Bass Tracker Classic XL Vs. Pro 170: A Deep Dive Into The Heart Of Angling

Every fishing enthusiast knows that the success of a fishing trip isn’t only about the skill and patience of the angler, but also the right equipment and, of course, the perfect fishing boat. 

Today, we’re going to delve deep into two titans of the Tracker family: the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro 170.

A Brief Comparison Table

Features/SpecsBass Tracker Classic XLTracker Pro 170
Length16′ 8”16′ 8”
Beam6′ 5”6′ 5”
Weight (without engine)780 lbs878 lbs
Fuel Capacity6 gal.11.4 gal.
Max. Person Capacity44
Livewell Capacity9 gal.15 gal.
Horsepower RangeUp to 50 HPUp to 75 HP
Standard FishfinderLowrance HOOK2 4xLowrance HOOK2 4x
Trolling MotorMinn Kota EdgeMinn Kota Edge
Rod Storage7′7′
Price (base model)Less expensiveMore expensive

Please note that these specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer, and prices may vary based on your location, dealer, and any additional features or packages added to the boat. Always consult with a local dealer or the manufacturer’s website for the most current information.

Bass Tracker Classic XL: The Ageless Classic

Bass Tracker Classic XL
Bass Tracker Classic XL

The Bass Tracker Classic XL, as its name suggests, brings an ageless appeal to the modern fishing experience. At its core, this boat’s design is about simplicity and reliability.

Pros of Bass Tracker Classic XL

The Classic XL shines through its straightforward approach. Its all-welded aluminum hull is not only robust but also relatively light. This makes it an easy tow for most medium-sized vehicles, broadening its appeal to those who might not own a large truck or SUV.

The Classic XL also wins points for being relatively affordable without compromising on essential features. Equipped with a Minn Kota Edge trolling motor, a Lowrance HOOK2 4x fishfinder, and a spacious livewell, it’s ready to provide a serious angling experience straight off the trailer.

Cons of Bass Tracker Classic XL

However, there’s no denying that the Classic XL has its limitations. Its 50 horsepower engine might lack the punch needed to quickly traverse larger bodies of water, and the lack of extra features could leave more experienced anglers wanting more.

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Tracker Pro 170: The Progressive Professional

Tracker Pro 170
Tracker Pro 170

While the Classic XL relies on simplicity, the Tracker Pro 170 takes a more feature-rich approach. It’s a boat for those who want a bit more punch and a few more bells and whistles from their angling platform.

Pros of Tracker Pro 170

With a standard 50 horsepower engine upgradeable to 75 horsepower, the Pro 170 boasts superior power. This is perfect for those who want a bit more speed, especially on larger water bodies. Additionally, the Pro 170 also comes with a Lowrance HOOK2 4x fishfinder and a Minn Kota Edge trolling motor, just like the Classic XL.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The Pro 170 offers more seating options, additional storage compartments, and a bigger livewell, making it a more comfortable and versatile boat for extended fishing trips.

Cons of Tracker Pro 170

In contrast, the Pro 170’s additional features add weight, making it less tow-friendly for smaller vehicles. It also comes at a higher price point, making it less attractive to anglers on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Fast Will a Tracker Pro 170 Go?

While speed varies depending on the load and conditions, a Tracker Pro 170, equipped with a 50 HP motor, can reach speeds of up to 31-33 MPH. With a 75 HP engine, you can expect even higher top speeds.

How Much Does a Bass Tracker Pro 170 Weigh?

The Tracker Pro 170 has a dry weight of 878 lbs, excluding the weight of the motor and gear.

Is Tracker Boats Owned by Bass Pro?

Yes, Tracker Boats is owned by Bass Pro Shops, a leading national retailer of outdoor gear and apparel.

What is the Biggest Boat Tracker Makes?

The biggest boat made by Tracker is the Tracker Targa V-19 Combo, which measures 19’ 8” in length.

Who Makes Tracker Boat Engines?

Tracker Boats typically come equipped with Mercury engines, a reliable and renowned marine engine manufacturer.

Are TRACKER Boats Made in China?

No, TRACKER Boats are not made in China. They are proudly made in the USA. Their boats are built in their own facilities in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Is a Bass Tracker Boat Worth It?

Yes, Bass Tracker Boats are known for their value for money. They offer a good balance between affordability and quality, making them a popular choice for both new and experienced anglers.

Is a Tracker Pro 170 Good for a Beginner?

Yes, the Tracker Pro 170, with its combination of ease-of-use and feature-rich design, makes it a great option for beginners.

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Bass Tracker Classic XL vs Pro 170: The Final Word

When it comes to choosing between the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro 170, it essentially boils down to personal preference and needs. The Classic XL stands as a beacon of simplicity and affordability, making it an excellent choice for novice anglers or those on a budget. The Pro 170, on the other hand, with its additional features, power, and comfort, caters to the seasoned angler ready for more significant challenges.

In any case, both the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro 170 uphold the reputation of Tracker Boats for producing reliable, feature-packed, and cost-effective fishing vessels.

So, whether you’re a weekend angler seeking peace on the water or an experienced fisherman chasing the big catch, both of these boats offer strong value propositions. However, as with any significant purchase, it’s crucial to consider your unique needs, budget, and circumstances before making a final decision. Test rides can be a great way to get a feel for each boat’s pros and cons first-hand.

It’s also crucial to remember that, regardless of which boat you choose, regular maintenance and care are critical to extending its lifespan and ensuring a safe, enjoyable fishing experience. From cleaning and storage to engine maintenance, keeping your boat in tip-top condition can protect your investment and keep you out on the water for years to come.

In the end, whether you’re cruising on a Classic XL or Pro 170, you’re part of the Tracker Boats family – and that’s a fantastic place to be. Happy fishing!

Wrapping Things Up

Remember, choosing the right fishing boat is all about assessing your individual needs and preferences. 

Here’s to finding the perfect Tracker boat for your next angling adventure!

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