Bedslide VS. CargoGlide: The Ultimate Comparison

If you’re a truck owner, you know how essential it is to have an organized and accessible truck bed. Whether it’s for work, play, or everyday use, maximizing your truck’s storage space can be a game-changer. Two popular solutions that can make your life easier are Bedslide and CargoGlide. 

But how do you choose between the two? We’ll break down the pros and cons of each, answer frequently asked questions, and help you make the best decision for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

AccessibilityEasy access with sliding systemEasy access with sliding system
Models & Weight Capacity1000, 1500, and 2000 series with capacities up to 2,000 lbsVarious models with capacities ranging from 1,000-2,500 lbs
ConstructionSturdy steel frame and weather-resistant materialsCustomizable materials and construction
InstallationSimple and DIY-friendlyMore complex, may require professional assistance
Vertical SpaceLimited, sits on top of truck bedCan be customized to optimize vertical space
Customization & Add-onsLimited, mainly focused on weight capacityMore options, including drawers for additional storage
PriceGenerally more affordable than CargoGlideHigher price point, but offers more features and options

This table provides a side-by-side comparison of Bedslide and CargoGlide, highlighting the main features, differences, and considerations for each product. 

Be sure to weigh these factors against your specific needs and preferences when deciding which storage solution is best for your truck bed.

Bedslide: A Convenient and Sturdy Solution



  • Easy Accessibility

Bedslide is designed to make accessing your truck bed a breeze. The sliding system allows you to extend your truck bed, bringing your gear closer to you. No more climbing into the bed or stretching to reach items at the back.

  • Variety of Models

Bedslide offers various models, including the 1000, 1500, and 2000, each with different weight capacities and features. This variety ensures you’ll find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

  • Sturdy Construction

Bedslide is built with a durable steel frame and heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials. This ensures your truck bed storage solution can handle the test of time and harsh conditions.

  • Simple Installation

With a straightforward installation process, Bedslide can be easily added to your truck without professional help. The detailed instructions make it easy for anyone to install.


  • Limited Vertical Space

Bedslide sits directly on top of your truck bed, which can limit the vertical space available for taller items. If you need to transport tall items, this may not be the ideal solution for you.

  • Price

Bedslide can be a pricier option compared to other storage solutions. However, the durability and convenience may justify the investment for some users.

CargoGlide: A Versatile and Customizable Storage System



  • Adaptable Design

CargoGlide’s unique design allows you to fully extend your truck bed with ease. The rolling system ensures smooth and easy access to your gear, making it perfect for various uses like camping, work, and more.

  • Customizable Options

CargoGlide offers a range of customizable options, including different lengths, widths, and materials. This means you can tailor your storage solution to your specific requirements.

  • Increased Storage Space

With a CargoGlide system, you can add additional storage space to your truck bed. The optional CargoGlide drawers provide extra organization and security for your belongings.

  • High Weight Capacity

CargoGlide systems can handle a lot of weight. Their products have weight capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 pounds, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.


  • Complex Installation

CargoGlide installation can be more complicated than Bedslide, which may require professional assistance. This can add to the overall cost of the product.

  • Higher Price Point

CargoGlide is generally more expensive than Bedslide. However, the additional features, customization options, and increased weight capacity may justify the cost for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight can a CargoGlide hold?

CargoGlide systems have weight capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 pounds, depending on the model. This makes them suitable for various applications, from light-duty to heavy-duty needs.

Can a bedslide be removed?

Yes, a bedslide can be removed. However, it may require some effort and tools, as it is designed to be a secure and stable storage solution. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper removal.

Can you put a bed slide on top of a decked system?

It is possible to install a bed slide on top of a decked system, but it may require some modifications and additional support. It’s essential to consult with the manufacturers of both systems and follow their guidelines to ensure a safe and secure installation.

How much does a bedslide 1500 weigh?

A bedslide 1500 typically weighs around 200 pounds, which includes the steel frame, decking, and slide system. Keep in mind that the overall weight of the bedslide system will affect your truck’s payload capacity, so be sure to consider this when loading your truck bed.

How much does BEDSLIDE weigh?

The weight of a BEDSLIDE system depends on the specific model and size. BEDSLIDE products can range from around 150 pounds for the smaller 1000 series to approximately 300 pounds for the larger 2000 series. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the exact weight of your chosen model.

How do you install a BEDSLIDE?

Installing a BEDSLIDE involves a few simple steps. First, assemble the slide system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, secure the slide system to the truck bed using the provided hardware. Finally, install the decking on top of the slide system. Detailed instructions are included with each BEDSLIDE product, and most installations can be completed without professional help.

The Verdict: Bedslide or CargoGlide?

Ultimately, the choice between Bedslide and CargoGlide comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a sturdy and convenient solution with easy accessibility and various models to choose from, Bedslide may be the better option for you. However, if you value increased storage space, customization options, and a higher weight capacity, CargoGlide could be the ideal choice.

Both Bedslide and CargoGlide offer quality and practical storage solutions that can significantly improve your truck bed’s organization and accessibility. Weigh the pros and cons of each system, and consider your truck’s specific requirements to determine which storage solution is the best fit for your needs. And, as always, be sure to consult the manufacturers’ guidelines for proper installation and usage.

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