Blundstone 587 Vs. 550 Boots: Which Should You Choose?

Blundstone boots have become iconic footwear known for their rugged durability and classic styling. Two of the most popular Blundstone models are the 587 and 550 boots.

But what’s the difference between these two boots, and which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Blundstone 587 and 550 boots in detail so you can decide which pair better fits your needs and style. We’ll look at the key features of each boot, materials used, sizing, comfort factors, and much more.

Now let’s directly compare these two iconic Blundstone models across a few key factors.

A Brief Boot Comparison Table

FactorBlundstone 587Blundstone 550
StyleClassic Chelsea boot with chunky 2.5″ heelChelsea boot with sleeker 1.5″ block heel
Ideal Use CasesRugged work boot for laborers and tradespeopleProfessional boot or casual weekend boot
Leather TypesBrown and black premium leathersWider range of brown tans, blacks, and bold shades
OutsolesThermo plastic urethaneThermo plastic urethane
Comfort FeaturesPorous foam footbed, breathable leather liningCushioned footbed
Sizes AvailableMen’s whole 6-14, half 6.5-11.5. Women downsize.Same sizing as 587.
TractionExcellent traction and gripGood traction for everyday wear
Break-In PeriodCan take 1-2 weeks of regular wearFairly quick break-in time
Weather ResistanceVery water-resistant leatherLeather not as thick or water-resistant
Cost$189-$209 USD$169-$189 USD

As you can see from the table, the biggest differences between the 587 and 550 come down to the heel height/silhouette, weather resistance, break-in period, and cost.

The 587 is optimized as a durable work boot while the 550 is more versatile for professional and casual wear. But both offer the iconic comfort and quality Blundstone is known for.

Blundstone 587 Boot Overview

The Blundstone 587 is one of the brand’s original boot styles. It’s an ankle-height Chelsea boot made from premium leather.

Here are some key features of the 587:

Blundstone 587 Boot
Blundstone 587 Boot
  • Classic Chelsea boot silhouette with elastic side panels and pull tabs in the back for easy slip-on wear
  • 2.5″ chunky heels
  • Durable thermoplastic urethane outsoles
  • Removable comfort footbed made from porous foam
  • Breathable leather linings
  • Rustproof metal shanks for arch support
  • Available in various leather color options from classic brown to black

The 587 is designed to be an extremely durable, supportive work boot that can withstand rugged conditions. But its classic styling also makes it suitable professional wear or casual weekend outfits.

This model runs true to size for most wearers. It’s available in men’s whole sizes from 6-14 and half sizes from 6.5-11.5. Women who want a roomier, unisex fit tend to size down.

Blundstone 550 Boot Overview

The Blundstone 550 is another original model from the brand that shares many similarities with the 587 but has a few key differences.

Here’s an overview of the 550 boot:

Blundstone 550 Boots
Blundstone 550 Boot
  • Same Chelsea boot style and elastic sides as the 587
  • 1.5″ block heels rather than chunky heels
  • TPU outsoles provide stability and traction
  • Cushioned footbeds enhance comfort
  • Premium leather uppers
  • Rust-resistant steel shank
  • Comes in a wider range of colors from nature-inspired shades like chestnut and moss to bold options like cherry red

This boot has a sleeker, slightly dressier profile than the work-oriented 587. The lower 1.5 inch heel and variety of leather shades make it more adaptable for both professional and casual wear.

The 550 fits true to size like the 587 and comes in the same range of men’s whole and half sizes and women’s sizes.

Key Differences Between Blundstone 587 And 550 Boots

Now let’s dive deeper into a comparison of cost, comfort, sizing, and style.

  • Cost Comparison

The Blundstone 587 is priced from $189-$209 USD while the 550 costs $169-$189 USD. So you’ll spend around $20+ more for the 587 model.

The higher cost comes from the 587’s thicker, weather-resistant leather construction. This boot will likely last longer under heavy work conditions. But the 550 offers excellent durability too at a lower price point.

Both models are an investment but deliver excellent value given their longevity when properly cared for. The 550 may be the better choice if you want a cheaper price without sacrificing much quality.

  • Comfort and Support

While both models are comfortable, the 587 has a slight edge in cushioning thanks to its removable footbed. Its chunky 2.5” heel also provides more shock absorption if you’re on your feet all day.

The 550 has a slimmer profile and more streamlined comfort features best for everyday wear rather than all-day work shifts.

When it comes to arch support, both boots have sturdy steel shanks to provide excellent stability for your feet. You can’t go wrong with either for all-day comfort.

  • Sizing
Blundstone 550 Boots
Blundstone 550 Boots

The good news is sizing is consistent across both models.

Most wearers find they can stick with their normal shoe size in both the 587 and 550 boots.

Blundstone boots tend to fit true to size in the length but run slightly narrow through the instep and toe box.

So those with wider feet may want to size up a half or full size or look into wider fit options specifically made to accommodate wider feet.

Women who want a roomier, unisex fit usually prefer going down a full size. But some women are happy sizing down just a half size for a still comfortably snug fit.

I always recommend trying Blundstones on in person when possible to gauge the fit across different foot shapes and widths. You want your toes to have some wiggle room without your heel slipping.

Overall though, sizing is quite consistent across the 550 and 587 styles so you can expect the same fit purchasing either model.

  • Style Comparison

When it comes to style, the chunky 587 is optimized as a rugged work boot while the 550 has a slimmer profile more suited for both professional and casual looks.

The 587 looks right at home on work sites paired with jeans and workwear thanks to its thick construction and chunky sole.

Meanwhile the slimmer 550 can still be worn as a durable work shoe, but also dresses up more easily with trousers or chinos for the office or out on the weekend.

Women may slightly prefer the more feminine 550 for the shape and variety of leather shades like cherry red and moss green. But the unisex styling of the 587 still appeals for a roomy, laidback look.

Both models come in basic brown and black colors that are easy to pair with any outfit. So you can’t go wrong with either for versatile style.

It just depends on if you prefer a chunky, casual look (587) or slimmer, sleeker vibe (550) out of your Blundstones.

Caring For Your Blundstone Boots

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect pair, let’s look at how to care for them. With proper maintenance, your Blundstones should last for years and years.

Here are a few tips for making your boots last:

Blundstone 587 Boots
Blundstone 587 Boots
  • Use leather conditioner or oil every few months to moisturize and maintain the leather’s suppleness. This is especially important for the thicker leather on the 587.
  • Remove salt stains during winter using a leather cleaner or 50/50 vinegar and water solution. This prevents salt from breaking down the leather over time.
  • Use a leather protector spray to guard against water and stains. Again focus on protecting the 587 leather if going to be exposed to wet conditions frequently.
  • Allow boots to air dry thoroughly after getting wet before wearing again. Don’t put them close to direct high heat to dry faster as this can damage the leather.
  • Consider using insoles for added cushioning and support. This also helps absorb sweat and extends the boot’s lifespan.
  • Store boots with cedar shoe trees to help them keep their shape when not being worn.

With regular care and maintenance, your Blundstone boots will develop a nice patina over time and last for many seasons to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the difference between Blundstone models?

Some key differences between top Blundstone models like the 500 series, 1000 series, and Original series include heel height, weatherproofing, color selection, and cost. The 500s have a dressier, sleek silhouette while the 1000s are more heavy-duty work boots. The Original series offers classic styling at an affordable price point.

Are Blundstone 587 true to size?

Yes, the Blundstone 587 boots tend to run true to size for most wearers. However, some may want to size up a half or full size if they have wider feet. Trying them on in person is ideal to find the perfect fit.

What Blundstones does Kate Middleton wear?

Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing the ladies’ Blundstone 500 series boots in chestnut brown. She styled them casually with jeans for farm visits. The 500 series has a 1.5-inch block heel like the men’s 550 boots.

Are Blundstone 587 unisex?

The Blundstone 587 is part of the Original unisex series, so it can be worn by men and women. Women who prefer a roomier, less fitted Chelsea boot look tend to size down for the 587. The 500 series has more feminine-styled boots specifically for women.

Wrapping Up

In summary, the Blundstone 587 and 550 both deliver iconic Chelsea boot style, comfort, and durability. Which model you choose comes down to your priorities – rugged work performance versus sleeker weekend styling, and maximizing weather protection versus cost.

The 587 is the perfect pick for demanding job sites with its protective thick leather and supportive chunky sole. Meanwhile the 550’s streamlined shape transitions seamlessly from work to play. And you can’t go wrong with the classic styling and longevity of both options.

Now that you know all the key comparisons between the 587 and 550 models, you can decide which Blundstone boot best fits your lifestyle. Both will provide the outstanding comfort and quality the brand is famous for.

So lace up a pair and get ready for adventure!

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