and lift height. This makes it ideal for loading high-sided trucks and for handling large, bulky materials.

  • Durable Undercarriage

Just like the T740, the T770 has a robust undercarriage design to handle rough terrains and harsh conditions. Its sturdy construction promises longevity and durability.

  • Wide Range of Compatible Attachments

The T770’s compatibility with a broad range of attachments, combined with its high flow hydraulics, makes it a true all-rounder. It can handle everything from heavy digging to precision tasks, making it a valuable addition to any fleet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much HP does a Bobcat T770 have?

The Bobcat T770 has a powerful 92 HP engine, making it capable of handling demanding tasks and heavy-duty applications.

What is the lift capacity of the Bobcat T740?

The Bobcat T740 has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. This substantial lift capacity means it can handle a variety of lifting tasks with ease and precision.

Is a Bobcat T770 high flow?

Yes, the Bobcat T770 comes standard with high flow hydraulics. This feature is excellent for powering high-capacity attachments like brush cutters and mulchers.

What year is the Bobcat T770?

The Bobcat T770 was first introduced in 2012 as part of Bobcat’s M-series. Over the years, it has received several updates to improve its performance and usability.

Final Thoughts

Your choice between the T740 and T770 should depend on your specific requirements. If power, high flow capability, and versatile attachment use are paramount, then the T770 should be your pick.

However, if you prefer a machine with decent power, impressive lift capacity, and lower operating costs, the T740 could be a smart choice.

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