Truewerk Vs. Duluth Pants: Which Work Pants Are Better?

When it comes to rugged and durable work pants, Truewerk and Duluth Trading Co. are two of the most popular brands among tradespeople and DIYers. But which brand truly offers the best bang for your buck?

As someone who has worn both Truewerk and Duluth pants on construction jobsites, I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of each brand pretty extensively.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll compare the key features, pros and cons, and real-world performance of Truewerk and Duluth work pants to help you decide which is better for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

Price$98-$148 per pair$50-$100 per pair
FabricsProprietary cotton/nylon/Dyneema blendsDuluthFlex Fire Hose canvas
FitsRelaxed, slim tapered, loose taperedOriginal, relaxed, slim
SizingRuns true to sizeRuns 1-2 sizes large
PocketsAngled hand pockets, battery pocket, tool loopsCanted cargo pockets, phone slots, tool pouches
ReinforcementsGusseted crotch, articulated knees, bar tacksTriple-stitched seams, cordura-reinforced hems
DurabilityVery durable with abrasion-resistant fabricsDurable with reinforced stress points
BreathabilityModerate, performance fabric blendsGood due to cotton/nylon blends
MobilityArticulated knees and gusseted crotchRelaxed fits and gusseted crotch

Truewerk Work Pants Overview

Founded in 2017 by a general contractor and designer, Truewerk set out to create the perfect work pant built to survive tough job site conditions. They use durable fabrics blended with high-performance fibers like Dyneema for maximum abrasion resistance and feature a relaxed yet tailored fit.

Some of their most popular pants include:

Truewerk Work Pants
  • T1 Original 5-Pocket Carpenter Pant
  • T2 Double Knee Work Pant
  • T4 Flex Double Knee Carpentry Pant


  • Made with proprietary durable fabrics that can withstand demanding jobsites
  • Offered in multiple fits – relaxed, slim tapered, loose tapered
  • Gusseted crotch prevents blowing out
  • Bar-tacked stress points for durability
  • Angled hand pockets provide easy tool access -thoughtful design features like a concealed battery pocket


  • More expensive than competitors like Duluth and Dickies
  • Limited color/style options
  • Can be hot in very warm weather

Duluth Trading Co. Work Pants Overview

Duluth Trading Co. offers a wide range of rugged workwear that’s designed for functionality and durability. Their work pants feature extra reinforcement, innovative fabrics like DuluthFlex Fire Hose canvas, and a relaxed fit for ease of movement.

Some of their most popular pants include:

  • FlexFire Hose Work Pants
  • Ballroom Original Fit Jeans
  • Fire Hose Work Pants
  • Dry on the Fly Pants


Duluth Trading Ballroom®Jeans
Duluth Trading Ballroom®Jeans
  • Offered in original, relaxed, and slim fits
  • Feature innovative and proprietary fabrics
  • Triple-stitched stress points for durability
  • Bar-tacked rivets won’t come loose
  • Numerous pockets including canted utility pockets
  • Lower price point than other premium brands


  • Sizing runs large
  • Most styles not tapered or tailored
  • Looser fits can snag more easily

Fabric and Materials Comparison

The materials used in work pants can make all the difference when it comes to durability, breathability, and comfort on the job. Here’s how the proprietary fabrics from Truewerk and Duluth stack up:

  • Truewerk uses a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane to create their resilient Flexwaist Cotton that moves with you while resisting abrasion. For double front pants, they use Dyneema denim which is 15X stronger than standard denim.
  • Duluth relies heavily on their DuluthFlex Fire Hose canvas made from an innovative cotton/nylon blend. It’s woven tighter to resist ripping or tearing on the job while maintaining stretch. They also use DuluthFlex Ballroom denim blends and dry-wicking fabrics for moisture control.

When it comes to material quality, both brands use fabrics designed to last through tough workdays. Truewerk tends to leverage more technical, performance fabrics while Duluth focuses on innovative cotton canvas weaves.

Fit and Sizing

Finding work pants with the right combination of durability and comfort often comes down to fit and sizing. Here’s how Truewerk and Duluth pants compare:

  • Truewerk offers most styles in relaxed, slim tapered and loose tapered fits. They’re designed for ease of movement and athletic builds. Sizing runs true to size based on waist and inseam measurements.
  • Duluth provides a more generous cut and looser fit in their Original and Relaxed fit pants. Though roomier through the leg and thigh, they can be prone to snagging. Their Slim fit provides a tapered leg. Sizing runs 1-2 sizes large in the waist.

When it comes to fit, Truewerk offers more dialed-in sizes and tapers in the leg for a modern look, while Duluth focuses on maximum comfort through loose, full cuts.

Pockets and Storage

Nothing’s worse than work pants with pockets too small to fit your phone, tools and other daily carry items. Here’s how the pockets and storage stack up:

  • Truewerk designs multiple pockets for storage and fast access on the job. Front pockets have an angled entry for easy tool access. Back pockets are sized for phones and wallets. Some styles feature battery pockets and tool loops.
  • Duluth is known for their abundant pocket designs including cargo and utility pockets. Unique features like cell phone slots, removable tool pouches and horizontal back pockets make storing gear easier. Their canted cargo pockets allow easy access.

Both brands prioritize well-designed pockets and storage for modern tradespeople. Duluth offers more overall quantity and unique storage features, while Truewerk focuses more on angled entry and quick tool access.

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Design Features and Durability

When you wear work pants all day on the jobsite, small design tweaks that improve comfort and reinforcement in high-abrasion areas really make a difference. Here are some of the standout design features of each brand:

Truewerk designs for life on the jobsite with features like:

Truewerk Work Pants
  • Gusseted crotch to prevent ripping and tearing
  • Articulated knees matching natural movement
  • Reinforced knees and hems
  • Smooth, low-profile belt loops and buckles
  • Angled hand pockets with interior drainage

Duluth includes reinforced points of contact:

  • Triple-stitched main seams
  • Heavy-duty rivets at stress points
  • Cordura-reinforced hems and pockets
  • Articulated knees for flexibility
  • Crotch gusset for movement

Based on these design elements, Truewerk likely has a slight edge when it comes to innovative features tailored to tradespeople. However, Duluth also builds in ample reinforcements for durability.

Cost and Value Comparison

When considering price and value, here’s how Truewerk and Duluth pants stack up:

  • Truewerk pants cost $98-$148 per pair. Their combination of technical fabrics and purpose-driven features make them worth the higher price for the right customer.
  • Duluth pants range from $50-$100 per pair for a good balance of quality and price. Their breadth of sizing, fits and unique features make them a good value buy.

For shoppers prioritizing high-performance, durable fabrics with modern fits, Truewerk provides a compelling value. For buyers focused on maximizing quantity and versatility per dollar, Duluth is hard to beat.

Which Brand Is Better For You?

Deciding between Truewerk vs Duluth pants comes down to your priorities:

For utility focused tradespeople or DIYers needing reinforced, pocket-loaded designs:

  • Duluth’s canted utility pockets, unrestrictive Original Fit and lower cost are appealing.

For anyone who values technical fabrics, modern athletic-inspired fits and durability:

  • Truewerk’s proprietary fabrics, gusseted construction and relaxed/tapered fits make sense.

For budget-focused shoppers needing multiple pairs of rugged work pants:

  • Duluth wins out with lower prices and frequent sales.

For buyers willing to pay more for purpose-designed performance and features:

  • Truewerk is the clear choice for its durability, fit and jobsite-specific designs.

While Duluth work pants are accessible and packed with storage, Truewerk delivers a purpose-built work pant with high-end materials and functional designs perfect for modern jobsites.

Ultimately, your preferences for fit, features, cost and aesthetics will determine which brand best suits your needs. Both make durable, comfortable work pants suitable for tough daily use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Truewerk a good brand?

Truewerk is widely considered one of the best workwear brands available today. They’ve built a reputation for using innovative, durable technical fabrics rather than standard canvas or denim. Features like gusseted crotches, angled pockets and articulated knees make their pants perfect for tradespeople.

What are the best work pants for construction?

The best construction work pants combine reinforced fabrics, articulated knees, a gusseted crotch and plenty of pockets. Truewerk, Duluth, Carhartt and Dickies all make quality work pants purpose-built for construction. Look for abrasion-resistant materials with some stretch for mobility.

Are Duluth pants comfortable?

Yes, most Duluth work pants utilize a loose, relaxed fit through the thigh and also include a gusseted crotch for comfort and mobility – even when kneeling or crouching frequently. Their Fire Hose canvas fabrics also break in nicely while maintaining durability.

Do Duluth pants shrink?

Some shrinkage can be expected with Duluth Trading Co. work pants, especially in the inseam length. Washing in cold water and tumble drying on low heat can help reduce shrinkage. Some buyers recommend ordering a size up in the waist and drying pants to pre-shrink them before wearing.

The Bottom Line

When comparing Truewerk and Duluth head-to-head, Truewerk ultimately comes out on top for its focus on high-performance, innovative fabrics and purpose-driven jobsite design features.

However, Duluth work pants remain a versatile, affordable option perfect for buyers needing quantity over specialized quality.

Hopefully this detailed comparison helps you gain clarity on which brand best meets your workwear needs and budget. Both companies make durable, comfortable work pants – but the ideal choice depends on your personal style, job requirements and wallet.

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