Amana Vs. Carrier Furnace: A Comprehensive Showdown

Have you ever come home after a long day at work, longing for the warm comfort of your home, only to be met with the chilly indoors? It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? That’s when you understand the importance of a reliable, efficient furnace. 

Today, we are turning the spotlight on two of the most prominent furnace brands in the market, Amana and Carrier. We will dissect their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately leaving you better informed on your next furnace purchase.

A Brief Comparison Table 

DurabilityKnown for impressive durability due to high-quality componentsDependable durability, though warranty terms suggest slightly less confidence in longevity
EfficiencyHigh efficiency, with some models boasting an AFUE rating up to 98%Excellent efficiency, with top models offering an AFUE rating up to 98.5%
Initial CostHigher initial costHigher initial cost
WarrantyComprehensive lifetime warranty on heat exchangers20-year warranty on heat exchangers
NoiseSome models may be a bit noisier than other brandsGenerally quiet operation
InnovationConsistent performance and durabilityKnown for innovation and advanced features such as Greenspeed Intelligence
Variety of ModelsBroad range of modelsWider range of models from basic to high-end series

The Pros and Cons of Amana Furnaces

Amana Furnaces
Amana Furnaces

Amana, a household name in home heating systems, has a long history of providing reliable and durable furnaces.


  • Impressive Durability

Amana’s products are renowned for their impressive durability, primarily due to the brand’s usage of high-quality components, such as stainless steel heat exchangers.

  • High-Efficiency Units

Amana furnaces are highly efficient, with some models boasting an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of up to 98%, which can contribute significantly to lowering energy bills.

  • Warranty

Amana is confident in their furnaces, as evidenced by their comprehensive lifetime warranty on heat exchangers – a testament to their product’s durability.


  • Higher Initial Cost

While Amana offers high-quality furnaces, this quality comes at a price. The initial cost is higher compared to other brands, which can deter potential buyers.

  • Noise

Some users have reported that Amana furnaces can be a bit noisier than other brands. If you prioritize a quiet home, this is a factor to consider.

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The Pros and Cons of Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Furnaces
Carrier Furnaces

Carrier, another trusted name in the HVAC industry, also offers an array of excellent furnaces.


  • Innovation

Carrier’s history of innovation is unmatched. The brand continues to introduce innovative features like Greenspeed intelligence, which adapts the furnace’s output to the current needs of your home, improving efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Models

Carrier offers an extensive variety of models, from the basic Comfort Series to the high-end Infinity Series, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

  • Efficiency

Carrier’s top-tier models offer AFUE ratings of up to 98.5%, making them one of the most efficient furnaces in the market.


  • Cost

Like Amana, Carrier’s high-quality furnaces come with a heftier price tag. The initial investment for these units can be quite high.

  • Warranty

While Carrier does provide a warranty, it does not match Amana’s lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Carrier offers a 20-year warranty on heat exchangers, which, while substantial, falls short of Amana’s offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s address some common questions about these furnace brands:

Is Amana made by Lennox?

No, Amana is not made by Lennox. Amana is a separate brand under the umbrella of Daikin Industries, a multinational air conditioning manufacturing company.

Is Lennox the best furnace brand?

Lennox is one of the top furnace brands, known for its quality, efficiency, and innovation. However, whether it’s the best or not often depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Is Amana a good furnace brand?

Absolutely! Amana is a well-respected brand in the heating industry, known for its durable and highly efficient furnaces. The brand’s impressive warranty speaks volumes about its product reliability.

Are Lennox furnaces any good?

Yes, Lennox furnaces are considered high-quality, boasting advanced features and high energy efficiency. Lennox offers a wide range of options catering to various needs and budgets.

How long does an Amana furnace last?

On average, Amana furnaces can last between 15 to 20 years, and in some cases, even longer with regular maintenance and proper use. This durability is a testament to Amana’s high-quality construction and components.

Is Lennox made in China?

No, Lennox furnaces are not made in China. Lennox is an American brand and its products are primarily manufactured in the United States.

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Amana vs Carrier Furnace: The Verdict

Choosing between Amana and Carrier furnaces ultimately boils down to your specific needs and preferences. If your priority is top-tier efficiency, both brands have you covered. If you’re concerned about durability, Amana’s lifetime heat exchanger warranty offers peace of mind. On the other hand, if innovation and advanced features top your list, Carrier’s history of pioneering new technology could sway your decision.

Investing in a furnace is a significant decision, and it’s crucial to do your homework before making a choice. But with Amana and Carrier, rest assured, you’re considering two of the finest options in the market. Your decision should align with your household’s heating requirements, budget, and preference for features.

Remember, the performance and longevity of a furnace also heavily rely on proper installation and regular maintenance. Therefore, irrespective of your brand choice, make sure to hire a qualified professional for installation and routine maintenance. That way, whichever brand you choose, you’ll be sure to create a warm and inviting space in your home to retreat from the cold.

Wrapping Things Up

By taking into account the pros and cons of Amana and Carrier furnaces presented in this comprehensive guide, you’re one step closer to making an informed decision. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure you and your family stay comfortably warm, irrespective of the chill outside. 

So, keep your specific needs in focus as you consider the Amana vs Carrier furnace debate. You’re on your way to finding the perfect furnace to heat up your life.

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