The Ultimate Guide To Alternatives to Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains

The clawfoot tub, a vintage and timeless bathroom centerpiece, exudes elegance and luxury. However, those who own these stunning freestanding tubs know the trials of finding the perfect shower curtain that effectively keeps water in and avoids the dreaded ‘blowing in’ effect. 

But fear not, we’re here to explore alternatives to the traditional clawfoot tub shower curtain that will solve these problems while keeping your bathroom chic and classy.

Considering Shower Screens

Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains

Have you ever considered a shower screen as an alternative to your clawfoot tub shower curtain? They’re sleek, modern, and provide an effective barrier between your shower and the rest of the bathroom. There’s no need for two shower curtains with a well-designed and installed shower screen. Plus, the ‘blow-in’ effect of a shower curtain is entirely eliminated.

A high-quality glass shower screen creates a more open feel in the bathroom, keeping those elegant lines of your clawfoot tub visible. Moreover, cleaning is easier, and there’s no need to worry about mildew, a common issue with shower curtains.

Using Liners and Heavier Material

A well-chosen liner can make a world of difference to your clawfoot tub experience. A fabric liner, paired with a heavier material shower curtain, can keep the curtain from blowing in and making your shower feel cramped. Choose a waterproof liner to keep water inside the tub, eliminating the need for a second curtain.

When selecting a heavier shower curtain, it’s crucial to consider the aesthetic appeal and the practicality. Opt for materials like canvas, hemp, or burlap – they’re not only chic but are also heavy enough to prevent the ‘blow-in’ effect.

Liners and Heavier Material
Liners and Heavier Material

Walk-In Shower Alternatives

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a significant upgrade, consider converting your clawfoot tub into a walk-in shower. With the right design, a walk-in shower can minimize water splashing and eliminate the need for a shower curtain entirely.

To keep water contained in a walk-in shower, install glass panels or shower screens. If you want to maintain an open concept, consider a partial glass screen that still protects your bathroom floor from water splash but doesn’t fully enclose the shower.

A well-designed walk-in shower can incorporate your clawfoot tub, combining the old-world charm with modern efficiency.

Exploring Splash Guards

Splash Guards
Splash Guards

Splash guards are another viable alternative to a shower curtain for your clawfoot tub. A splash guard is a piece of plastic or glass fixed to the wall to deflect water back into the tub. While not as encompassing as a shower curtain, splash guards can effectively reduce water splashing if installed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a shower curtain with a clawfoot tub?

While it’s not an absolute requirement, a shower curtain or an alternative is recommended to keep water from splashing outside the tub. Without some barrier, your bathroom may end up wet and potentially hazardous.

Do you need two shower curtains for a clawfoot tub?

Not necessarily. Using two shower curtains can help fully enclose the tub and keep water in. However, alternatives such as shower screens or heavy material curtains with liners can achieve the same effect without needing two curtains.

How do I stop my shower curtain from blowing in a clawfoot tub?

Heavier shower curtain materials or the use of fabric liners can help. Additionally, magnets or weights attached to the bottom of the curtain can keep it from blowing inward.

What can I use as a shower curtain?

Apart from traditional shower curtains, you can consider shower screens, splash guards, or even converting your tub into a walk-in shower.

How do you stop water splashing in a walk-in shower?

To minimize water splashing in a walk-in shower, you can try adjusting the showerhead settings, using a rainfall showerhead, installing a slanted or tiled shower floor, incorporating glass doors or panels, using a floor-length shower curtain, adding splash guards, and incorporating recessed shelving or niches.

How do you keep a shower curtain inside a walk-in shower?

To keep a shower curtain inside a walk-in shower, you can use a curved shower curtain rod, install extra shower curtain hooks, apply magnets or weights to the bottom hem, ensure proper length and width, and consider using splash guards. These measures can help maintain water containment and prevent the curtain from billowing out.

Remember, finding the right alternative to a clawfoot tub shower curtain requires considering your specific needs, preferences, and bathroom layout. Whether you choose a shower screen, heavier materials, walk-in shower conversion, or other options, make sure to prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and water containment.

Wrapping Things Up

Finding the perfect alternative to a clawfoot tub shower curtain can enhance your bathroom experience and add a touch of sophistication to your space. By exploring the various options available, you can find a solution that not only meets your practical needs but also complements the overall style and ambiance of your bathroom.

So, say goodbye to the hassles of a blowing curtain and embrace a more efficient and visually appealing alternative for your clawfoot tub. Enjoy your showers in style while keeping the water right where it belongs!

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